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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Andy Martin: Barack Obama will receive an invitation to his missing “birth certificate” conference

A National Conference on Barack Obama’s Missing Birth Certificate is preparing to invite President Barack Obama or his representative to attend,” stated conference Executive Director Andy Martin today. The invitation is being prepared and has not yet been sent. A “Big Surprise” for Obama is planned for the April 3-4 meeting in the nation’s capital.

Committee of One Million to Defeat Barack Obama
Headquarters mail:
Andy Martin, J. D.
Professor of Law (Adj.)
Executive Director
Post Office Box 1851
New York, NY 10150-1851
Tel. (866) 706-2639
Fax (866) 707-2639

National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate and College Records April 3-4


March 25, 2009

Conference updates:

1. National media interest continues to build

Both conservative publications and mainstream media are expressing increased interest in the National Conference scheduled for April 3-4. “This is the first time an organized, coherent attempt has been made to schedule a meeting, and discuss and debate the issues concerning Obama’s birth and ‘eligibility’ issues,” stated Executive Director Andy Martin. “The conference will be under a firm hand, mine, so while there will be free and open commentary there will not be abusive language or delusional ideation. People are welcome to their opinions, as long as they can point to some tangible information or evidence to sustain them. No one is going to be allowed to suggest Obama is made of ‘green cheese’ or something similarly silly. Obama has left questions about his provenance wide open; we want to have a serious discussion, not a comic book session. I have written one book on Obama, and I hope to write another. I am planning to appear before a Hawai’i intermediate appellate court when my appeal seeking access to BHO’s birth certificate is heard. I believe we should maintain the highest standards of decorum.”

In the coming days we will be updating and supplementing our material on the blog. We are looking forward to an exciting exchange of ideas on April 3-4, with a “Big Surprise” scheduled for April 4th.

2. Please reserve early (see #3 below as well)

We originally planned the Conference on a very limited budget. We scheduled a central location at the Capital Hilton, three short blocks walk from the White House. But the space we have paid for is very limited. Please register early if you plan to attend, because the sooner we know how many are attending, the better we can do space planning. We may have a small crowd, or a large crowd. We have no idea as of today. I did a call-in program yesterday; interest in the Conference is high and growing.

While we are nominally accepting “same day” registrations ($25 per day with photo ID) there may not be any space available at that point.

3. We need money; please send

Because registrations will be coming in up to March 31st, we have no idea how many people will be attending. The nominal $10 registration fee will not cover the costs of increasing our space in a major hotel three blocks from the White House.

If you would like to make an online contribution to help defray the costs of the Conference please donate at:
You can also send a check to me at the Conference registration address in New York (see above).

In either case, just mark your check “conference expenses” or send us a separate e-mail if you make an online donation, and we will only use your donation to defray the costs of the Conference. If attendance exceeds expectations, we may need a quick thousand dollars to move to a larger room.

Please help if you can.

4. Conference recording and “dress code”

We have been told someone will attend the conference and record the proceedings for editing and broadcast on If you do attend, “casual” clothing, please. No t-shirts and beach attire. Obama’s media “bots,” such as, have tried to make fun of people who question his origins. We want a serious discussion, not a shouting match. We will have a special “bullpen” for left-wing media crazies such as the New York Times, MediaMattersforAmerica and other Soros-financed anti-American organizations.

5. Reminder, again

April 3-4 is one of the busiest tourist weekends of the year in Washington. If you are coming from out of town, make early plans.

6. “The Agenda”

We did our best to create a comprehensive initial draft of the Conference Agenda. If you have suggestions, please make them early so they can be incorporated in drafts that are distributed in advance to media and conference attendees.

7. We are inviting President Obama to attend

We will be issuing an invitation to President Barack Obama to attend, or send a representative.

8. First reminder on local contact number, etc.

As soon as we have occupied our space at the Capital Hilton, we will issue an e-mail and update. My cell-phone will be your phone contact. (917) 664-9329; please make a note of it. Usually I do not have my cell phone on all the time, but it will be on constantly starting April 2nd.

9. The “Big Surprise”

We have had a couple of nasty e-mails with people expressing their incorrect opinion on what the “Big Surprise” will be on April 4th. You are welcome to submit your guess. We will try to recognize the winner, if there is one.

10. Just in case, bring your walking shoes

Since we will be a short walk to the White House, just in case bring your walking shoes.

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