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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Andy Martin on the coming election of America’s first Marxist-Leninist president

Welcome to Chicago: America’s “Capital of Corruption”
Chicago, which may become the imperial city of the Emperor Obama I, is a “city in chains,” says chronicler Andy Martin
America’s victory in the Cold War has turned into capitulation to our former and future enemies

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Politically Correct”


Andy Martin says that Barack Obama will spread Chicago-style corruption to every corner of America

Today, a “city in chains;” tomorrow a “nation in chains”

(CHICAGO)(November 4, 2008) As these notes are finished the winner of the presidential election is not clear. Last week I predicted McCain would win the presidency by a whisker, and not much of a whisker at that. That prediction looks shaky right now. I have no idea whether Florida has reported results, but I also expect McCain to win Florida as well, whether he wins nationally or not.

But back to Chicago. Chicago tonight is under siege. Police are everywhere. I walked to the grocery store. There were police on most corners, even though we are more than a mile from the Emperor Obama’s “Temple of Glory” celebration in Grant Park. If this is such a happy occasion, why do we need all of these police, over a mile away from the party?

In the meantime, as the world’s media descend on Chicago, let me extend a hearty Welcome to Chicago! America’s Capital of Corruption. Chicago is also becoming the “radical” capital of the United States. Last week the unrepentant 1930’s communist Studs Terkel died, and the bathos was overflowing. Terkel became famous interpreting the modern world through Marxist-Leninist spectacles, but you had to read the New York Times to get a balanced perspective. The local media were adulatory to the point of embarrassment.

Dare we forget William Ayers? The “bad bomber” of the 1960’s? He’s alive and well in Chicago.

And this we evening await a verdict on the sanity of the America people: are they going to elect William Ayers’ protégé, Barack Obama, as the first Marxist-Leninist president of the United States?

What happened? It was just yesterday that President Reagan won the Cold war. Communism collapsed, freedom triumphed, democracy was ascendant. Barely two decades later, the American people stand on the brink of the most self-destructive spasm in their history: surrendering their freedom to a man who has contempt for America and contempt for democracy. Americans freely voting for their first Marxist-Leninist leader? Have we lost our minds?

Obama has done everything he can to spread the cancer of corruption from Chicago to every corner of this nation, through hundreds of millions of dollars in criminal clandestine cash, through the use of storm troopers operating with tax-exempt organizations such as ACORN, and through his very contempt for the very fabric of what made this nation great: hard work, enterprise and success, not "spreading the wealth." Today the Marxists are on the march, and freedom is endangered.

Obama’s "bread and circuses" will bear bitter fruit for every American.

Some years ago an author described Chicago as a “city in chains”("Captive City"). In those days Chicago was chained to the twin horsemen of the Crime Syndicate and the Daley Machine. The crime Syndicate, known locally as “The Outfit,” has edged into the shadows.

Today Chicago is a “city in chains.” Tomorrow, America may be a “nation in chains.”

The Daley Machine stands on the cusp of its greatest triumph in the past half century: preparing to loot and sack the Treasury of the United States if America if Obama is elected.

Chicago is in functionally and in reality a Midwestern Waziristan, ruled by one extended family for over fifty years. Beneath the skyscrapers of Chicago lies an insular and isolated political culture that survives and thrives by its nondiscriminatory venality.

The Daley Family is now in its third generation of kleptocracy. I fought the founding father forty years ago. I go back a long way in the war against corruption. There is no end in sight, no light at the end of the tunnel.

But today the Daley Machine has bled an immensely productive city to the point of disaster. We have the highest sales tax in the nation, 10.25%. Daley-the-Son is busy selling of the city's assets to stave off bankruptcy. He started by selling a city-owned highway; then he sold the city-owned parking garages under Obama’s folly this evening. Now he is negotiating to sell Midway Airport. The entire city is for sale.

Daley Machine looters have salivated at the prospect of putting their hands on the federal fisc. Looting Washington could extend the reach of Daley's reign, as he shares power with the Emperor Obama I.

The local newspapers have been pathetic advertisements for Obama. They have not developed any significant stories about the corrupt young entertainer. During the past two years news stories originated elsewhere, in Washington and Los Angeles, and grudgingly percolated to Chicago.

