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Tuesday, January 16, 2007





(CHICAGO)(January 16, 2007) In the 1960's I had a lady friend who loved Robert Redford. So, naturally, I got dragged to all of Redford's movies. I saw "The Candidate" several times.

In that film, Mr. McKay (Redford), a "community organizer" like Barack Obama, hatches a slogan, "McKay, The Better Way" to run for office. Ironically, Barack "Barry" Obama has now chosen "The Better Way" as his mantra through February 10th. Well. Obama's slogan has about as much substance as the celluloid version popularized by Robert Redford.

Obama is entirely a creation of wealthy contributors and powerful, liberal media interests. So what he does he do? He attacks the hands that created him, and bites the hands that feed him. So much for gratitude.

Obama says that he was once a "community organizer." What did he organize? I thought he was a "law professor." Or at least an adjunct professor such as myself. What cases did he win? Obama is entirely a creation of liberal media and fantasies. He has no experience; his entire career has been a complete mirage, advanced by affirmative action and a conscious avoidance by society of his lack of substantial professional accomplishments.

Other than traveling to Kenya to visit distant relatives related to the father who abandoned him, what does Obama know of the world? Is he the man best qualified to lead us into the uncertain waters of a war against terrorism and a restoration of American prestige in the wake of Iraq? Please.

Other than having a family that has become wealthy feeding off liberal pablum, and milking the "system" for every advantage that a guilt-ridden, affirmative action endorsing society has perpetuated decade after decade, what has he accomplished in any sphere of life? Not much, it seems.

Ironically, Obama has one of the most complex and conflicted psyches of any presidential candidate in recent history. Abandoned both by his mother and father, raised by his white grandparents, whom he keeps locked in the cellar, his personality is so unusual that it could form a basis for a course in psychology. We do not need another conflicted psyche in the White House. I'll know Obama is serious about life and leadership when he appears in public with his white grandmother and features her on the dais. Instead of hiding her in the cellar. Obama is clearly uncomfortable presenting his white relatives to the public. What a way to treat Grandma.

Obama attacks big money in politics. But who has been fueling his career for the past two years? Billionaires such as Warren Buffet. How can someone who is the product of "money and influence" run against the hands of "money and influence" that are fueling his own campaign? It makes no sense.

Talk about big money? What about Tony Rezko? Obama is linked to the sleaziest and most corrupt elements in Illinois politics. He says he made a "mistake" in dealing with Rezko. He didn't make any mistake. He new exactly what he was doing and he knew exactly who Tony Rezko was when they engaged in structured real estate deals together. It was "honest graft," very possibly a criminal offense.

Then Obama lied. He said he had not afforded Rezko any access. Subsequently, a Rezko-recommended intern popped up in Obama's office. Another "mistake?" Not really; the son of Joseph Armanda is the G. David Schine of 2008.

Of course, if you believe Obama's excuse and explanation about Rezko then Obama is an incompetent nincompoop. Obama says that while serving as a U. S. Senator he didn’t really know who his partner was in a million-dollar-plus real estate transaction. He saw no appearance of impropriety. You want a jerk like that managing the U.S. economy?

Obama is no more grassroots at the national level than Hillary Clinton.

In the past few days Obama has been sashaying around the issue of cutting off funds for Iraq. The liberal left in the Democratic Party wants to turn off Bush's financial spigot. Obama is tap dancing around that one. He won’t come out and say where he stands. He was hiding in the senate cellar last year when tough issues were being debated.

Frankly, he and Hillary make a nice pair. You can't get a straight answer out of either one. Which is why neither one is likely to end up in the White House. She thinks a whirlwind four-day trip to Iraq qualifies her as an expert. The last president we had who took a whirlwind trip to the Middle East before becoming a candidate was George Bush, and look where he landed us.

Still, I'm glad he's running. For decades now, in the wake of the civil rights revolution, we have had African-Americans bellyaching that they are held back, that government does not serve their needs, that taxpayers should do more. They want today's taxpayers to fund "reparations" for pre-Civil War slavery 150 years ago. Volunteers, anyone?

Where does Obama stand on reparations for slavery? That's a big issue in the Chicago City Council. Does he support or oppose reparations? Can he give us a straight answer?

Ironically, the same seniority system that minorities have castigated has now advanced several A-A's to committee chairmanships in the U. S. House. Let's see what they do.

A couple of weeks ago Obama played the race card and said barriers were higher for him. That's malarkey. No white man with his skimpy resume would be considered a serious candidate for president. It is precisely and only because Obama had a black father than he is even sitting in the senate. White guilt has propelled him into the senate. Let's see if white guilt can propel him out of the senate and into the White House.

Frankly, I wish Obama the best. I wish the best for anyone running for president. Or any public office (including myself). But, as for Obama, I have my doubts whether he has the "right stuff." I see no experience, no qualifications, and no strong inner core. He has shown he can talk the talk, yessiree. But he has never shown he can walk the walk. Barry, start walkin'.

Obama is right about one thing though. The system is "broken." A political system that would produce Obama as an instant candidate for high national office is broken. Seriously broken.

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