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Tuesday, April 03, 2007




(CHICAGO)(April 4, 2007) Is America ready to pay reparations for slavery? What is that you say, "Doesn't Senator Barack Obama oppose reparations for slavery?" Well, no. He doesn't.

In fact the reparations crowd in Washington and Chicago is salivating at the prospect Obama might stumble into the White House and put them on track for a reparations gravy train for slavery which took place centuries ago.

To tackle the topic, first, a simple question: is Obama opposed to reparations? Indeed, the question is not so simple. Nothing is ever simple and straightforward where Barry Obama and words come together. Obama's pirouettes on the question of reparations would enchant any balletomane; his position always depends on who is asking and who is listening. And who is watching.

Prior to his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004 Obama opposed reparations for slavery. After his election, Obama subtly changed his view, stating he was against "just signing over checks to African-Americans," leaving open the possibility of other forms of reparations would be acceptable to him (Chicago Tribune 11/14/2004).

Second, whom does Barry O "hang" with? Well, Obama hangs with the reparations crowd. Now guilt by association is certainly unfair. But if you hang with the reparations crowd, they must see something in you they like. Indeed they do. U. S. Representative John Conyers, Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, is reportedly waiting for Obama to be elected so Conyers can rush a reparations law through Congress. (The Hill, 3/13/ 2007) Hmmm. Does Conyers know something we don't?

Finally, the most telling indication that Obama has a secret addiction to reparations is reflected in those who support him and those whom he supports: the most notorious race-baiter on the Chicago City Council, Alderwoman Dorothy Tillman.

Haven't heard of Dorothy Tillman? You better learn about Obama's #1 supporter. And fast. You really should know who she is. Tillman has almost single-handedly made a joke of the City of Chicago in the public finance industry over her preoccupation with slavery and reparations.

Tillman supports Obama and Obama supports Tillman.

Last week Obama endorsed Tillman for reelection. Tillman was forced into a runoff after her opponents failed to agree on a single candidate to oppose her. Tillman was an early supporter of Obama's in his rise to prominence over the past decade.

And Tillman is a disgrace. Her favorite pastime is abusing banks and financial institutions that want to do business with the City of Chicago. A regular feature of council proceedings is Tillman flaying banks for "owning slaves" at some remote point in history over 150 years ago.

Using a 2002 "Slavery Era Disclosure Ordinance" that she authored, Tillman has accused Bank of America of having a predecessor bank that made "leg irons for slaves." Wachovia, J.P. Morgan Chase, LaSalle Bank, Lehman Brothers, American General and Nationwide Life Insurance were all brought before Tillman's mast and whipped for their ties to slavery, however remote, over 150 years ago.

Indeed, Tillman has been quoted as saying her goal is to "repair the damage of 400 years" of slavery. "America owes us," Tillman demands (Sun-Times 3/26/2007).

And yes, Obama has endorsed this carnival-style extortionist for reelection. So much for the audacity of Obama, so much for the "smallness" of politics in Chicago.

Tillman abuses and opposes anyone who thinks that slavery is not a major issue any more. When the City wanted to refinance $800 million in debt, Tillman was there claiming slavery should be an issue. Last fall, the City tried to lease parking garages for over a half billion dollars: the deal hit a "slavery speed bump." Tillman filed suit because her slavery ordinance was brushed aside (Sun-Times 12/1/2006). "The whole world is watching us just disregard this law for black people…We're totally disrespected as a people...," (Sun-Times 10/31/06). On and on it goes. Sounds like the race card to me.

Tillman accused Morgan Stanley of "getting rich from investments and profits in slavery," (Chicago Tribune, 10/30/ 2006). Morgan Stanley was formed in 1935.

[Full disclosure: My maternal ancestors arrived in the United States in the Twentieth Century. Unlike Obama's forebears, my grandparents had nothing to do with slavery. Why should I pay for the earlier sins of others? Why should anyone pay for events that took place in history?]

When Obama's critics attack him for the sermons of his pastor they are going too far, in my opinion. I am not responsible for what my minister says. Preachers get a lot of leeway in the pulpit.

But when a public official files a frivolous lawsuit against a half-billion dollar public finance deal, claiming that Blacks are being disrespected because of slavery, and Obama goes on to endorse that kind of nonsense, Obama should be charged with endorsing the antics of the reparations gang.

When confronted with the claims of some of his more controversial supporters President Reagan used to say, "They endorsed me; I didn’t endorse them."

In the case of Barry Obama and Dorothy Tillman, he has endorsed her and her unseemly reparations crusade for slavery.

Only Obama doesn't want his national audience to know it. I seriously doubt that many of the tens of thousands of people who have succumbed to Obama's pleas for "hope" realize he "hopes" to force them to pay tax dollars to provide some form of compensation to people who weren't alive from people who weren't alive, all for the evils of slavery. They have no idea who Dorothy Tillman is, or what she stands for, or the damage she continues to do to taxpayers in Chicago. All in the name of slavery.

And yet ignorant suckers keep on giving, not knowing who Obama is and what he wants to accomplish if he should end up in the Oval office.

Psst. Ready to pay reparations for slavery? Obama's your man.

He just doesn’t want you to know. Yet.

He's too busy working to reelect Dorothy Tillman in two weeks.

Pass it on.
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