Yesterday the Chicago Tribune, in a pathetic confession of inferiority that must have made the newspaper’s founding father of greatness, Colonel Robert McCormick, turn in his grave, said that Chicago was not the sleazy burg portrayed by the Republicans.,0,3337707.story

The Tribune apparently maintains Chicago is what the city's motto says it is, a “city in a garden.” Garden variety corruption is more like it.

What was the Emperor Obama I’s first act after he won the nomination? He relocated the Democratic Party headquarters from Washington to Chicago, where it came under the behind the scenes control of Daley Machine operatives. Daley and Obama have shared a political mentor, David Axelrod, a master smear merchant who has made millions by deluding whites into voting for African-Americans. Massachusetts, anyone?

The Daley Machine is a bipartisan operation. The Republican Party of Illinois is owned by the McKenna family, members in good standing of the Daley Machine. One columnist calls the combined political crime syndicate the "Combine.” The local "Republican Party" has been supine during the 2008 election. Since Daley indirectly controls the Republicans, why should it be any different?

The Machine is also multiracial: the parade of political crooks who has marched through the federal courthouse has been multi-hued. Blacks were and are welcome to join, so long as they brought votes, controlled votes and those voters stayed subservient to the greater glory of the Machine. Indeed, it was the multiracial aspect of the Daley Machine that made Obama’s claim that he moved to Chicago to “organize black folk” so transparently ludicrous a ruse for his presence here. Blacks in Chicago had long since been organized. They already had elected a black mayor when Obama arrived, in his words, to "organize." The first urban Black congressman in this century, William L. Dawson, came from Chicago. Obama did not come to organize; he came to share in the spoils, and he has succeeded beyond anyone’s wildest expectations except, apparently, his own.

Yes, Chicago is America's undisputed Capital of Corruption, and it is rapidly becoming the capital of radical extremists and unreconstructed revolutionaries. It stands on the brink of becoming the Imperial City of arrogance and corruption if Obama is elected.

Today, Chicago is bankrupt, kept afloat by confiscatory taxes and asset sales. Likewise, the State of Illinois, where Obama served in the local senate as a Daley Machine front, is equally bankrupt. That’s why Daley and Obama and their legions want to control the United States Treasury. The Obamagoths will sack Washington in 100 ways. And leave a legacy that may take 100 years to erase.

Tonight an age of darkness could descend, and the sunlight might never return, not in two years, not in four, perhaps never.

But we will never surrender the fight to defend and uphold the Constitution of the United States. Depending on the outcome in the morning, that battle may become even more crucial, even more difficult, even more costly.

Tonight the Statute of Liberty is weeping. I weep with her. And I weep for her. But I will never abandon her. will be there for every loyal, honest, hard-working and productive American on November 5th. The soon-to-be “huddled masses,” Democrats, Republicans and independents, will have a voice that Obama can’t own and the Daley Machine has never been able to intimidate.

Readers of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, say the book is still the only gold standard and practical handbook on Barack Obama's unfitness for the presidency. Buy it.
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FULL DISCLOSURE: I recently decided to oppose Barack Obama's election and became Executive Director of The Stop Obama Coalition, By default, I became the national leader of the anti-Obama movement. I am not acting as either a Democrat or Republican. I have had no contact whatsoever with the McCain Campaign. I am not a member of any political organization. The views expressed are entirely independent. I am acting as an American citizen who sincerely believes Obama is not the man we need in the Oval Office. We are going to run a very dynamic and aggressive campaign against Obama. I will continue to write my news and opinion columns for /s/ Andy Martin
URGENT APPEAL: The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama is raising money to fight Barack Obama. Please give generously up to the maximum of $100. Our ability to fight and defeat Barack Obama is directly dependent on the generosity of every American."
The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama limits itself to $100 maximum contributions; there are no bundlers, fat cats or illegal contributions. Obama is opposed to everything America stands for," says Executive Director Andy Martin. "But while Obama has raised more than a third of a BILLION dollars, his opponents have raised virtually nothing. We can't just sit back and expect John McCain to do the job all alone. Americans can either contribute now, or pay later. If we do not succeed, Obama will."
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He is currently based in New York selling his new book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law.

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Blogger STOPBHO said...

America has done it!!! Voted in the first terrorist to the White House!! And has capped the American dream at $250000 (or was that $120000).
Regardless what happens with this lawsuit, what we do know is true are the lies and associations Hussein has had and therefore he will never be my president. The Commander in Thief!! Please support our troops (Obama won't)!!!

Hope with the black panthers

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