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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

“All hail the conquering hero, U. S. Senator Roland Burris,” says Andy Martin

Did Andy Martin’s December 20th battle plan make Roland Burris a U. S. Senator? “Roland Burris is the big winner,” says Andy, “He surprised the mainstream media and their fellow travelers. I am the only one who is not surprised. Governor Rod Blagojevich executed my plan better than I ever expected.” Martin first met Burris over thirty years ago. The undeclared dean-by-default of Chicago media, Andy Martin lashes at local newspapers and TV stations, and attacks Barack Obama for vanity and incompetence in Blagogate/Obamagate.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin cheers on Senator Roland Burris

Burris becomes the conquering hero as Barry Obama surrenders and U. S. senators scramble to undo their racist behavior

“All hail the conquering hero, Roland Burris,” says Martin

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”





(CHICAGO)(January 8, 2009) I first met Roland Burris over thirty years ago. He was campaigning for statewide office, and he won. He was the first American-American to accomplish that feat. I liked Roland. He went on to win a second statewide office.

The execrescent attacks on Burris during the past few days have laid bare what a bunch of terminal losers populate the upper echelons of mainstream media (“MSMs”) in Chicago; why ordinary people do not trust the MSMs, and why African-Americans have contempt for white media and white politicians.

Because I have become the dean of Illinois media, by default, today I am going to deliver a brutal lashing to the morons who work at our newspapers and TV stations. Better still, all of my criticisms are completely accurate and massively deserved by these pompous jokers.

I began as a writer for the Daily Illini at the University of Illinois in 1967. Since then I have toggled back and forth between politics, TV (starting in 1968), radio and now the Internet. I have been a talk show host, producer, owner, manager and controversial guest. And I have learned from every episode.

It was with this treasure chest of experience in Illinois politics and media that I watched the MSM devil dogs attack Roland Burris during the past few days.

I am happy to report Burris had a better understanding of the battlefield than the losers in the MSM. Burris is going to be a United States Senator.

First, a confession, or maybe a toggle. Rod Blagojevich may have been following my script in dealing with the U. S. Senate appointment. I sent Ed Genson an analysis of the senate appointment and my reading of the battlefield on December 20th. What is interesting is that on the 20th no one gave Blagojevich any hope of surviving, except me. No one had devised a survival strategy as to how Blagojevich could deflect the attacks on him, except me. I passed my analysis along to Genson.

Within days Blago had rearranged his forces, revised his battle plan and began to follow the outline I had passed on to Ed.

Did they follow my battle plan? It sure looks that way. I won’t tell you what the remaining aspects of my proposal were, because Blago improved on the order of battle by several magnitudes, and Roland Burris has proven a more able field general than anyone expected.

The result: Burris is a senator until 2010 (until the 2010 primary and general elections) and Blago is likely to survive impeachment, or should survive impeachment with Republican support (the reason for that controversial analysis is grist for a future column).

Why did the MSMs get it so wrong? They unleashed crude racism, which was promptly endorsed by the national media. They unleashed an irrational level of contempt for Burris’ lifetime accomplishments merely because he had chosen to cut a deal with an embattled public official, who, it should be noted, has not to date been accused of any crime.

On the political side, the jerk Dick Durbin, recently reelected U. S. Senator by Republican leader and Daley Machine apparatchik Andy McKenna, led the hate parade.

Blacks knew what to expect and reacted accordingly.

First, let’s look at the contemptuous way Burris was treated by the MSMs. They stooped to the level of ridiculing Burris’ mausoleum. Burris’ accomplishments as the first African-American statewide official were minimized and ridiculed. Yes, Burris has had a hard time moving up the political marquee since reaching for governor or senator. But so what? Those are hard rings to grasp. Is he to be faulted because he reached for the brass rings on the political carousel? I don’t think so. Does Burris’ ambition make his significant accomplishments any less significant? I don’t think so again.

To demean the “first” person to achieve a monumental victory in Illinois politics showed just how petty, biased and incompetent the captains of our newspapers and TV stations are. There is no way to call them anything but bitter losers. They were attacking a man who had been a winner.

The MSMs managed to agitate a chorus of amens among others who also sought to demean Burris’ prior successes. How quickly they forget what politics was like in this state thirty years ago when Burris was first elected to statewide office. I have not forgotten. 1978 was only ten (10) years after the violent attacks on the Dr. Martin Luther King in Marquette Park, a Chicago neighborhood.

Also pig piling on Burris was that great coward himself, Barry Obama, who has lived almost half a century without facing a genuine crisis head on and making a difficult decision. It was easy for “Barry O” to tell another African-American to go away. After all Obama had already grabbed his own brass ring.

