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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Andy Martin will appeal Obama birth certificate decision to Hawai'i appeals court

The battle to find out "who Barack Obama really is" continues. Martin's lawsuit remains the only litigation in the proper court against the proper officials to secure access to Obama's original 1961 typewritten birth certificate.

Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama
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February 8, 2009

Dear Friend:

Are you ready to throw in the towel and accept Barack Obama as the de facto dictator of the United States? We’re not. The first few days of his "administration" are proving as chaotic and corrupt as we predicted.

The issue of "who" Barack Obama really is continues to trouble many Americans.

The Hawai'i District Court denied my motions in January and this week we need to file a notice of appeal to the Intermediate Court of Appeals. Appeals are costly, and this one will be contested. But my lawsuit remains the only claim filed in a proper court (Hawai'i) with jurisdiction over the proper officials (Hawai'i officials) who have control of Obama's original 1961 birth certificate.

A lot of people have observed that Obama's lawyers have spent over a million dollars seeking to avoid production of the 1961 document. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Obama's opponents. I work for free, as a public service. The only money we solicit is for expenses such as court filing fees, copying, express delivery, and travel and accommodations to appear in court proceedings.

Last year the Hawai'i judge ordered me to appear in court. I had to be there. I will probably have to appear several times to pursue the appeal. Obama has millions of dollars given by his supporters to fight me. Our till for Obama litigation is empty.

If you want this project to continue, please let us know by sending a contribution.

Because it is time to ask for financial support, I thought I would remind you who we are, what we do, and how you can help:

1. How you can keep the fight alive to defend the Constitution

During the recently concluded presidential campaign I received an average of one fund solicitation a day from the Barack Obama campaign, sometimes more than one. Senator Obama raised almost one billion dollars this way, to lay siege to American democracy, and he succeeded. He certainly did a far better job of raising money than his opponents did.

His unofficial opponents have only received infinitesimal amounts. Obviously, the financial disparity between a billion dollars and chump change is why Obama was able to make chumps of the American people. We were never able to raise the money to fight on a level playing field.

I hate to raise money. By nature, I focus on writing and political action, not financial solicitation. But if we are to continue our mission in the days ahead we will need your support.

2. Who we are

The Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama was created to act as the fundraising arm and treasury of the anti-Obama movement. Filing lawsuits, taking the fight to remote locations such as Honolulu, keeping track of the national situation and staying in contact, costs money. Freedom isn’t free and, with the inauguration of Barack Obama, it just became a lot more expensive.

We had hoped to begin a series of national conversations to keep alive anti-Obama efforts. But due to lack of financial support we were forced to cancel a South Florida meeting in January, and we will probably be forced to cancel a tentatively scheduled California meeting in March. There is no "Air Force One" to cover travel costs for Obama's opponents.

3. Who I am

I am an independent editor/columnist and serve as the Executive Director of the anti-Obama movement, the, and the fundraising arm, the

Just over forty years ago, as a young law student at the University of Illinois, I walked into the Champaign County, Illinois courthouse and filed my first public interest lawsuit. Crooked judges and politicians were looting the property of an elderly couple that had died without leaving wills. I was appalled. The local newspaper attacked me for exposing corruption and advocating public integrity.

Since that first case I have had occasion to file a large number of public interest cases exposing greed, fraud and corruption in public life all across America. As a result, I have made a huge number of enemies in the federal and state courts and legal profession. Judges, lawyers and the politicians they serve like to keep things quiet and out of sight. I believe in bright sunlight where public policy is concerned.

With the advent of the Internet I became Executive Editor of, hosted a radio talk show and began exposing Barack Obama to the world.

Being a watchdog is a thankless task. But I appreciate the opportunity to fight to keep the system honest.

I am very proud of the efforts we have made over the past several years to tell the truth about Barack Obama to the American people.

4. What we do and what we plan to do in the future

I first began exposing Barack Obama’s hidden family history and secret agenda over four years ago.

During the recently concluded campaign, I worked tirelessly to expose Obama and to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents. I am totally nonpartisan in that regard. I do vote Republican, but I write impartially and follow the facts where they lead.

I led the first investigative team to land in Hawai’i. We were subsequently followed by other writers, mainstream media and by Obama himself. We broke the story of his real biological father. In Honolulu, I filed the pending lawsuit to open Barack Obama’s original, 1961 typewritten certificate of live birth to public inspection. I forced Hawai’i officials to confirm such a document existed, thereby embarrassing Obama and the mainstream media who had denied its existence.

Senator Obama is proposing frightening totalitarian solutions to our problems. For example, his plan to create a national “civilian” internal security police circumventing the FBI and military is just plain scary. Mr. Obama may adopt Castroite and Chavista approaches to discouraging dissent and maintaining internal control in the face of public opposition to his administration.

5. How you can help

First, spread the word! It doesn’t cost a penny to tell your family, friends and associates about our efforts.

Second, if you agree with us and want to support our goals, we invite your financial help. You can mail a check payable to the Committee [see mailing address above], or make a convenient online donation if you wish:

Unlike the Obama campaign, which apparently collected a third of a billion dollars in clandestine campaign cash, we only solicit money for expenses to conduct lawsuits and related costs. We have no plans to change. We will continue to operate on a shoestring and rely on small donations to fund our activity.

And also unlike Obama, we are not going to be sending out a daily fund raising appeal (should we be doing that?). But it should be obvious that without adequate resources we cannot respond effectively and creatively to the threat posed by Obama and his supporters to the very foundations of our nation.

Consistent with the limited resources available to us, we continue to do the best job we can to protect the American people from Barack Obama’s predatory policies and politics. If you would like to be a part of this effort, we invite you to join us and financially support what we do. As always, we will provide e-mail updates and information at no charge.

And as always, if you have any questions, by all means feel free to contact our offices by e-mail. Just don’t expect an expensive receptionist or costly phone bank to be standing by. To save money we answer our own phones as well.

In closing, God bless all of you, and God bless the United States. God bless President-elect Barack Obama, and may time show that our concerns were unnecessary and unfounded; and that once in office he abandoned the Marxist-Leninist policies he has espoused in favor of new respect for the great traditions of our nation and our Constitution.

I would be extremely happy to learn in four or eight years that we were wrong, and that our fears about Mr. Obama turned out to be unfounded. Right now, I don’t have that expectation. That is why I am suggesting that you support our continuing efforts to protect the Constitution.

Sincerely yours,



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