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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Andy Martin asks, “Why does Barack Obama lie about his religious history?”

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(CHICAGO)(December 11, 2007) Three and a half years ago I stunned the world by disclosing Senator Barack Obama’s family ties to the Muslim religion. Well, “stunned” is not exactly the right word. No one cared. Illinois political writers were asleep at the switch, or perhaps saying “Shhh, we want him to win to make Illinois relevant again.” Whatever.

The truth about Obama’s Muslim history was there to be discovered, but through masterly inactivity the media ignored what was staring them in the face.

I didn’t write about Obama because I hated him or hated Muslims or hated anyone. I saw a good story that the mainstream media was ignoring. Someone who lied about their past religion.

For myself, I am a Christian, and an Episcopalian. In my church, all are welcome. We welcome “newcomers” four times a year. Holy Baptism is all it takes and, presto! you’re a Christian. We are inclusive religion. We have no interest in who your mother is or was, or who your father is or was, or anything except your own belief structure.

I was baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church of my mother, which made me "Greek" as a kid, but eventually gravitated to the Anglican (Episcopalian) church of my father. It wasn't much of a shift. I feel at home in both. I can still pray in Greek. During the 1980’s I studied with a thought to holy orders (ordination) in the Episcopal Church, but decided there was more good to be done fighting secular demons than praying. Plenty of people were ready to pray; not so many knew how to fight the bad guys the way I had been trained in Champaign-Urbana and Chicago.

And so I began to research Obama’s past, and his past religious practices as well as his family’s religion. Based on exhaustive research around the world, documented Obama’s religious practices from childhood to adulthood, from the Muslim faith to the Christian faith. Lacking any agenda or obsession with the topic, I moved on to other subjects as columnists/editors usually do.

But I found myself in the focal point of media scrutiny when Obama began to run for president and when some people circulated e-mails attacking Obama’s religion based on my research and editorial writing. The Nation magazine published an attack article claiming I was at the center of a “Right-Wing Smear Machine,” when I was not smearing anyone. I was just telling the truth and laying out the facts.

In 2007, as the Obama charade escalated into a political cult, continued to publish new research and new insights into Obama’s character (q.v.). And I continued to be blamed when people published articles about Obama’s religion. One anonymous article in Washington triggered calls asking “Did you write it,” to which I simply replied they all based their claims on my writings and research, and then embellished to suit themselves. But no, I didn’t.”

As 2007 progressed my own campaign for the U. S. Senate has claimed more of my time, and gradually I left Barry (as Obama called himself until he left Hawaii) to the “mainstream.” From time to time I notched another article about Obama’s prevarications but mainly I focused on my own race and my efforts to reform the corrupt politics of the Illinois Republican Party.

But Obama keeps calling me back. Although I don’t practice law, I was trained as a lawyer, and I was trained in cross-examination by a federal judge, the late Judge Prentice Marshall who was my law school professor. I know how to examine a witness. Central to cross-examination, or the “search for truth,” is a sense of when and what a witness is hiding. It was the fact that Obama was hiding his religious past that drew me to research the issue in 2004, and I am back at the same stand for another installment as a result of Obama’s latest lies.

Barry can’t keep from lying, on and on.

In Monday’s New York Times (December 10), Obama told new York Times columnist Roger Cohen that “[I] had relatives who practiced Islam.”

Note Obama’s passive voice. Notice the disconnect between relatives he “had” and cousins he “has.” There is no active connection there. But family is one and the same, as Barry may not understand due to his convoluted background. You can't claim some of your relatives all of the time, or all of your relatives some of the time. Family doesn’t work that way. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, we are stuck with family.

What makes Obama fascinating, and perhaps confusing to the inexperienced and unprepared cross-examiner such as Mr. Cohen, is that Obama lies within the same conversation and almost within the same sentence. “Slick Willie” meet “Obama the Obfuscator.”

Fact: Obama’s father was a Muslim. Fact: Obama’s grandfather was a Muslim. Fact: Obama’s stepfather was a Muslim. Fact: Obama went to mosque with his stepfather and worshipped there as a child. Fact: Obama was registered at a state school in Indonesia, as a Muslim student (not a Christian). Fact: some of Obama’s relatives in Kenya are still Muslims. Fact: Obama’s father was buried in a Muslim ceremony, suggesting he was a Muslim to his death.

So why can’t Obama just come out and come clean and tell the truth, he was born a Muslim due to his parents’ choice, and later during either his childhood spent with grandparents in Hawaii or in his adult years, he converted to Christianity. But for Obama it’s all politics and all prevarication. Obama is terrified to use the “M” word, which is why he “had” relative who were Muslims.

Barry, your dad is not someone you “had.” He is still your dad, even though he died. Barry, Lolo Sotero is still your stepfather, and the father of your sister, even though Sotero was Muslim. Sotero took you to the mosque with him. Your mom registered you as a Muslim student in the state school in Indonesia. (CNN made a great deal of its vacuous “investigation” in Jakarta that tried to debunk nonexistent accusations, in the process missing the obvious facts about Obama’s religion as a child.)

And may I be permitted to remind the good reader of the belief of some in the Roman Catholic Church, where they claim “give us a child until age 7, and we have him for life?”

Like most kids, I am sure Obama did not understand much about religion. I am sure I didn’t at the age of 8 or 9, although I wanted to be a priest even then. But what makes Obama’s brazenness and mendacity so irritating is that he treats his personal family facts as chess pieces, able to be moved and repositioned for maximum political effect. First he says he "had" relatives, and then simultaneously he wants to use his "cousins," who are probably still Muslim, all in the same act. Hello?

Obama tells Roger Cohen that Obama can be a potential world statesman because of his family history, and then denies his family history and suggests that some part of it is in the past tense. It just can’t be.

Ultimately, Obama is consummate huckster, playing Three Card Monte with the truth and playing Three Card Monte with his family history. Sad but true. Obama claims to be brave enough to tackle world terrorism, but he is not brave enough to admit he worshipped at a mosque as a child, or that he father and stepfather were Muslims. How brave is he really? Really?

Obama fooled Roger Cohen. Who else is he trying to fool? Why only the American people he claims to want to lead. Oprah? Naw.

Is Barack Obama brave enough to be our commander-in-chief? Not so long as he denies the religion of his father and family.

Postscript: No one denies that Obama is a Christian today. But it is obvious from the undisputed facts he was not always a Christian. And, for all of us, all of whom were children once, our religion and religious practices are usually chosen for us by our parents. That our parents choose for us does not make our religion any less real, or dilute its impact on our psyches. So, the issue is not what Barack Obama is, the issue is what he was and members of his family who he cites as “cousins” still are.

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2007. Martin covers regional, national and world events with forty years of experience. He is currently a candidate for U. S. Senator from Illinois. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639. Web sites:;


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AMEN - how CAN we get this true info in the "ears & eyes" of the public?? Or is CNN, etc. 'bought off' by the Dems?

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