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Friday, February 06, 2009

Andy Martin says California crackpot Nadya Suleman with eight babies is engaged in premeditated child abuse

Andy Martin calls for emergency action by the State of California: he suggests that Suleman's antics are what happen when legislators "mandate" elective procedures such as IVF for insurance policies. Suleman's example may torpedo "Obamacare."

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says the crazy mother in California with eight babies is a poster girl for "Obamacare"

Martin says every American should boycott media that pay for access to the Suleman brood
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Would Obama's "affordable health care" mean artificial insemination for wackos such as Nadya Suleman?

Suleman is a poster girl for what is wrong with Democratic Party efforts to impose national heath care

Americans should boycott media that pay for access to the "depressed" Suleman

"It's obvious," says Andy, "that this woman is engaging in premeditated child abuse"

(CHICAGO)(February 6, 2009) Is Nadya Suleman going to cash in on being a crackpot with a brood of children paid for by taxpayers? I hope not. All of us should promise to boycott any media that pay this mental patient for engaging in what amounts to premeditated child abuse.

Suleman is a poster girl for what is wrong with current Democratic Party efforts to impose national heath care, "Obamacare."

First the psychiatry, then the politics:

It appears that "normal" doctors had some role in Suleman's bearing of 14 children. The babies were born at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center.

In the 1960's and 70's, many people thought Kaiser Permanente was a new and improved form of medical care delivery that reflected "the future." Today that institution appears to reflect what is wrong with the practice of medicine.

How could any sane doctor use IVF to impregnate an insane woman who was unmarried and had six children by an anonymous sperm donor, adding more children to a brood that was already beyond her capacity to manage? What kind of "managed care" is Kaiser providing?

Ms. Suleman's voluntary statements to NBC News reflect severe mental problems. People do not go out and bear 14 children to compensate for their delusional versions of "dysfunctional" childhoods.

Suleman was apparently impregnated through in vitro fertilization (IVF) at a time when she was unemployed and receiving disability payments for, of all conditions, back problems. Back pains are one of the most common complaints of women with normal pregnancies. For someone who is "disabled" with a back problem to be receiving IVF treatment amounts to medical malpractice. Are the doctors at Kaiser Permanente as brain dead and mentally ill as Ms. Suleman?

Now the politics.

Almost every American agrees that we can and should improve the American health care "system." We especially do not want genuinely needy individuals to suffer consequences from inadequate or denied care.

But Suleman is a classic reflection of just why health insurance costs so much, and why any Democratic Party-sponsored plans are doomed to failure: Suleman imposed massive financial burdens on Kaiser Permanente to satisfy her own ego deprivation and mental instability. Someone has to pay. Kaiser will have to absorb the costs of Suleman's idiocy. Rates will rise.

The problem with health insurance today is that legislators act as regulators, and impose all types of "mandates" on insurance companies and medical providers. The result: we do not have a real "health care" system or "medical providers." In many instances we have a financial system that is structured to satisfy the individual vanities of persons without any medical needs whatsoever. "Mandates" are added to insurance policies by legislators responding to political pressure. Since the legislators do not have to pay the costs of endless mandates, the system becomes more and more bloated with unnecessary or voluntary procedures and treatments.

IVF is something that has become commonplace in coverage. Originally, many people may have thought, "That's a good idea, helping couples seeking to conceive." Now we see the consequences. Deranged women cranking out 14 babies at what is unavoidably public expense.

Suleman is also imposing massive costs on the bankrupt State of California. Already unable to pay for the expenses it has agreed to incur, California must now house and clothe 14 children with a parent who, by her own admission, is unable to work, disabled, depressed and obviously mentally unstable going forward. As a matter of law and common sense the children are neglected.

Should the media bail out Suleman?

I hope every and any American would boycott media that pay a nickel to this crackpot mother. She has engaged in a scheme of premeditated child abuse. There is no way a single person could remotely care for and provide for 14 children.

What about her parents? How long are they going to allow their tiny home to be used as a baby menagerie for their crazy daughter? What did they tell her when she kept impregnating herself by her anonymous "friend." (Indeed, what kind of a friend would repeatedly inseminate someone who was obviously crazy?)

The Suleman fiasco is a tragedy for the children, a tragedy for California taxpayers and a disaster for "Obamacare." Her behavior exposes the fundamental weakness in proposed "reforms." The changes sought by Democrats would create a financial calamity by allowing people to increase the social and public costs of health care to the point of collapse.

Democrats in every state they control have proven themselves unable to abstain from burdening insurance companies with an expanding laundry list (Christmas tree?) of "benefits" that insurance companies are required to provide. The result: people who try to live rational lives end up subsidizing people who are mental cases and incapable of making rational decisions.

No insurance program that is structured to deliver an endless list of mandates can survive on a national basis. No doubt there are other maniacs such as Suleman out there waiting to mimic her lonely life by breeding a baker's dozen of babies. At your expense.

Here is what a sane society would do:

1. Immediately declare both the babies and her other six children wards of the state. That way officials can seize and control any money that finds its way into Suleman's hands. Otherwise, some greedy media will pay her, and she will be free to use the cash for new crackpot ventures. Once the children are under judicial and state supervision, her ability to conduct new schemes will be more limited.

2. Open an inquiry into why the hospital staff allowed this outrageous scheme to proceed, and impose a severe punishment on both the doctors who participated and Kaiser Permanente as an institution for inadequate medial supervision and peer review of IVF procedures.

3. Adopt statewide and nationwide policies to prevent a reoccurrence of this tragic situation, removing IVF procedures from mandated health insurance coverage and imposing restrictions on who may receive IVF treatments.

4. Admonish every legislator both in Washington and in state capitals that Suleman is a gross and disgusting example of what happens when politicians extend health insurance mandates to cover voluntary, vanity medical procedures such as IVF.

In a rational medical system, no one would be able to engage in objectively psychotic behavior and impose massive costs on society. But with our current "welfare" and future "health care" situations, that is precisely what some people are allowed to do. Suleman is obviously mentally unstable, as well as a child abuser. Her behavior is a classic example of what happens when permissive politicians try to mandate care and coverage that has no basis in emergency or life-saving medical treatment.

If Suleman is the poster girl for uncontrolled impositions on health institutions, Obamacare is DOA.
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A very rational analysis, and overall, brilliant analysis! Keep up the great work, Mr. Martin.

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