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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Anti-Obama attorney Philip J. Berg faces disciplinary complaint

Andy Martin asks Supreme Court of Pennsylvania to investigate the bizarre litigation behavior of anti-Obama lawyer Philip J. Berg

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(NEW YORK)(November 12, 2008) Andy Martin has asked the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania Disciplinary Board to investigate the conduct of anti-Obama attorney Philip J. Berg of Lafayette Hill, PA. "There have been a lot of questions, and criticism, swirling around Mr. Berg's behavior," Martin stated. "I thought his behavior merited a look by the Disciplinary Board. That way there can be a fair and impartial examination of his claims and actions."

A copy of Martin's Statement, which is part of Martin's form complaint, (faxed to the DB today, November 12th) follows:

November 12, 2008

Philip J. Berg contacted me in mid-August about a complaint he proposed to file in federal court. He sent me the complaint to review, and I advised him the complaint was nonsense. He was suing the wrong parties in the wrong court for the wrong relief. Berg said he wanted to "enjoin the Democratic National Convention," which caused me to question his sanity. He pleaded that Barack Obama was "born in Kenya" when there is not a shred of credible evidence to support this claim.

He filed his complaint and then began issuing a series of asinine news releases about the progress of his lawsuit.

Berg is playing on the vulnerability of people who intensely dislike President-elect Barack Obama, and using his inflated accusations to solicit money from the public. He constantly exaggerates or misrepresents the facts. In early September persons acting on his behalf claimed there was a "court order" for Obama to produce a birth certificate. No such order existed.

Then he claimed Obama was in "default" and had "admitted" he was born in Kenya. This was compete nonsense. As someone who is a genuine critic of Mr. Obama, I know firsthand what confusion Berg creates with his false and misleading claims. Most recently he or persons acting in concert with him have suggested that the U.S. Supreme Court "ordered" a response to his nonsense. The Court has done nothing of the sort. The court's rules simply provide a thirty-day period for responses.

I don’t know whether Berg suffers from an emotional disturbance, or is merely a money-grubbing huckster, or what, but Berg's behavior is undermining public faith in the integrity of the Pennsylvania legal profession.

Berg has been disciplined in the past for misconduct:

Lawyers are entitled to engage in vigorous advocacy. They are encouraged to extend and revise legal precedents. But they are not entitled to file delusional claims without a scintilla of support, particularly when they then use these delusional claims as a basis to solicit money from the public.

Mr. Berg has previously claimed that the U.S. Government blew up the World Trade Center, again without shred of evidence to support his nonsense.

He is a threat to vulnerable citizens who tend to believe his false claims and give him money on the false assumption that Berg is acting in good faith. By stealing small amounts of money from people across the nation he has flown under the radar of professional discipline. No competent attorney could have acted as Berg did during the past three months. His behavior in federal court, all of which is a public record, is outrageous.
A copy of Martin's complaint is available by fax (not e-mail)
Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting experience in radio and television. He is currently based in New York selling his new book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law.

His columns are also posted at; Andy is the author of Obama: The Man Behind The Mask, published in July 2008, see

MEDIA CONTACT: (866) 706-2639 or CELL (917) 664-9329E-MAIL: [NOTE: We frequently correct typographical errors and additions/subtractions on our blogs, where you can find the latest edition of this release.]

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Blogger concernedintexas said...

Please comment on the supposed Kenyan Imam in London. Is this a hoax? The API is reporting that Berg and this supposed Imam are meeting with Amnesty International which I believe is pro-Obama. Should we just ignore these claims?

1:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Berg has no credible evidence to back up his claims? If this is the case, whom does one believe? Martin claims that Barack Obama is actually the son of Frank Davis; I would certainly like to see some credible evidence in this regard. Also, I wonder if Martin has legal "standing" with regards to this issue. For awhile there I thought Martin and Berg were were on the same team; now they seem to be pulling in opposite directions. It's a shame; Obama seems to be the only winner in this mess. --jws

3:27 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...


4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that Martin is not an attorney (I thought he was). It is also my understanding that Martin finished law school in Chicago; if so, why isn't he a lawyer? This whole mess is getting more and more difficult to understand. Are we going to have to fall back on Larry Sinclair as the only credible person in this Odama/Obama saga? --jws

4:53 PM  
Blogger jeleasure said...

