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Saturday, October 06, 2007


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(CHICAGO)(October 6, 2007) On September 21st I wrote that Barack Obama is not really running for president. Yes he is a candidate and yes he goes through the motions. But no, he knows he is not going to win, and he is looking forward to early retirement and a fat paycheck from corporate America.

When the history of the 2008 campaign is written the week of October 1st will probably be the week when the Obama campaign unraveled.

Obama began the week with what his handlers called a “Judgment and Experience Tour” and ended up demolishing both his judgment and his experience. By the end of the week Obama had been stripped of any appearance of either judgment or experience. He was bleeding from every pore.

This column actually began before the now celebrated flag pin fracas. I could see the end coming. The emptiness of Obama’s campaign, the hollow rhetoric was a sure tip off to me he was dying. But Obama’s contempt for the American flag and for the values it represents finally did him in. Friday’s (October 5th) Chicago Sun-Times implored Obama to “put the Stars and Stripes back on his lapel.” The Sun-Times could see that Obama had self-destructed even if Barry himself could not.

Earlier this year I assumed a Sun-Times columnist, Jennifer Hunter, had been put on the Obama campaign bus to act as a flack for a homeboy from Chicago. By this week even Hunter was intimating Obama was really a resume-inflating dissembler. Hunter wrote that Obama’s much-ballyhooed opposition to the war in 2002 was really riskless, and that Obama had distorted the time line of his opposition speech.,CST-NWS-hunter02.article There you go again Barry.

Whew. I, of course, was accusing Obama being a resume-inflating, time line distorting phony way back in 2004. Welcome, Jennifer (and please do something with your hands in that stock picture the Sun-Times uses!).

How and why did it all unravel? First, Obama claimed to be an “outsider,” but he was an ersatz “insider’s outsider.” On September 30th the Chicago Tribune detailed how Obama had been hobnobbing with Pritzker money since the 1990's, long before he announced for the senate.,0,2168891.story

Now there’s nothing wrong with rich people, especially when they invite you to their “bonfire on the beach,” but don’t pretend you’re from the ‘hood while you swim in a billionaire’s pool.

Second, Obama really has nothing to sell but his sales approach. The great literary critic Isaiah Berlin once said “T. S. Eliot writes marvelously but says nothing.” The same could be said of Obama, who lives a life of bold rhetoric (“fundamentally change the game") but hasn’t really changed anything since entering politics except his bank balance.

Barry’s perfervid supporters still have not realized what a huckster Obama is; they probably never will. In just a few weeks they will be yelling that the Clintons “stole” the election from Obama. They didn’t. Obama fumbled. Eight months after he announced he still has an animated but sliver-thin base of support. He raises money but he can’t raise his standing in the polls. Ron Paul will get further with his newly found $5 million than Obama has gotten with his $75 million.

I was an early opponent of the war in Iraq. Still am. I marched against the war and I wrote about the war, and what a disaster it would be. And then I ended up in Baghdad and lived to experience all of the insanity and incompetence I had predicted. Barry Obama was safely at home. Obama has used the war to advance his political career; he has not been an opponent so much as a manipulator and exploiter of the war, for political profit and self-aggrandizement. All while voting 500 billion dollars to support the war. Yo!

But this week Obama was a sad figure when he tried to revive his 2002 speech in opposition to invading Iraq. Jennifer Hunter dumped on the “bravery” that Obama claimed and showed that Obama had even distorted the timing of his speech. Liar. Obama said he gave his antiwar speech in the “middle” of his senate race; she showed he gave the speech before he even announced!

Obama doesn’t realize that he is a complete wuss. Wusses seldom do. Especially when they have highly-paid sycophants and retainers to tell them they are making history. Obama was elected to the senate, and started voting to support the war, until Hillary changed course this year and he was forced to follow her tail.

Ultimately, Obama, who fancies himself a basketball player, is a very poor strategist and field general. You can’t beat the top dog by being a lap dog. And that’s a fact. Obama has been afraid to take on Hillary, and he has tap danced around her with the finesse of a Fred Astaire, all while Hillary ignored him and used Bill as her counterattack dog. When Hillary wanted to attack Obama, she used Bill to suggest Barry O was “inexperienced.” What a pair. But love or hate the Clintons, they are ruthless, ferocious predators. You can’t beat Team Clinton by being Mr. Newbie.

And so Obama has fallen back on his fund raising as a mark of his manliness. It hasn’t work. Now Hillary has surpassed Barry in the fund raising department as well and stripped him of his manliness.

In the middle of the fund raising deflation Obama decided to dump on the American flag. That was too much even for the Sun-Times, a paper that has been remarkably sympathetic to Obama for a long time. I remember when wearing the flag last became an issue, way, way back in 1969-1970. Democrats just pinned on their flags and walloped the Republicans in the 1970 election. Now Republicans and Democrats are both walloping Obama.

Who was the genius that told Obama to make an issue out of the “phony patriotism” of wearing the flag? Probably the same guy who told Rush Limbaugh to use the phrase “phony soldiers” (Limbaugh says he was quoted out of context). Maybe Obama should try Limbaugh’s strategy, and say that he really meant true patriots wear the flag, to show what’s in their heart. I studied semiotics under Joseph T. Tykociner at the University of Illinois. Barry should talk to me before he decides to diss the flag. And, by the way, I have a flag on my lapel.

Don’t expect the Obama balloon to deflate overnight. But right now he looks like a pinhead who’s pinned down and has become a pinup for the radical left in America. He has lost his underpinnings, and probably his underpants as well. Hillary and Bill must be smiling. And no, he is not going to be vice president. Hillary is smarter than that.

Rather, Obama will spend his $75 million or $100 million or whatever he raises sashaying across the political spectrum until he senses the timing is right to sell out and join corporate America. That’s what I said on September 21st. That’s still my story and I’m sticking to it.

“Bye, bye Barry. Too bad you had to go” (to the tune of By By Birdie)(suggested lyrics welcomed).

The House of Obama has fallen. It only took eight months for the great dissembler and resume inflater to fall from grace.

Now about Jennifer’s hands and arms in her Sun-Times picture. Lighten up lass.
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