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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Andy Martin says Barack Obama is robbing red states to subsidize blue states

Barack Obama’s “recovery” plan is a scheme to loot the south and west to cover the costs of subsidizing wasteful government spending in New York, Illinois, California and other bastions of the Democratic Party, says Obama author and critic Andy Martin. Why should southern states subsidize lavish pensions for public employees in New York City? Rather than containing government excesses, Obama’s “stimulus” package will encourage an orgy of profligate practices by the cities and states that supported BHO’s election. Hugo Chavez meet Barack Hussein Obama.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin on Barack Obama’s robbing “red” states to subsidize “blue” states

Is Obama looting small town America to subsidize Democratic Party politicians? Yessiree

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Andy Martin says that Barack Obama has pulled off the biggest political heist in American history

Robbing from rural areas to support the urban underclass and political classes is Obama’s plan for entrenching his power in Washington

Barack Obama’s financial plans come right out of William Ayers’ “revolutionary” playbook

(NEW YORK)(February 15, 2009) They are dancing in the streets of New York. Barack Obama is selling long-term bonds around the world to help the profligate leaders of New York City and State make weekly payroll and pay lavish pensions to public employees.

But taxpayers in “red” states are the ones actually footing the bill for the “recovery” of bankrupt “blue” states. Obama is looting the red states, where opposition to him is strongest, to subsidize the blue states, where his support is strongest. The result is going to be regional economic chaos.

As a general rule (and there are exceptions) southern and western states are in better financial shape that the “left coast” and “right coast” regions which are primarily under the control of liberal Democrats.

In New York, public employee labor unions were facing the prospect of sharply reduced paychecks, benefits and pensions. Layoffs were becoming increasingly likely. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg was planning billions of dollars of cuts. In Albany, Governor David Patterson was planning similar draconian reductions in spending.

Spendthrift government has become a permanent disease in New York and other “blue” states. Thirty-five years ago, New York City went bankrupt. Today all of the excesses of the earlier 60’s and 70’s eras are returning.

But instead of New York State taxpayers bailing out New York City as they did in the 1970’s, Barack Obama is arranging for red state taxpayers to pay for Gotham’s excesses.

A recent New York Post report disclosed how the fire department was looting taxpayers with inflated “disability” pensions and retirement payments geared to massive overtime in the final year of service. One fire official retired with a $170,000 tax free annual pension. Who paid? Taxpayers paid.;

New York and Florida have roughly equal populations, but New York State government spends almost twice as much as Florida (Florida is still a red state, and possibly the last refuge of sane government in America).

Several points are obvious: the Obama administration is stealing our future to subsidize greedy public employee unions in the present. Public employees have become our new “royalty.” Middle class families with shrinking benefits are subsidizing highly-paid public employees who enjoy taxpayer-guaranteed salaries and pensions.

It is easy to say, “The federal government can rev up the printing presses with endless monetary expansion, while states cannot.” But the reality of the current recession is that the entire nation stands on the brink of collapse. Obama is trying to push the United States over the brink as the first step in beggaring our economy and imposing his proletarian socialist revolution.

How can any sane government issue long-term bonds, payable over decades, to pay for weekly and monthly eclectic bills, gasoline, and rent? Why should American taxpayers be subsidizing lavish public employee pensions in New York, Illinois, California and elsewhere? Actually, this is where the heist comes in.

Most red states have stricter limits on spending and debt than the blue states. The states in greatest financial distress are located on both coasts, where unions have extorted pliant politicians into approving lavish salaries, pensions and lifetime benefits, all at taxpayer expense. The solution: raid states that have a more solid financial footing to support the big spenders where Democrats rule and where Republican representation is becoming nonexistent.

So the working families of the red states, where wages and living costs are lower, are being taxed, directly and indirectly, to support the out-of-control public spending in left/right coast states.

Right now, local newspapers are focusing on each state’s “benefits” from the stimulus package. No media are focusing on the long-term costs. But the long-term impact of the so-called recovery program is going to be to destroy, not rebuild, our economy. No one wants to report on who has to repay the money being borrowed to support Obama's spending spree. We do.

Why is all of this Obamination a “proletarian socialist” revolution? Obama is federalizing vast areas of local government activity. Teacher salaries? How are we going to stop subsidizing greedy teacher unions, the greediest of the greedy, once they get used to federal funding? Impossible. School construction? Likewise, once the federal government takes control, making local authorities responsible again will be an almost impossible challenge.