Why don't you investigate Berg's behavior yourself?
Why not ask him if you can spend the night and study him as he looks over his legal material and documentation that points to evidence that has been documented as authentic by affidavid?
Ask him questions about why his eyebrow goes up or he gets excited when he realizes that Barak Obama (recently admitted)held allegiance to Indonesia? Did Obama ever resign that allegance? Did Obama ever swear on oath that he pleges his allegance to the U.S.? Does this indicate why Obama does not recite the pledge of allegance? You know, if he would do this publicly, there would be plenty of evidence that he has pleged his allegance to our country and that would put an end to the dual allegances speculation? All he would have to do now is provide evidence that he is in fact a bona fide citizen of the U.S.
Philip Berg may be acting strange. Very unusual, in fact. Because, unlike you he has stuck his neck out to defend the Constitution of the United States of America.
If Obama is not a bona fide citizen, what he jeopardizes for our country is the structure of obedience to the Commander in Chief on down to the private in the basic training. Without a bona fide right to the office of President of the United States, the private in basic training has no system of authority to be obedient to. This is only one of the random ramifications that an illegal, unconstitutionally unvetted Obama Administration will cause the United States to befall.

7:29 PM  
Blogger Unknown said...

If B.O. has nothing to hide WHY is he doing it so well?

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From what I hear, Kenya has sealed all records relating to Obama; none of the schools he went to will allow anyone to see his records; Hawaii has sealed all of his records; the Chicago Police Department won't disclose any of their investigative information on the murder of Donald Young; none of Obama's Illinois political records are available for public scrutiny. Oh well, Obama must be innocent of all charges -- ya think? --jws

9:02 PM  
Blogger jeleasure said...

My belief has almost always been, from just weeks after I first heard this man's name, that he is a plant.
The entire scheme works beautifully for an espianage movie.
Dunham, a rebelious, atheist, white girl from Kansas in the fifties, finds a black Muslim from Kenya to marry and have a child with. Divorce. Lolo Soetoro arrives - another black Muslim. A Muslim from the largest Islamic community in the world to take Barry to Indonesia. (What was the purpose of his being in Indonesia?) Barry Obama was registerred in the Indonesian school as Barry Soetoro. Then, back to the states.
On Obama's "Fight The Smears" web page, he confesses to having had dual citizenship in Kenya and the United States. However, even if his Kenyan citizenship, so called "expired" (hope my citizenship has been renewed - natural born) was Obama required to take an oath of allegance in the United States to confirm his allegance? What ever!
What was the source of success to his many record breaking fundraisers? Was it Operah?
Hmmm? Maybe it was Tony Rezco who borrowed money from this guy, Auchi who had a business arrangement with Sandman Insane prior to the failed Kuaiti invasion? I know Rezco regrets kissin Obama's behind. Promises, Promises.

10:12 PM  
Blogger FiestyE said...

API did not say that Berg is meeting with the Imam and Amnesty International. He said the Imam and Council was meeting with them, which would be his Cousel from Canada. API had a letter of representaion with Berg, but it was with the conditions that API do certain things. API did not comply with the conditions Mr. Berg set and there fore Mr. Berg has had NO contact with API for going on 5 weeks. The letter of representation is still in play, but Mr. Berg will only represent him if he complies with the conditions. As of the writing of this post API has still not complied, so Mr. Berg is not and does not represent them until the conditions are met.

As for Mr. Martin, I have NO idea what his problem is. I work closely with Berg, his Assistant and others that he has working on this case and I can tell you that there was only one contact between Andy Martin and Phil Berg's office and that was made by Phil's assistant, NOT Mr. Berg. Mr. Martin wanted to review what Phil had and offered to share what he had with them. Mr. Berg's Assistant sent the things Mr. Martin asked for to him and Mr. Martin never sent them anything. There was one other contact with Mr. Berg's Assistant and Mr. Martin and that was the end of it. Where all of this other stuff is coming from, I can only imagine. Why he has sent to the Supreme Court to investigate Berg's actions is beyond me. I would think that someone would be investigating the claim that Frank Marshall Davis is Obama's real Father, for that is a pipe dream and I for one want to see some names, documents or other proof to back that wild story up.

Since Phil Berg is the only one that had the guts to file the Law Suit and mess up others plans, now everyone wants to attack him. Geez people wake up the Law Suits that are out there and popping up every day are the only people that are trying to make sure that Obama is eligible under OUR Constitution to be the President and to find out what Obama is HIDING from the American people! Berg has NOT written a book, nor will he be writing one, or a second one that he has to sell. All he is trying to do is get the truth about who and what Obama is and if he is a LEGAL "Natural" born citizen and eligible under OUR Constitution to be President of our GREAT Country!!

8:58 AM  
Blogger Disclosure said...

Right. I've heard Andy Martin only once recently on a radio show. That interview, plus the extensive name calling that he consistently utilizes, makes me see him as a person with a huge ego, and an agenda to pursue his own goals, probably selling his recent book. He has little credibility in his claims. I do applaud his attempt today to pursue the Obama Birth Certificate in Hawai'i Court today. 11/18/2008.

2:43 AM  
Blogger Maria said...

