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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Andy Martin on “The Pilot and the President”

Martin compares the quiet competency and professionalism of the US Airways crews that executed an emergency landing with the gross mismanagement of the Obama White House team that appears to have landed from Mars

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin on “The Pilot and the President”

What does Chesley Sullenberger tell us about Barack Hussein Obama?

Is America burning?

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Andy Martin contrasts the quiet competence of an airline pilot with the increasingly unstable antics of political poseur Barack Obama

Was Obama really a law school perfesser? Did he ever read the case about “crying fire in a crowded theater?”

Maybe “Barry O” should spend a day in the cockpit of an airliner.

Republicans to the rescue!

Part Two of a two-part series

(NEW YORK)(February 12, 2009) Over the past few days, two stories have dominated national news: President Barack Obama’s increasingly irrational behavior concerning America’s serious financial crisis. And the heroics of the US Airways crew and Captain Sully Sullenberger who landed an airliner safely in the Hudson River.

First, a couple of asides. When it comes to collisions with airborne geese, the US Airways crew and I have something in common. One goose almost ended my life. It is a miracle I am alive. In 1980, I was flying in the second seat of the cockpit of a small twin-engine plane as we were attempting to land in Rockford, Illinois. The airport was fogged in, conditions were marginal. The pilot asked me to look out for landmarks. Suddenly, the windshield exploded and the pilot had a bleeding wound.

There was a seat-cushion size hole in the glass. How that canopy vaporized in my face without even scratching me, well that’s a miracle. My girlfriend was sitting in the back with a friend. She was wearing an expensive new dress. I ripped her dress and tore enough of the fabric to make a tourniquet to stop the pilot’s bleeding. We limped back to Palwaukee Airport and landed safely. The goose was dead, but intact, at the rear of the plane.

Second, a couple of decades ago a close friend who was an airline pilot lost his job. I was saddened that it would be impossible for someone of his age to find a new carrier.

But United Airlines was hiring “old” pilots to fly as first officers (co-pilots) with pilots who were being upgraded to captain (pilot) through seniority but lacked real flying experience. In other words, the airline faced the dilemma that some pilots had the seniority but not the experience to be aircraft commanders. My buddy was hired, after being tested for cockpit compatibility, and ended his career at United.

Faced with a conflict between safety and seniority, United Airlines chose both and placed an older, experienced pilot in the “second seat” where a junior officer usually flew.

During the campaign, I was criticized for calling Barack Obama the “best entertainer in the world.” Obama is a great entertainer. Put him in front of a teleprompter and he is flawless. Put him in the real world, without a teleprompter, and he is useless.

Obama came to Florida on Tuesday, and yelled “fire.” He said that “when the town is burning, you don’t check party labels.”

Is America burning?

One of the first things law students learn is that there are limits to “free speech.” Yelling “fire in a crowded theater” is illegal. As a self-proclaimed law “professor,” Obama should be aware of that restriction.

So, is America burning? Collapsing? Are we in the “final days” of a conflagration that is consuming America? I don’t think so.

Obama is trying to trigger mass hysteria using apocalyptic rhetoric because he is afraid. And he is afraid because he is incompetent.

“Entertainers” usually lack the vanity to play the roles in real life that they play on TV or on the silver screen. A “doctor” on “ER” would not walk into an operating theater and perform brain surgery. Likewise someone playing a lawyer in “The Firm” on film would not walk into a courtroom and attempt to represent a client in a lawsuit. Most of us can distinguish between play acting and real life. Obama cannot.

No one has made the comparison, but I will. The contrast between the competence and experience of Captain “Sully” Sullenberger and President Obama is embarrassing.

Here is what Sully had to say about how he arrived at his experience: “For 42 years, I had made small, regular deposits of education, training and experience….And the experience balance was sufficient on January 15th, I could make a sudden, large withdrawal.”

Having begun, but not completed, pilot training, I can attest to Sully's view. You don’t become an experienced pilot overnight. (There are "old" pilots, and "bold" pilots, but no "old, bold" pilots, is a familiar refrain.) And you don’t become a pilot in your imagination.