Since the dawn of the republic, local education has been a local financial and functional responsibility. But today, with "federal funds" will come federal mandates.

During the last election, I was smeared because I exposed the source of Obama’s plans: from the belly of the beast himself, revolutionary bomber William Ayers. What has Ayers agitated for over the decades? Ayers wants Hugo Chavez-style “nationalized” schools where the federal government controls content as well as financing. No dictatorship has ever survived without centralizing power in the national government. That’s Obama’s plan; that is Ayers’ agenda.

Do we need some form of stimulus? Yes. Targeted, limited stimulus is necessary because Wall Street has devastated Main Street. Greedy Wall Street hucksters have looted our economy. But instead of making Wall Street pay, Obama and his liberals in congress are making Main Street pay to rescue Wall Street, not vice versa. In a reprise of the Casablanca scene where the police inspector discovers “gambling here,” tens of billions of dollars were looted from taxpayer funds to support Wall Street bonuses. Then Obama & Co. “discovered” the thievery but said they were “too late” to do anything about the excesses.

Goldman Sachs controlled the Treasury under George Bush through Secretary Hank Paulson, a former Goldman Greed manager. Under Obama’s Secretary Tim Geithner, Goldman Greed is still in the driver’s seat. The faces have changed. The tentacles of control have not.

How can any responsible “financier” justify selling long-term bonds to subsidize weekly payroll? Such a policy is self-defeating and self-destructive. But that is the Obama/Democratic “plan.” Issue long-term bonds so that New Yorkers can endlessly receive weekly payroll subsidies. Insane.

The same is true within individual states with a rural/urban cleavage. "Downstate” Illinois will be subsidizing the Daley Machine in Chicago, with state government control partially neutered and federal funds flowing directly from Washington to Chicago. “Upstate” New York will be subsidizing New York City. Rural California will be subsidizing Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco. Conservative regions will be robbed to support liberal zones, in a classic replay of Robin Hood politics.

Obama is undoing 1990’s welfare reform, so he can pack the voter rolls with welfare “moms” who are dependent on Democratic precinct captains and ACORN operatives.

The entire scheme is going to come crashing down on Obama in 2010.

If Congress does not return to fiscally rational (i.e. Republican) control next year, America is doomed. We need to turn off the spigot of bonds-for-payroll, and stop looting financially responsible regions of the United States to subsidize areas controlled by public employee unions.

Barack Obama says he is powerless to derail the Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi gravy train. But Obama is telling the truth when he says our finances are endangered. The problem is, he doesn’t tell the whole truth. Where is the danger coming from? He himself is the greatest threat to America’s economy. The enemy within.
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Andy Martin is a legendary Chicago muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting experience in radio and television. He is currently based in New York promoting his best-selling book, Obama: The Man Behind The Mask. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of

Martin comments on regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York.

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Blogger Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


I invite you to objectively look at the situation free of emotion. We've had one secession movement in the USA before in which a large number of states together united and seceded. What was the reason?? Slavery?? No, the reason was money. It was the economy. Slavery was an economic issue at that time - logically. What does this prove?? That the matter was settled and there will now never be another broadbased secession movement?? No. It proves that if economic interests regionalize and are extreme in contrast regionally -- in contrast to the Federal Government -- states will secede. History will repeat itself. What has happened once in our history is likely to happen again when the circumstances align corresponding to the original secession.

This is a parallel. History is repeating itself. Regionally, economic reasons exist and shall become more heightened for money and economic interests of the States to combine to secede.

I think this setup is a "perfect storm". Obama thinks he is instituting a "perfect storm" to communize the USA. But, he constantly evokes Lincoln because he sees and knows that a strong secession movement may result to his ultimate plan.

So, be watching for the "tipping point" to be reached regionally. The STates will rise up to say "no" to the Federal Government and unite at a certain point of money and economic interest. It's not only human nature -- capitalism is "will". Where there is strong economic interest in taking an action -- it will find or correlate to corresponding will. Because economic interests are going to be so strong in so trying a circumstance as a potential Great Awakening (along with other factors), I say watch for secession. Personally, I do not believe Civil War will result. I believe it will be a democratic and peaceful secession.

However, the USA is going to regionalize economically and politically and dissolve in the days to come, imo.

7:29 PM  

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