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Monday, January 12, 2009

Andy Martin says the Israeli Rape of Gaza will go down in history alongside the rape of Nanking and the attack on Guernica

American television is beginning to convey more graphic images of Israeli atrocities in Gaza, Andy Martin says. Martin, who was Barack Obama's first and strongest critic and remains so, says he now "grieves" for the man who will inherit the Israel-created chaos in the Middle East. The Gaza bloodbath marks the beginning of the end for the Israeli regime, Martin predicts; the Zionist dream has been hijacked by Nazi-style military murderers. Obama will inherit the madness of Israeli government policies, and may be helpless to undo the damage inflicted on the past few weeks.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says the rape of Gaza could become a historic turning point in American foreign policy

American media are gradually awakening to the reality of Israeli troops drunk on Palestinian blood

Will America pay? No one can predict the future, but Obama appears doomed by the Israeli slaughter in Gaza, and maybe so are we

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(CHICAGO)(January 12, 2009) The Japanese Rape of Nanking, the Nazi attacks on Guernica. You can add the Rape of Gaza to the senseless slaughters that will be remembered as turning points in history. Pictures in the N. Y. Times of "chanting" Israelis before they spill Palestinian blood are spine chilling.

Israel is doomed; will America follow? Will America be dragged down by Israel's bloodthirsty insanity? Very possibly.

Barack Obama's "dreams" for "change" are being destroyed by Israeli leaders. He is not enough of a man to condemn this villainy, and he will pay as well. How they all pay, and when, remains to be seen.

When graphic pictures of Israeli savagery start turning up on local New York City television stations, you know that a serious calamity has been triggered by Israeli arrogance and greed. WABC-TV Channel 7 was unable to avoid the reality that the majority of causalities were innocent civilians, mostly women and children, not "Hamas fighters."

This "war" of the American-armed against the unarmed has been a relentless torrent of Israeli atrocities, and Israeli disinformation about those atrocities. Making war on a civilian population, historically condemned today at Guernica and Nanking, when there were obvious alternatives for peace in the Middle East, will doom the Israeli state just as much as the end of Nazi Germany and the end of Imperial Japan were foreordained by their attacks on unarmed cities.

Why, then, is Israel engaging in a senseless slaughter of women and children in Gaza?

During the Middle Ages anti-Semites created the "blood libel" that Jews captured children to slaughter them. These claims were outrageous lies, but the viciousness of the concepts persisted and led to the insanity of the Third Reich.

Today is it not a lie or a libel, however, to state unequivocally that Israelis are indeed slaughtering children, despite Israeli denials to the contrary. Are we witnessing a blood libel, or a blood reality? The pictures of Israeli troops "chanting" before they went in to spill the blood of women and children were chilling; nothing like this has been seen since the Nazi storm troopers of the Second World War. Chanting what?

Israelis, of course, claim they are merely "protecting" themselves. They are doing no such thing. Over the past week even the New York Times and Washington Post have been forced to print op-ed commentaries that document the gruesome realty and mendacity and the crass political motives behind the Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people. Israel abandoned a working truce in Gaza to launch blood-soaked attacks on innocent civilians. Why?

In an earlier column, I made the point that the real target and the true victim of the Israeli slaughter was Barack Obama. Obama has terrified Israeli leaders with claims that he wants peace. Israel was created in the wake of a war and can only survive through endless war. Israel cannot exist at peace with its neighbors because the very existence of the Israeli state has become an anathema to every civilized nation in the world except the United States.

And, yes, Channel 7 also showed pictures of Palestinians congratulating Americans on their weapons of mass destruction. American bombs and American planes are spilling Palestinian blood. Israelis have tied us to their homicidal policies. People know where the Israeli torture chambers and killing machines originate: in the good old U S of A.

Those of us who tell the truth about Israeli aggression are smeared as "anti-Semites" and worse. We are nothing of the kind. We are civilized human beings who condemn the blood soaked leaders of the Israeli state and their insatiable hunger for Palestinian blood. In a ritual so sick it is frightening, Israelis hunger for Palestinian blood to slake their own thirst for legitimacy as a nation. They will never succeed and never satisfy that thirst.

I am no friend of Barack Obama; indeed I have been and I continue to be one of his harshest critics. But today I feel pity for Obama. I have a deep sympathy for Obama and his supporters. Israeli leaders are destroying Obama, and Americans will be the ones to get the bill.

There is never a one-for-one relationship between outrageous acts by nations, but sometimes we come close. During the 1980's, Americans tragically destroyed an Iranian airliner. The incident was a mistake, but we paid with the subsequent Lockerbie attacks on Pan American Airways. Blood for blood.

Are Palestinians going to launch attacks on the United States? Not on your life. Palestinians have never attacked any nation. They have been defending their homes and land for over sixty years, nothing more. They have had to defend against a relentless blood lust of the Israeli people to "defeat" the Palestinian people. As recently as last week an Israeli leader looked down on Palestinians as "defeated." Defeated by whom? For what?