Dual citizenship is LOST when that person
holding both, serves in an official position
or capacity of the other country right? So,
if as a Kenyan, he raised so much money
to help their President's campaign there,
whilst at the same time being a US senator
here, what then? Sure warrants even looking
into a possible appointment that resulted in
Kenya for him. And he's a lawyer from Harvard
no less? Constitiutional Law? Hmmm...

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

...and now we have a radio show in Detroit saying a legitimate phone call to the Kenyan Ambassador reveals once again that Obama was born in Kenya. This makes several witnesses to the same alleged fact. In an American court of law two or more witnesses concurring to the same circumstance weighs heavily in favor of them telling the truth. My question is this: Does the truth count in Obama's case? --jws

8:44 AM  
Blogger mdwoman said...


THIS IS REAL! – 11-24-08

8:41 AM  
Blogger mdwoman said...

Monday, November 24, 2008

Deputy White House Press Secretary Avoids Question About Obama Birth Certificate

Kenyan Ambassador confirms Obama was born in Kenya

8:42 AM  
Blogger Spartacus said...

perhaps drop the "internet powerhouse" crap. You sound like a fool, and allow the enemy to mock you! cor perhaps you are his tool?

11:48 PM  
Blogger WIZolman said...

When fools post comments like Obama doesn't recite the Pledge of Allegiance, it makes me realize how really stupid and desperate many of the followers of Berg, Martin and Donofrio truly are. Here is Obama reciting the pledge before the Senate: OBAMA RECITES PLEDGE

Obama's parents were married and living at 6085 Kalanianaole Hwy when he was born. In the fall of 1961, Ann Dunham’s best friend, Maxine Box, visited the new Obama baby named Barack while Ann visited Mercer Island near Seattle. She verified earlier this year that Ann had NEVER BEEN TO KENYA and was three months pregnant when she married Barack Sr. in February 1961.

Barack Obama Sr.’s travel records indicate a student visa issued in 1959 with no return to Kenya until 1965 when his student visa required him to return to Kenya upon finishing his Master’s studies. This too was vertified by the Washington Post on March 30th of this year. Thus, it is IMPOSSIBLE for Obama to have been born in Kenya. The "grandmother" who supposedly claims she was there in Kenya when he was born is NOT his grandmother and is a somewhat senile 90 year old woman.

Now let's deal with his mother and Indonesia. Under the Nationality Act of 1940, Section 317(b), "Obama's mother expatriated her U.S. Citizenship when she married Lolo Soetoro, a citizen of Indonesia and relocated her and her son (Obama) to Indonesia.

The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, section 349 (a), provided:

“From and after the effective date of this Act a person who is a national of the United States whether by birth or naturalization, shall lose his nationality by -- (1) obtaining naturalization in a foreign state upon his own application, upon an application filed in his behalf by a parent, or duly authorized agent, or through the naturalization of a parent having legal custody of such person: Provided, That nationality shall not be lost by any person under this section as the result of the naturalization of a parent or parents while such person is under the age of twenty-one years, or as the result of naturalization obtained on behalf of a person under twenty-one years of age by a parent, guardian, or duly authorized agent, unless such person shall fail to enter the United States to establish a permanent residence prior to his twenty-fifth birthday: ....”

Section 355 of that Act provided that:

“A person having United States nationality, who is under the age of twenty-one and whose residence is in a foreign state with or under the legal custody of a parent who hereafter loses United States nationality under section 350 or 352 of this title, shall also lose his United States nationality if such person has or acquires the nationality of such foreign state: Provided, That, in such case, United States nationality shall not be lost as the result of loss of United States nationality by the parent unless and until the person attains the age of twenty-five years without having established his residence in the United States.”

Given that Obama returned to the U.S., and established permanent residency there, long before he was either 23 or 25, this distinction is irrelevant. He does not lose his citizenship. CASE CLOSED.

5:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To The Candid Blogger: Have you seen Obama's long form Birth Certificate; you know, the one with signatures and actual hospital or place of birth? If not you, along with many other blow-hards are just blowing hot air into what will certainly become a Constitutional Crisis if Obama does not release all pertinent records verifying his citizenship status. This issue is much more than "truth in advertising"; this literally effects every facet of the United States Government which includes all three branches as well as We The people. You may not need verification on these matters; most of the rest of us demand it. Stick around, the truth will benefit you in spite of your desire to march lock step in Obama's mysterious footsteps... --jws

7:00 AM  
Blogger jeleasure said...

Candid Blogger,
Show us a COLB with Barak Obama Jr's name on it and a doctor's signature with a time stamp and place of birth on the reverse side. Then, I'll believe you.

That lady you are refering to is in politics. Or, at least she was around the time Obama was born. She is part of the entire Manchurian Candidate effort.

5:10 PM  

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