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Monday, April 13, 2009 launches new Honolulu investigations on Obama

New Internet video from National Conference on Barack Obama's Missing Birth Certificate zeros in on the gaps in Obama's biography. Obama author Andy Martin leads new "Operation Aloha Obama II" in Hawai'i
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Andy Martin, J. D.
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Executive Director
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New York, NY 10150-1851
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April 13, 2009

Dear Supporter:

Great news!

We have made tentative reservations to go back to Hawai'i: (1) to continue our research about Barack Obama's personal history; (2) to help Hawai'ians understand why we are recommending an economic boycott of the state and (3) to file new lawsuits seeking access to public and school records concerning Barack Obama's history.

The State of Hawai'i has been stonewalling our requests for documents and violating Hawai'i state law. More lawsuits are probably necessary. However biased the local courts may be, they have unquestioned jurisdiction over the vital information and historical documents we need. So we have to sue in Hawai'i.

We have seven days to pay for the new travel reservations, at which point they will cancel out.

This is our first preliminary letter to update you and advise you if you wish to either (1) financially support the new investigative trip or (2) join the team in Hawai'i or (3) do both.

If funded, "Operation Aloha Obama II" will launch in Honolulu on May 9th and conclude on May 14th.

Last October, "Operation Aloha Obama" was spectacularly successful and even drew mainstream media attention. In the middle of our investigation, Obama announced plans to bring his entourage back to Honolulu.

With a proven record of past success we are now asking for your immediate help.

First, we have done everything we can to cut the costs of the proposed trip to keep costs to a bare minimum. I would be staying at a fleabag hotel to save money. Honolulu is an expensive city. But we will risk a few roaches to make the investigation possible.

Please contribute your support through, or if you prefer send a check to the above address made out to the Committee of One Million. Even with a barebones budget we still need to raise substantial funds to cover the costs of the trip itself as well as new litigation fees, etc.

There has been some controversy recently concerning the litigation and operating practices of other Obama opponents. I am not sufficiently knowledgeable to comment and so I will not.

But here is how we operate: To avoid suspicion or any suggestion of self-interest, we conduct both the Committee of One Million and on a breakeven basis. To keep costs low, we keep almost all of our work in-house. I am a volunteer. I don’t receive any salary for my work. This lack of financial resources obviously curtails our operations, but it enhances our credibility as a public interest organization devoted solely to the facts and the law with no profit making or self-interest involved.

These financial limitations also explain why we have to ask for money (and why we will have to cancel the trip if support does not materialize).

Second, if you would like to personally join our investigative team in Honolulu, please let us know as soon as possible. We need to know who is coming so we can plan. (You must make your own arrangements to get there and stay there.) Assuming we get the backing to go forward, you would have to show up on or after May 9th and leave on the 14th of May (or later if you stay on).

We will be digging into all aspects of Obama's past. We hope to have enough contributions in advance to run a newspaper ad in a Honolulu paper seeking witnesses.

Third, we will be educating the people of Hawai'i about We want to help Hawai'ians reorganize their state to throw off the yoke of cronyism and corruption that makes Hawaii a bipartisan disgrace, a Chicago-in-the-Sunshine.

Finally, it looks as though Hawai'i officials, from the governor on down, are going to fight us on release of Obama's historical records. They are breaking Hawai'i law. We need money to file lawsuits and then carry on the legal battle.

I cannot predict what the evidence will show when we receive it. But I am committed to investing the time and effort to search for the facts and the truth about President Obama. I am sometimes criticized for not making exaggerated claims about BHO. I will not do so. I stick to the evidence, and the honest and open search for the evidence. Of course, I also express opinions and conclusions drawn from the available evidence. But we scrupulously separate fact from fiction. Others are not so punctilious.

Unlike some of Obama's other opponents, we focus solely on the search for the facts and the truth; our credulity cannot be questioned. That is why I am the only one of his critics that Obama has personally and openly attacked. The truth hurts; Obama knows that. We don’t try to attack Obama with lies; we merely want to reveal the truth about his past. That's what he cannot stand.

Please give generously. The investigative team is being generous with their time and energy to make these ongoing investigations and lawsuits possible.

Some people question whether we exaggerate when we call ourselves the "Internet Powerhouse." The first rough-cut snippet of the Washington Conference is now on the Internet:

Now you can see for yourself why we drive Barack Obama crazy.

Please support our efforts with your generous contribution.

Faithfully yours,

Executive Editor
Contrarian Commentary/The Internet Powerhouse
© Andy Martin 2009

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