It is Israel that is defeated. They just don't know it yet. Their endless game of "blood for land" is over. Israel's latest treachery and slaughter will be internationalized in ways that we can't yet see or predict. Most likely, the Palestinians will not even be the ones to extract the revenge. But in Afghanistan, and Pakistan, in Iraq and throughout the Middle East, America will be an increasing anathema. To play on Obama's own words, I don't think he can "reboot" the jackboots of George Bush's policies. The images are too embedded in our minds.

The hypocrisy and impotence of Arab leaders is also sickening. The Mubarek dictatorship is moved closer to its deathbed because of the Palestinian slaughter. Egyptian perfidiousness has reached sickening proportions. An Egyptian "ambassador" sits in Israel while Palestinians are slaughtered. What is the ambassador doing? Sipping tea with Israelis? The American puppet Mubarek, of course, has contempt for his own people, and treats them like hogs. Why would he not treat Palestinians even worse?

In Jordan, the British puppet monarchy will probably fall as well, and sooner than we expect.

All of these catastrophes for U. S. policy are not going to happen next week. But they have become as inevitable as the disintegration of the Israeli state. In seeking to exterminate Palestine, and to "defeat" Palestinians, Israel has triggered the timeline for its own extermination and defeat.

We like to condemn the "holy warriors" of Islam, and indeed Islamic fanatics are a negation of everything we believe in the civilized west. In accusing Israel of bloodthirsty tactics I am not doing so to endorse militant Islam. Unlike Israelis, who try to shoehorn their critics into a "for us" or "against us" routine, I am against both sides. I find both extremes odious and self-destructive.

But the holy warriors of the Israeli state, who today chant on their tanks as they go in to the spill Arab blood, will be chanting different melodies in the years ahead. They may not be so arrogant and racist as they are now.

Israel committed a classic, colossal blunder. Israelis feared Obama; I did not. On Al-Jazeera in November I predicted that Obama would be Bush III, more of the same mindless support for Israel. In reality, Israel had nothing to fear from Obama. But they were consumed by fear anyway, irrational fear. Obama would have liked nothing better than to let the Middle East slide for another eight years; but the rape of Gaza has made continued American support for Israel untenable.

Politicians, of course, will still seek money from the "Israel Lobby," and loudmouths such as Senator Chares Schumer will still glory in the spilling of Arab blood. No doubt.

But from the Rape of Gaza forward, America's support for Israel has become toxic and fatal. Americans will now have to decide whether they want their own nation destroyed to endorse and support the blood lust of the Israeli military junta.

When the Obama voters and Obama himself wake up and see the reality and mendacity of the Israeli bloodbath, directed at America as much as at Palestinians, there will be a reaction and it will not be a pleasant one. Israelis, of course, being a sociopathic society, think they can drink a little Palestinian blood, stop the spilling, and then play "pretend" and go back to normal relations with neighbors and the U. S. I don't think so.

If Americans die, and they probably will as a result of and in the wake of the Israeli pogroms, we will no longer be able to ask "Why do they hate us" when the answer has been splayed across local TV stations in the United States: because we pay taxes to Washington to support politicians who support bloodthirsty Israelis in their holy wars against Islam.

This is a strongly worded column, but not one that is ultimately anti-Israel or anti-American, or pro-Palestinian and pro-Arab. Individual Israelis who favor peace are as helpless as individual Americans who seek peace. We have been hijacked by maniacs in our national leaderships. Ultimately, however, senseless slaughter advances no agenda. Blood-soaked policies only reverberate, sooner or later, on the perpetrators, not the victims.

Once, a helpless baby, an "Obama," was born and he went on—rightly or wrongly—to assume power in the United States. Perhaps today somewhere bleeding in Gaza is a helpless child that will grow up some day to slay the bloodthirsty Israelis. I wouldn’t be surprised. History has a way of playing tricks on us.

We began this century drunk on our own "superpower" status and were later consumed by a bloodthirsty hunger to unleash our weapons of mass destruction on Iraq. The American blood that we spilled has been wasted. We accomplished nothing but our own destruction. The world is not a safer place today.

America is much weaker in 2009 than we were six years ago in 2003. We destroyed ourselves through our own blood lust. Today the "superpower" has become a laughingstock, and we are stymied by a supposedly "dead man," Osama bin Laden, and a handful of irregulars in the Taliban forces. Saddam Hussein was an unspeakably evil man but he posed no threat to the United States. In removing Saddam we created a fissure that we may not be able to close.

Obama promised to change this toxic status quo and to end the stalemate. I never believed him. But today I pity him. George Bush has left him mountains of Palestinian corpses that will be avenged by someone, somewhere, on Obama's watch. It won’t be a pretty sight when it happens.

Obama will be blamed of course. But while I am an Obama critic second, I am always an American patriot first. I am not happy to predict such a glum future for our nation and its foreign relations. I am not happy at all.

As much as I dislike Obama and oppose his political views, today it is hard not to grieve for him. Israel is destroying his future, America's future, and its own future by the Rape of Gaza. Once again, we are blinded by our own stupidity and our own blood lust.

Nanking, Guernica, and now Gaza. When will they ever learn?

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Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting experience in radio and television. He is currently based in New York promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008.

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He has almost forty years of experience in the Middle East, and is regarded overseas as America’s most respected independent foreign policy, military and intelligence analyst. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.

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