Barack Hussein Obama, on the other hand, may be America’s first “Walter Mitty President.”

Obama did not and does not have 42 years of leadership experience. Indeed, he had virtually no experience. That is why America is now suffering from “amateur hour” leadership,

So, ask yourself, could anyone with Obama’s lack of experience be placed in a cockpit as aircraft commander for a major airline? Not on your life. But the American people made Obama “commander-in-chief.” Now we are paying the price of our own stupidity.

Obama is screaming “fire” and trying to scare us into supporting his “stimulus” plan.

Read the cockpit conversations between the doomed airliner and the tower before the plane ditched in the Hudson. Was the pilot screaming? No. Was he trying to scare the passengers? No. Did he lose control? No. He did his job.

Obama is running around the country, burning tens of thousands of dollars an hour in operating costs for Air Force One, trying to bamboozle the American people into supporting a financial "stimulus" plan that is going to inflict further devastation on our economy. Obama doesn’t know how to do his job, and his entertainment talents are not working. There is a real problem in our economy, but we do not face the end of the world if we reject Obama’s nonsensical “solution.”

Bankrupting us to save the United States is reminiscent of the Vietnamese Village of Ben Tre during 1968, when a clueless officer said “We had to destroy Ben Tre to save it.” Obama is not trying to “destroy” America, but he is trying to do away with America as we know it. He wants to impose a form of national socialism, complete with federal control of every aspect of our lives, and brown-shorted bully boys strategically placed across the nation to impose his will on us.

Liberals may have called George Bush “Hitler.” Now they have one of their own to contend with.

Is Obama leading by example? Are the Obamas turning down the lights and eating pb&j sandwiches at the White House one day a week? Not on your life. Michelle is too busy posing for Vogue Magazine. Obama insists on living like Eugene O’Neill’s “Emperor Jones” while he tells everyone else to pull in their belts. When last heard from in Obamaland, Michelle and Barry were spending taxpayer money at the rate of $100 a pound (yes, $100 a pound) for steak. When told that the French people had no bread, the Empress Marie Antoinette is supposed to have said, “let them eat cake.” Barack Obama seems similarly disconnected both from his duties and the American people. He expects to eat cake himself, while asking us to eat, what?

His answer to everything? “I won.” Criticism? “I won.” Competence? “I won.” Only we, the American people, are the losers.

Obama is acting as though he were still “campaigning” and not as though he was actually charged with the responsibility of government. In retrospect, my insight during the campaign that Obama was an entertainer and not a leader was spot on.

Washington is out of control, again. Only staunch Republicans, holding the line against ruinous spending and equally ruinous social policies, saved America from Obama’s “Bill Ayers inspired” socialist stimulus package.

There is only one force that can save Obama in the coming days: the Republican Party. Republicans salvaged Bill Clinton's presidency. Once Republicans took control of Congress in 1995, Clinton was “foreclosed” from advocating liberal tax-and-spend programs. He was compelled to act in a fiscally and socially responsible manner which is why he may have taken out his frustration on Monica Lewinsky.

Likewise, just days after the Obama clan moved into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Republicans have already reasserted working control of congress. Without Republican leadership, Obama’s crackpot stimulus package would have been even worse than it is.

During the recent campaign I was inundated every day with e-mail from exasperated people asking if the federal government “vetted” presidential candidates. I had to tell them the truth: no one vets candidates but the media and the voters. The federal government does not examine the competency or constitutional qualifications of any candidate. (Parenthetically, that is why so much of the litigation challenging Obama’s “qualifications” for office is doomed to failure; judges are reluctant to undo the democratic process.)

And so the American people are now aloft with a “pilot” that does not know how to fly, and doesn’t know how to land. All Obama knows how to do is scream “fire” in the cockpit and scare the American people into supporting him.

What an embarrassing contrast between the real pilot who landed in the Hudson and the faux pilot who landed in the White House.

If someone today cried out “Sullenberger for President,” Sully would have the common sense and experience, and modesty, to know he is not qualified to serve as president. Sadly, Obama did not suffer from the same self-awareness.

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