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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Republican for U. S. Senator



(CHICAGO)(May 15, 2007) Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and foreign policy critic Andy Martin today welcomed Dr. Steve Sauerberg as a Republican candidate for the U. S. Senate.

"I was starting to feel a little like the Maytag Repair Man," said Martin. "All alone. And I am amused that Andy McKenna keeps throwing 'bergs' in the race. First there was Steve Greenberg; now there is Sauerberg. What's next? Hamburg?

"America is a great nation because anyone can run for office. There are those Republicans, mostly 'true believers,' who don't like me because I always give them the unvarnished truth. And they like a little varnish. Maybe Dr. Sauerberg can varnish his credentials and foreign policy expertise and become credible. He is not now.

"And, continuing his unbroken streak of supporting potential losers, Andy McKenna states that Sauerberg is 'serious and credible.' On what basis? Does the good doctor have political or electoral experience? Foreign policy experience? Or is it only deep pockets that McKenna evaluates as 'serious' credentials. So, how deep are Sauerberg's pockets?

"I find it questionable that Illinois voters, who have turned increasingly Democratic during McKenna's years at the helm of the Republican Party, will choose a neophyte who is concerned with 'extreme liberalism' and not primarily with the disaster that Republicans (and Democrats) created in Iraq. When I told Republicans in 2006 that Iraq was the issue; they responded with profanities. Iraq is still the issue. They can swear at me all they like but in 2006 the voters imposed a harsh reality on the Republican Party and those who would neither listen nor respond.

"Mr. McKenna undermines the entire Republican Party and makes us look silly when he states that a neophyte candidate is 'serious and credible.' McKenna said Greenberg was serious and credible too, and Greenberg vanished without a trace. The last doctor in the U. S. Senate, Senator Frist, left under a cloud after a failed leadership. Dr. Sauerberg will have to make a 'clean breast' of the Sauerberg Family Foundation and its past activities.

"I look forward to hearing in detail from Chairman McKenna just what criteria he applies to determine 'seriousness and credibility.' I don't think that many people would consider a rookie candidate a serious 'contenda' to go against a heavyweight like Dick Durbin.

"Finally, I am also concerned that Chairman McKenna appears to be taking sides in the primary. In order to remain a united party we should adopt the same approach as 2006, and have the party leadership remain neutral until after the primary. That way all of the candidates were able to unite behind Judy Topinka.

"There will be time enough for reality, however. Today I welcome a new candidate to the honorable calling of politics, and I hope he stays in the race a little longer that the first 'berg.'" Martin stated.

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