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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Andy Martin exposes the Democratic Party's backstabbing behind the campaign to remove Roland Burris

"Burris did nothing illegal," says Martin. "'Politics' is not a crime. Roland Burris is the victim of a media-orchestrated hysteria. Harry Reid and Dick Durbin are merely launching round two to undermine Roland Burris, after losing round one. They want to vacate the seat so it can be turned over to their own stooge. All of these machinations are endorsed by that great entertainer, the Wizard of Hopia, Barack Obama."

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says "Burrisgate" is a "crime" without a "crime"

Martin says the Burris Brouhaha is merely backstabbing Illinois Democratic Party politics at work

Dick Durbin and his Democrats are assassinating Burris to promote their preferred successor

Executive Editor

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(CHICAGO)(February 22, 2009) In a few days I will be announcing my candidacy to oppose Roland Burris in 2010. So why am I defending him now? Because Senator Burris has been set up by corrupt Illinois Democrats who are using an imaginary scandal to remove him from office out of growing fear the voters will not remove him in 2010.

Dick Durbin, Harry Reid and the media morons in Chicago are staging a daylight coup against Democracy. And since Chicago's literally bankrupt media (e.g. the Chicago Tribune) are participants in the coup, there is no one to expose it. Except

Burris is guilty of something, however: using inexperienced or incompetent lawyers.

First, the so-called perjury claims are a red herring. You can see how much confidence Democrats had in those allegations when they started mentioning the Sangamon County State's Attorney is a "Republican." What? Democrats want a Republican to do the dirty deed and behead Burris? Cowards. Of course, given how stupid some Illinois Republicans are, they may be stupid enough to lop off Burris' head. Still, I doubt it.

"Burrisgate" sent me back to the law books to check Illinois statutes and case law. The same criminal code I studied as a young law student at the University of Illinois is still there. My memory is not fading. "Materiality" is an essential element of any perjury claim. 720 ILCS 5/32-2. People v. Pawlaczyk, 189 Ill.2d 177, 724 N.E.2d 901, 911 (Ill. 2000).

So "materiality" is the issue. But how could anything Burris told the state legislature have been "material" when it is undisputed that he had nothing to do with Governor Blagojevich's "sale" of a U. S. Senate seat? Nothing that has surfaced in the past few days even remotely suggests Burris was engaged in "pay to play." Nothing.

And how could anything Burris said be "material" to a "crime" that has not yet been charged by federal prosecutors, who admitted they needed more time to define the criminal act? Sentence first, verdict afterward, anyone? Bottom line: Burris did nothing that even remotely qualifies as "material" in his impeachment testimony.

Was Burris less than full-throated about his contacts with the Blagojevich team? It appears so. But merely making inquiries about a political vacancy is not a crime, and it is not a conspiracy. The evidence appears to be undisputed: Burris never gave Blago any money and never raised any money during the period of the senate "sale."

So who's got the action? What's really going on?

Illinois Democrats are up to their usual dirty tricks. They don’t want to attack Burris directly, because that would trigger a racial backlash in a state and a state Democratic Party known for racially polarized politics. So Democrats and their liberal flacks in the media have invented a nonexistent, imaginary "crime" and are trying to convict Burris of that "crime" by forcing him to resign. The media in Chicago and Washington have whipped up a mass hysteria to cover the total lack of merit in their rush to judgment against Roland. Whoa.

And the morons who run the Republican Party, led by Daley Machine patsy "Andy McKenna," are so corrupt or incompetent they are playing along as useful idiots for the liberal media and the Democrats themselves. If McKenna really is a Republican, why is he always advocating a course of action that benefits Democrats? And endorsing candidates that turn out to be patsies for Democrats?


Ironically, while I do not believe Blagojevich was legally guilty of trying to "sell" an Illinois U. S. Senate seat, it is quite obvious that someone is trying to "buy" the same U.S. Senate seat, namely mobbed-up State Treasurer and Obama sycophant Alexi Giannoulias. What was Dick Durbin doing in Greece with Giannoulias? I don’t think the boys are gay. Rather, they were hatching a scheme to defenestrate Burris so Giannoulias can take his place.

And behind Durbin and Giannoulias is my favorite African-American entertainer, why that old buddy of mine, Ole Man Barry Obama himself. Obama wants Burris out, and he is working behind the scenes to remove him. Burris is getting Obama's "Becket" treatment.

So is Burris guilty of anything? Yes he is. Incompetent lawyering. Instead of hiring some badass lawyers who know the ways of crisis management, and more particularly the ways of Washington, Burris took his case to the people with a team of lawyers that probably gave him mistaken advice (if I am wrong, let them come out and say so). Burris could have made a "modified limited hangout" and slipped by the legislature. He was handled badly.

I am convinced Burris did nothing remotely wrong in announcing his availability for the seat. I did the same. Did the FBI read my mail?

So will the U. S. Senate remove Burris if Illinoisans won't? Don’t bet on it. The entire Burris farce is a manufactured musical. Blagojevich was the governor. State law gave him the right to appoint a senator. He did. End of debate.

The demands by Reid and Durbin that Burris "testify truthfully" before the state legislature as a precondition to being seated as a senator had no constitutional significance. Durbin's posturing was what lawyers call "mere surplusage." Burris testified because he realized his impeachment "testimony" involving Blagojevich was legally both "irrelevant" (as to his senate appointment) and "immaterial" (as to any issues arising from his lack of completeness on the issue of impeachment).

So, no the U. S. Senate is not going to vote to remove Roland Burris.

Which is why I am hours away from announcing my campaign to run against him as an independent, reform Republican. No, I am not a stooge of the Daley Machine. Andy McKenna hates me with a passion. McKenna's opposition is a compliment to, and confirmation of, my integrity and independence. The stooge that is being recruited to run against me by definition comes clothed with the McKenna family's corruption and conniving.

"Let her rip," Roland. "See you in 2010."

As for the mainstream media hypocrites that are crucifying Burris based on a nonexistent crime, well, if you want to know what I think of them, just ask.

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