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Friday, September 21, 2007


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(CHICAGO)(September 21, 2007) Barry Obama is hiding under his bed, again. Now that I am a candidate for U. S. Senator in Illinois I don’t get to write about him as much as I used to. My job as an investigative editor in 2004-2007 was to be a pathfinder, to point out the truth when the “mainstream” media were hiding the truth about Obama from their readers and viewers. And I succeeded. Big time.

Now even the main street media have “discovered” that Obama is not all that he claims to be. Unfortunately for his supporters, they have not yet discovered that Obama is only out for #1 Barry O and for no one else.

This week Obama went missing in action three times. Maybe it’s three strikes and he’s out. Obama knows he is not going to be elected president. Don't sell Barry short. He’s not stupid. He is using the “hopes” and fears of his supporters to build a national, even worldwide platform for a mega-millions killing after the campaign ends. Obama will be a valuable commodity. Business will pay big time. And when the time comes, Obama will be selling. That’s the only way to explain his curious behavior in the past few days.

Obama had his first Norma Desmond moment at a candidates debate in Iowa. Like the fictional Norma Desmond of Sunset Boulevard, Obama said that the debates had become too “small” for him. Obama issued a “statement” saying he was not going to waste his time debating his opponents. Obama was too big for that. Statement #1.

Then there were Jessie Jackson’s comments, promptly denied, that Obama was acting “white” and not supporting African-Americans. I will have more to say about Jena, Louisiana and the racist justice there in another column. But Jena is a legitimate news story, made larger by the outstanding national coverage of the Chicago Tribune, and it has become a focal point of the “soft” racism that still infects the South and the Democratic Party. They don’t lynch people any more; they just hang nooses to remind people who is in charge.

People went to protest in Jena, but Barry O was missing. Another issue that was “too small” for him. Instead, like a distant emperor Obama issued a mealy-mouthed “statement” supporting the marchers. Martin Luther King led the civil rights moment from the front of the parade, not by issuing statements from his office. Statement #2.

Obama does not want to be an African-American leader. Not enough money in that. No, Obama may not have been to the mountaintop; but he has been to the bank vault and the stock broker. He knows where the real money is. He wants to be what he has become: White America’s African-American leader, the Democratic Party’s African-American leader, their antidote to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and the others.

Rightfully or wrongfully, Obama thinks he is too big and too good to waste on mere African-American issues, the same way he was blind to the slum housing being run by his white contributors in the backyard of his state senate district in Chicago. Obama’ blindness is cold and calculating.

Finally, there was the senate vote to defend General Petraeus. Obama betrayed his friends and emboldened his enemies.
I happen to agree with President Bush and most Republicans—and most Americans—that the anti-Petraeus ad was despicable. People should be able to Bush-bash if they want. After all Bush makes the policies, not Petraeus.

But we have had over two hundred years of civilian, non-political military leadership in this country. Politicians make the decisions and take the blame; soldiers obey their superiors or resign. In turn, we don't attack our men and women in uniform for doing what we tell them to do. Elected officials are responsible. And the system works well.

Petraeus is an honorable officer. And whatever you may have thought of invading Iraq (I was against it when Barry O was against it) we have to deal with the reality that we made a mess and we have to clean up the mess and not run away from the mess we have made. Petraeus is an honorable officer and, more importantly, a good officer who has learned from the mistakes of the past and is trying to get us, well, OUT. It is worth remembering that the U. S. Army was ADAMANTLY AGAINST THE IRAQ INVASION. So’s ad was even more despicable and dishonorable than our politicians have claimed.

More importantly, Obama was a friend of He has spoken at their functions. Did he stand by his friends and vote against the resolution condemning’s anti-Petraeus ad? Nope. Obama betrayed and stood silent.

Once again, Barry O was there with a “statement.” Statement #3. Statements, statements, Barry issues more statements than a banker. Always from the rear echelon. Obama explained he did not vote on the condemnation to “protest” against the dynamics of democracy, which is, after all, based on voting.

In plain simple English, let me make my statement: Barry Obama is a political coward who has no business running for a leadership role in our nation. If the people of Illinois are stupid enough to reelect him, well they were stupid enough to elect Obama in the first place. But he is only one of 100 votes. But whatever else Obama has proven this week, he has been missing in action on three (count ‘em) battlefields. He betrays friend and foe alike. Barry Obama is not a leader. Never was. Never will be.

Obama is just a very glib, successful huckster and snake-oil salesman who is building himself up for an auction sale to the higher bidder. Take that from the “old pathfinder;” that’s my statement on his “statements.”

CLOSING NOTE: A word of congratulations and appreciation to Chicago Sun-Times reporter Lynn Sweet. Three years ago, in the early days of the Obama phenomenon, I felt Sweet took a sycophant’s approach to reporting on Obama. But the Sun-Times has developed the most comprehensive and the most honest coverage of Obama. Sweet has grown into a genuine skeptic about the true dimensions of the Barry O scam. Congratulations Lynn. And welcome.
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