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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Andy Martin says 2010 will be a challenging year for Illinois Republicans

Martin says the fall of Governor Rod Blagojevich challenges both parties. The hard work of reform really begins. Both Republicans and Democrats will feel the impact of the Blagojevich void. Andy extends congratulations to newly-installed Governor Pat Quinn.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Governor Pat Quinn will be a challenge for Illinois Republicans

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(CHICAGO)(January 29, 2009) Republican senators disagreed with my views on how to deal with Governor Rod Blagojevich. I respect their decision. Blago’s history.

Best wishes as well to Governor Pat Quinn. Pat and I were both active in fighting Illinois corruption in the 1970’s. Quinn hasn’t been elected Governor yet, but he did make it to the Governor’s office. Congratulations. It’s a great accomplishment, even under sad circumstances for the state.

Now the hard work begins.

As long as Blagojevich was in control, Republicans had an easy road to 2010. With Quinn in power, the challenges have become greater and the race to replace Quinn more competitive.

Likewise for Quinn, the job suddenly gets more difficult. As long as Blago was taking the heat, Illinoisans could sit on the sidelines. With Blago gone, the Chicago Tribune has correctly editorialized that the job of reforming this state lands on everyone’s plate.,0,4653002.story

I remember when Governor Dan Walker was elected in 1972. People said reform would sweep across the state. Walker was gone after one term. Walker was never able to dent the Daley Machine’s power in Chicago or Springfield. Today “Daley The Younger” exercises the same asphyxiating influence on Illinois politics. Who will lead the charge? Can any Democrat stand up to Daley? Certainly not Lisa Madigan.

In 1955, Chicago Alderman Paddy Bauler said “Chicago ain’t ready for reform.” Fifty years later, the Democrats still remain corrupt and entrenched.

What about the Republicans? It is my belief that as long as Andy McKenna is in control of the party machinery, Illinois Republicans are dead in the water. “Poor little rich boy” McKenna works for his father, who helps fund the Daley Machine.
If anyone sincerely believes Andy McKenna is capable of change, by all means send me an e-mail; I’d love to hear what you have to say. All I have seen from McKenna is corruption, sleaze and incompetence. McKenna likes to posture, but he can’t produce. He doesn’t know how.

Is the Republican Party ready to reform itself, and lead a reform movement in Illinois? I have serious doubts.

And so 2010 is shaping up as a really, really interesting year in Illinois politics. Both parties are going to go through upheavals. The Democrats will face a “lock” on the U. S. Senate seat, as African-Americans seek to demonize anyone who challenges Roland Burris. The Democratic gubernatorial primary will likely become a free-for-all.

Peoples’ memories being what they are, Blagojevich may be ancient history in a year. Maybe not. We’ll see. Talk is cheap; reform is costly.

As for the Republicans, the gubernatorial primary will also be a free-for-all. Likewise, the U.S. Senate primary (where I am likely to land in a few weeks) will be a pitched battle.

All of this political combat will play out on a national political scene where things could be getting worse, a lot worse, possibly even ugly. If the economy continues to slip, voters will become impatient with Mr. Obama. Very impatient, very fast. Foreign policy? It’s Scary.

No one can predict the future. Thirty years ago, Pat Quinn was a nuisance in the Democratic Party. Today he’s the governor.

Governor Blagojevich? Good by. Governor Quinn? Welcome aboard. Republicans? Roll up your sleeves and get to work. The future beckons. is here to break the stories the sleepy Chicago media ignore, to interpret the news with an independent point of view and, occasionally, to step into the arena and launch a personal challenge to the status quo in both parties. We landed on the front page of the New York Times because we tackle the big guys, fearlessly and ferociously.

I’ve been fighting corruption in Illinois for over forty years.

And I’ve just begun to fight.
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