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Friday, February 27, 2009

Andy Martin exposes Chicago’s crooked federal courts

Andy Martin on today’s Chicago scandal: Judge Milton Shadur sets “Fast Eddie Vrdolyak” free. Martin has been a Chicago corruption fighter for over forty years, with firsthand and bloody experience. Andy predicts a judicial “corruption explosion” with Barack Obama in the White House.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin on Chicago’s crooked federal courts

“A fixed Chicago judge?” Nawwwww

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(CHICAGO)(February 27, 2009) Yesterday federal judge Milton “Shady Milt” Shadur released former Chicago official Edward Vrdolyak after Vrdolyak admitted participating in a $1.5 million bribery scheme. Today both newspapers led with the same headline “Fast Eddie Walks.”

The media breast-beating has been deafening. “I’m gonna find out what happened here,” bellows one columnist.

Another columnist says he will “have to come up with other explanations” because a “fix” is inconceivable.

Other writers quickly come to the defense of the judge by praising his intellect and integrity, all while writing about his lack of integrity.

Quelle naiveté.

So what’s the real Chicago story about the pol and the fixed judge? You’ve come to the right source. The U.S. Court of Appeals once wrote that I would not win a “popularity contest” among federal judges because “[Martin’s] clashes with the appellate and district court judges in this circuit are legion.”

Start with the obvious. When “Fast Eddie” pleaded guilty last year, he knew he wasn’t going to jail. The fix was already in. Fast Eddie knew what the action was before he pleaded guilty.

I first encountered federal judge “Shady Milt” Shadur when he was still a lawyer in private practice.

I was a young law student who assisted newspaper reporters on an investigation into two corrupt judges on the Illinois Supreme Court. Even before my diploma was issued the word out on the street: the Illinois Supreme Court was going to destroy me as an example to other potential corruption-fighters who might expose judicial corruption. The Supreme Court judges launched a vicious and cruel campaign of character assassination against me, because I was too honest, not because I was dishonest.

The Illinois Supreme Court appointed “Shady Milt” to crucify me with a laundry list of false accusations and impertinent investigations. Among other matters, Shadur and his associates in crime were obsessed with my love life, and my sources in Viet-Nam. Even then Shady Milt was doing the biding of crooks.

Shadur eventually received his payoff for service to the Democratic Party when he became a federal judge.

Here we must pause to highlight two great misconceptions on the part of the public and inexperienced and disingenuous media columnists (see above). In the “old days” (when I was still a law student) crooked federal judges could often be dumb. The first Mayor Daley made his own law partner a federal judge, hoping to replicate the Emperor Caligula who conferred a similar honor on his horse. So, yes, the crooked judges were often dumb, and sometimes spoke with a Back-Of The-Yards accent. No longer.

Today the crooks are well-spoken and, as in the case of Shady Milt, well-educated. Mr. Shadur is an intelligent and competent lawyer.

The second misconception about Chicago’s crooked judges is that they are crooks 24/7. Not so. Out of every thousand cases that a federal (or state) judge handles, no more than one is destined for a fixed outcome. A crooked judge can appear to act perfectly normally in the vast majority of cases that come before him or her, and still be as fixed as living sin in the handful of cases where it counts. So it is with “Shady Milt” Shadur. An honest judge by day; a crooked judge by night.

Now we know how and why Shadur released Mr. Vrdolyak with a slap on a wrist, and directed more searing criticism at the prosecutors than the defendant. Vrdolyak was the man who could not testify, and could not be allowed to put forward a defense, because the dirt he would have to dish to defend himself could bring down others. Vrdolyak had to be spared to protect the unknown and unseen behind him. That’s the Chicago way.

Even honest lawyers in Chicago are compromised by the realities of corruption. Today, America’s “liberal hero” judge is U. S. Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stephens. I testified in opposition when he was appointed back in the 1970’s. Why? Because Stevens had acted as a front for the Illinois Supreme Court in the same corruption case where I was involved, the Klingbiel-Solfisburg scandal.

Stevens allowed the two crooks who had already been revealed to be hanged, while quietly saving other thieves on the court from being exposed. Stevens was rewarded with appointment to the U. S. Court of Appeals (and later to the Supreme Court, though the Supreme Court was not a Chicago favor).

Throughout his judicial career, Stevens was unquestionably an honest judge. Perhaps he was atoning for his sins 40 years ago during the Klingbiel-Solfisburg bank stock scheme where he rescued the careers of crooked judges by opening the grave, and then closing it, without a murmur about all of the other damaging evidence of corruption he had seen.

And so, no, I am not really surprised that “Fast Eddie walked.” Justice has walked the plank in Chicago for decades. I know. I have been victimized by crooked judges on the Illinois Supreme Court, and I have also helped send crooked judges to jail. “Shady Milt” is only the latest slime ball to sit as a judge in Chicago’s federal court. There are more there like him today, and with Obama in power there are many more to come in the future.

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