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Monday, April 30, 2007






(CHICAGO)(April 30, 2007) Something happened last week that illustrates why people have lost faith in the so-called “mainstream media.”

For almost forty (40) years the liberal bias of the nation’s major media has been a flash point. On November 13, 1969 Vice president Spiro Agnew attacked the nation’s liberal media elite. He triggered a firestorm of controversy with his comments. Those fires are still burning.

Last week, Agnew’s charges were once again corroborated by a national cover-up of Senator Barack Obama’s defective memory and embarrassing corruption as a young attorney.

While investors decry the decline of print media, and broadcasters bemoan dropping nightly news audiences, the rise of the Internet has created a new and even more potent left-wing monster.

The silence of the nation’s media where news of Obama is concerned also reflects extreme racism-in-reverse. Obama is allowed to bellyache that the “bar is higher for a Black candidate” when exactly the opposite is true: no white candidate could even remotely expect to receive the “white glove” treatment meted out to Barry O.

Last November Tony Rezko, a sleazy Chicago politician, was indicated by a federal grand jury. At the time I asked for a more extensive grand jury investigation of both Obama and Rezko, since I was aware the links were more expansive than reported. I also filed a complaint with the FBI. I sent a request to testify before the Grand Jury to Chief Judge James Holderman, who has not yet responded. (I will be contacting him again, soon. Stay tuned.)

Last week something truly bizarre happened in Chicago. The Chicago Sun-Times published an 8 page expose on the same Mr. Rezko. Prominent among the “usual suspects” in the Sun-Times coverage was Obama. Given Obama’s status as a leading presidential candidate, the Sun-Times’ disclosures should have been front page news across the United States.

What happened? An iron curtain of silence descended on Obama’s outrageous evasiveness and blatant corruption while a lawyer and local politician in Chicago.

The Sun-Times pursued Obama for five (5) weeks and Obama evaded the paper because he knew that reporters wanted to ask questions about Rezko. If a candidate such as John McCain dodged a newspaper for over a month, and tried to avoid questions about links to an indicted supporter, would that be national news? Come on.

Here is what the Sun-Times reported:

Rezko had received over $100 million from city and state agencies for what soon became slum housing. Rezko had thirty (30) slum buildings.

Eleven (11) of Rezko’s slum buildings were in Obama’s geographically compact state senate district. (Obama served in the Illinois Senate from 1996 to 2004.)

In a large urban area such as Chicago state senate districts are not very large. They encompass several compact and contiguous neighborhoods. If you walked the district even occasionally you would know, you should know, almost every large building in the district.

How did Obama respond to the Sun-Times’ disclosures? He invoked the Sergeant Schultz (on Hogan’s Heroes) defense: “I know nothing; I see nothing and I say nothing.” Obama professed total ignorance about the slum tragedies literally on his own doorstep.

How could a state senator in a poor neighborhood not know about eleven (count ‘em) slum buildings in his own district?

Especially when the state senator’s own law firm represented the slum landlord?

Yes, Obama’s law firm represented Rezko in his sleazy slum landlord dealings.

A presidential candidate works in a law firm that represents a major slum landlord and he “knows nothing” about the client? The slum landlord client has slum buildings in the then-state senator’s district and the presidential candidate has no idea?

That’s the truth about Barry Obama.

Only the truth never reached the American people last week.

A veil of complete silence was imposed on Obama’s sordid scandal.

Chris Cillizza, a blogger for the Washington Post, had a mention on his blog. But the Washington Post made no mention in its print editions. The silence in the New York Times was also deafening. There was no headline coverage anywhere.

Outside Chicago, this devastating expose of Obama’s corruption and incompetence was completely suppressed. Even inside Chicago, the Tribune tried to pooh-pooh the story because the Sun-Times had beaten them on these devastating disclosures.

Of course during the period when Obama saw nothing, heard nothing and said nothing, he did received $50,000 from Rezko in “campaign contributions.” Maybe he didn’t learn about Rezko’s contributions until later as well?

Obama’s dirty dollars from Rezko were blood money. Tenants were suffering a few blocks away while Obama was collecting money to suppress any governmental relief. It's called "honest graft,” and legal fees are one of the quintessential forms of honest graft in Chicago.

Obama brags about his work as a private citizen removing asbestos at the Altgeld Gardens housing project. In reality he was a minor player in that program, except in his fictionalized autobiography where he stars.

But when he was actually a public official, a sitting state senator, he covered up massive slum holdings of his Fifty Thousand Dollar Man contributor. And he knew nothing?

And the nation’s media took no notice last week?

I said the Sun-Times was courageous. It was. The Sun-Times has a large readership in minority neighborhoods, where the Obama virus has been the strongest. The Sun-Times came close to alienating its core audience by telling the unpleasant truth about a local huckster who has managed to parlay media indolence into a serious bid for national office.

And, oh, what about Obama’s claim that the “bar” is higher for him? What nonsense. No other candidate could get away with representing a slum landlord who had slums in the candidate’s own district, and the candidate saying that as a local public official he had no idea what was going on in his own backyard. Who would believe that?

The national media are every bit as evil as Spiro Agnew said they were 38 years ago. They start with evasion, move to suppression and end with corruption of the information channels.

Agnew went on to attack the New York Times and Washington Post. Who suppressed the Obama shenanigans? The same Times and Post. Then as now the Times and Post were highly influential in setting the national news agenda.

Today the situation is even more dangerous than in Agnew’s day. Liberal Democrats are funding a left-wing attack dog, Media Matters for America, led by former Republican Conservative and now liberal Democrat David Brock. Brock attacks me, Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh as an unholy trinity of conservatives.

But what is more critical is not Brock’s attacks on conservatives. Rather, Brock is dangerous because he stands ready to smear liberals who stray from his left-wing orthodoxy. In other words, the extreme left has created a climate of fear in the nation’s newsrooms: if you tell the truth about Obama, or other Democrats, you face the prospect of being smeared. The extreme left has begun to drive media coverage by the moderate left in the nation’s national media.

Republicans and conservatives have not yet adjusted to the emergence of the extreme left-wing smear machine in this country. Wake up America.

If an incompetent but visually appealing candidate from Chicago who worked as a lawyer representing a slum landlord, and who now claims to know nothing about the slums that existed either in his own law practice or on the streets of his own local senate district, can rise to national prominence, then the power of the extreme left has exponentially increased from what it was in 1969.

Barack Obama is the avatar of the extreme left’s growing power in American life.

The Emperor Caligula made his horse pro counsel of Rome. Media Matters, and the fellow travelers on the extreme left who support Media Matters, are on the verge of making a radical Chicago politician with a record of taking dirty dollars from a slum landlord a serious candidate for president: Barack Obama.

And they tell us the Democrats are ready to govern?

Putting Obama in the White House would be worse than putting Caligula’s horse in power. We are horse’s asses for even tolerating the dictats and suppression of the truth by the so-called “mainstream media.” And now the mainstream media are increasingly falling under the indirect influence of the extreme left.

Spiro Agnew, rest in peace.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers regional, national and world politics with forty years of personal experience. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Web sites:; Media contact: (866) 706-2639


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