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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Barack Obama and Khalid Al-Mansour: the odd couple

Andy Martin explores the relationship between Barack Obama and anti-Semites

Questions the mainstream media will not ask Barack Obama:
The Cover-up: Part One (first in a series)
"Why was Khalid Al-Mansour raising money to send you to law school?"

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Internet powerhouse Andy Martin asks a blunt question: Why are there so many anti-Israel, anti-Semitic associations in Barack Obama's past?

Why has the media imposed a conspiracy of silence on questions about Obama and Khalid Al-Mansour's fundraising activity for Obama's law school education?

Could it happen again? Maybe it is.

(NEW YORK)(October 28, 2008) Four years ago I exposed that Barack Obama had a Muslim family history that he was concealing. I offered an explanation for this concealment, and suggested he was wary of Jewish voter backlash to his Islamic roots. Today the Jewish voter backlash that I predicted in 2004 is apparent and growing.

Over the weekend a kerfluffle arose when some Pennsylvania Republicans sent an e-mail to Jewish voters making what appear to be somewhat exaggerated remarks about Obama's past. See:

I certainly do not condone inflated or unfair accusations, and there appear to have been some exaggerations in the Pennsylvania e-mail.

But the core comparison in the e-mail between the Obama campaign today and the advent of the Third Reich in the 1930's is an apt one. I think there is a strong possibility that if Barack Obama goes to the White House and stays eight years, the State of Israel will not be the same state that it is today. Based on my extensive sources within Israel, I can confirm that some of the anti-Obama propaganda emanates from within Israeli sources.

Some readers will find my own suggestions exaggerated or over the top. They are not. Obama, of course, has always curried favor with wealthy and prominent members of the Jewish community in Chicago, and nationally. Obama's Jewish supporters obviously do not view their candidate as a closet anti-Semite. (To be fair to Obama, he also toadies up to wealthy Arabs as well; his mansion in Hyde Park was part of a deal where Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi lent money to Obama crony Tony Rezko.

Earlier today, however, the respected Middle East columnist Amir Taheri wrote in the New York Post that Arabs and Islamists consider Obama "one of them."

Both can't be true. Obama can’t be a strong supporter of Israel and a strong supporter of its challengers.

Taheri made the interesting observation that Obama had given one of his daughters a Muslim name. Malia. Was that a silent signal?

Before he became a presidential candidate, Palestinians and the Muslim community in Hyde Park considered Obama a strong supporter and close friend. The illegal campaign contributions Obama received from Gaza have been prominently identified. Obama has also received almost a third of a billion dollars in clandestine cash with no identification of the donor, and recent confirmation that many "doors" were nonexistent. Where did this mountain of secret cash come from?

All of the foregoing is very confusing. Can a politician work both sides of the street forever? Or will he be called on to make difficult choices?

I suggest we go back further in Obama's life for the answer.
Earlier this year an interview on the local cable channel in Manhattan passed almost unnoticed (who noticed?).

Obama was exposed in a most unusual, and significant, way.

Going to graduate school is a grind for all but the very wealthy. I had to hustle to make it through law school (and stayed at the University of Illinois because they gave me a scholarship).

Who was raising money for Obama's law school education? Saudi agent and anti-White, anti-Israel Black Panther adviser Khalid Al-Mansour.

Can you imagine the outcry in the liberal media if someone who opposes Israel, hates Whites and helped start the Black Panther Party had raised money for John McCain's education? McCain would be forced out of the race if such an association appeared.

Listening to the Sutton interview it is clear that as early as 1987, when Obama was 26, Khalid Al-Mansour was very familiar with Mr. Obama. That suggests their association and Al-Mansour's fund raising efforts did not happen overnight.

What drew the Black nationalist to Obama? When did they meet? Occidental College in Los Angeles, perhaps? As part of the Bill Ayers coterie of terrorists and misanthropes? Maybe an old buddy of Frank Marshall Davis? As of today, we don’t yet know. No one is talking.