I have always had a low opinion of Obama. He confirmed my worst suspicions by the way he conducted himself in the Burris affair. Wait until Obama faces Al Qaeda and other militant adversaries. He won’t be able to play “basketball” in his own gym any more. Obama treated Burris as though Burris was nothing more than an “N-word” trying to grab Obama’s spotlight. But Obama lost. His arrogance and contempt for Burris have clearly backfired. Burris is a fighter, but a quiet one. Obama never has been anything but an elegant wuss.

As for Blagojevich, I have spent lifetime crusading against corruption in Illinois politics. So I am not a fan of Blago (I have sued him several times) or his performance in office. Still, in the courts we respect the fact that even a bad person can have a good case.

As an Illinois-trained lawyer I know that you do not convict before an accusation. Chicago newspapers and TV became Alice-in-Wonderland operations: Blagojevich was guilty before he had even been charged with a crime. Resign first; crime later, was the cry. My first column on the story (December 11th) raised doubts about Blago’s predetermined guilt. Our paper maché Attorney General, Michael-I-mean-Lisa Madigan created yet another orgy of anti-Blagojevich hysteria and media attacks with their bogus petition in the Illinois Supreme Court.

But, guess what? The United States Attorney was forced this week to admit he did not have a sufficiently coherent case to obtain a grand jury indictment. My prediction a month ago had proven correct. Not bad for a county lawyer and media dean by default. All of the hoopla about the “sale” of the U. S. Senate seat had been blown totally out of proportion, and carefully massaged, as I also first reported, to protect Barry “Barack” Obama (column on December 12th release date). Rahm Emanuel had seen my handwriting on his wall and promptly decamped for Africa.

Blacks, of course, as our own Barry O’Bama told us in Philadelphia, suspect whites. The MSMs gave them plenty of suspicion to suspect during the Burris fiasco. Yes, African-Americans responded with the race card. And why not? Whites were throwing every card in the deck against Burris. Burris, who had a respectable reputation, became the but of jokes, attacks, accusations and every type of malicious demand that he refuse to become a U. S. Senator.

Initially, no one but me was willing to state the obvious: Blago has never even been accused of a crime, let alone convicted, and Democratic fear of a Republican resurgence had quashed any possibility of a special election. Blago saw an opening and he ran for daylight.

The contemptuous manner in which fellow senators treated Burris last Monday was a warning sign to African-Americans: “They can still put us in our place when it suits their political agenda.” Burris kept plugging away.

Right now it appears that only Jesse White stands between Burris and the U. S. Senate's confirmation. I have also known Jesse for over thirty years; he is a prototypical Daley Machine coat-holder. When he is told to sign the certificate, he will. And he will be told to do just that.

Michael-I-mean-Lisa Madigan has now said White’s signature is not necessary for confirmation, desperately trying to pass the Burris hot potato to someone in Washington.

The white power establishment is dumfounded and in retreat.

Obama? He looks like the colossal opportunist and jerk he is. Obama (he’s one of them though he won’t admit it) has been feeble and manipulative in the face of racial attacks against a Chicago neighbor. Until Burris’ DC media circus eclipsed Obama’s daily plate of platitudes. Horrors! Something had to be done. Not surprisingly, Obama decided on capitulation. Can Harry Reid & Co. be far behind with their white flag of surrender?

Dick Durbin? He is such a vain little insect that he is beneath the contempt of civilized society.

Harry Reid: well Harry Reid has Rush Limbaugh on his tail. This time I predict Limbaugh will win, with half his brain tied behind his buttocks.

Result: a total rout for the white power structure and their messenger boy Barry Obama. The MSMs? Humiliated by their bile for an honorable public official and path finding African-American, Roland Burris.

Blago, the demented Blago? Not so demented, maybe. He will survive to fight another day, possibly thanks to a plan which I conceived.

Hey, after over 40 years in Illinois media and politics, and always being on the outside, and consciously staying on the outside, I have become the dean of this media zoo by default. And when I toggle to the political side (I am a moderate Republican), well you can ask Ed Genson to give you a copy of my strategy letter. I made only one miscalculation and that miscalculation made Roland Burris a United States Senator.

Roland, congratulations.

See you in 2010.

Class dismissed. The dean has more work to do. After forty years, I’m just beginning.

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Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting experience in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently based in New York promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008.

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He has almost forty years of experience in the Middle East, and is regarded overseas as America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.

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Any idiot that writes about himself in the third person, referring to himself as an "Internet powerhouse" and as "the dean" of whatever, has deep seated insecurity problems. You've proven yourself to be an egotist, Andy, but the term "nutcase" seems more appropriate.

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