But how many media have asked Obama about the Al-Mansour connection? Zero. None. That is a known fact. There is a complete silence by the mainstream media in confronting Obama with his Al-Mansour connection. I was the first to speak on national media about Al-Mansour and, of course, Obama's attack dogs were unleashed to smear me.

Any time I see a conspiracy of silence imposed on a topic, I want to know why. Who is muzzling whom? No mainstream media will venture to question Obama about his ties to this anti-Semitic, anti-White Black nationalist.

In the Middle East, I am well known as a critic of Israeli foreign policy, although I am also a supporter of the continued existence of Israel under American assistance and sponsored the Andy Martin Middle East Peace Plan in 2000.

I have a large Arab and Muslim readership. When I started writing bad things about Mr. Obama last year I was also told to "shhhh." I ignored the request. The mainstream media have not.

Is there a pattern here? Reverend Jeremiah Wright. Minister Louis Farrakhan. Khalid Al-Mansour. The mainstream media have strenuously shied away from asking even a single question about Obama's pattern of relationships.

Earlier in this column I suggested that if Obama spends eight years in the White House the Israel of today will not be the Israel of tomorrow. When you consider Obama's lifelong associations with anti-Israel, anti-White, Black nationalist agitators, you can see why I have formed what CNN might ridicule as an "informed opinion."

Is 2008 1938? In a few days Germany will observe the seventieth anniversary of the tragic anti-Semitic outburst Kristallnacht. Could it happen again? Maybe it already is.


Footnote: Back in 1980 my property was seized by a corrupt cabal of bankruptcy lawyers in New York and Connecticut. The bankruptcy courts are infamous as cesspools of thievery and deception . I was the innocent victim of both a political kidnapping and a burglary by corrupt federal judges in Chicago, who were trying to derail my corruption fighting activity in Illinois. A corrupt Connecticut judge, cocaine addict Jose Cabranes and his supporters. including Judge John O. Newman, schemed to assist the looters in stealing my property. I have offered to make my attorneys available to corroborate these accusations.

Vicious remarks were made on all sides. Imagine how you would feel if you were the victim of an orchestrated judicial conspiracy to intimidate and silence corruption fighting activity. Cabranes was a crook that was later rejected for the Supreme Court because he had helped loot my property. The same fate befell Newman (rejection). In those proceedings I made some unfortunate remarks, originating in a civil rights lawsuit, that raised the issue of religious discrimination and was critical of Jewish lawyers. These individuals later fabricated documents to smear me.

I have testified under oath that some of these remarks were true (they were filed in court) and others were not. But the events happened twenty-five years ago. The New York Times tried to trump up these stale remarks, on orders from Obama to smear me as an "anti-Semite," and placed them on Page One to portray me as a current anti-Semite. Nothing could be further from the truth, as anyone who knows me would confirm. The Times' smear attacks appear to have backfired politically.

But here's the point: Khalid Al-Mansour has made vicious anti-White and anti-Jewish remarks.

How it is that my stale remarks in a 25 year-old lawsuit are front-page news in the Times, but the fact that 20 years ago an active anti-Semite was raising money to send Obama to law school are not? How is it that Obama's campaign spokesman Robert Gibbs goes on Fox News to brand anyone who speaks to me an anti-Semite by association, and equates me with mad bomber Bill Ayers, and yet the media have no questions for Obama or Gibbs about the infamous Khalid Al-Mansour? Double standard? You get the picture. Obama and his buddy David Axelrod are master smear merchants, and they have intimidated the media into doing their dirty work. Obama is using false charges of anti-Semitism to demonize his opponents. But the New York Times and mainstream media are concealing real anti-Semitism on the part of the man who financed Obama's law school education. Now you know why the Times is losing readers and money, and why the mainstream media are dying. People see though this type of media skullduggery and duplicity.

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