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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Is Barack Obama getting ready to "crush" the Israel lobby?

Obama sends Israelis a message: do they get it? Foreign policy/Obama expert Andy Martin suggests Barack Obama may assert his authority in foreign policy by imposing a peace plan on the Netanyahu regime.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Barack Obama could be planning to deliver a body slam to the Israeli military regime in Tel Aviv

The "Israel lobby" may become a targeted, endangered species

US intelligence archives on 9/11 may be a ticking time bomb for the Israelis

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Was Barack Obama's "Annapolis" warning a "telegraphed punch" to the new Israeli regime?

Andy Martin, who broke into foreign policy as a "China Watcher," is back watching; this time he's watching the White House

Middle East expert Martin says Obama may hold all the cards, and Israel may hold none, in the coming shootout over US policy in the Middle East

(NEW YORK)(April 9, 2009) Are we about to witness the death knell of the Israel lobby? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Here are some admittedly provocative thoughts.

Five years ago I stumbled across Barack Obama. He has come to dominate my writing. But my original background is in foreign policy analysis, both in the Middle East (40 years ago) and Asia (42 years ago).

During the Cold War, it was difficult to penetrate the secretive societies of Russia and China. The bulk of US intelligence was forced to operate from the sidelines. Hong Kong was a center of "China watching." Likewise, "Kremlin Watchers" were a regular feature of U.S.-based and European analysis.

Welcome back to those days of yesteryear. Only this time we are watch the White House for subtle hints of policy shifts and priorities. 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue: the New Kremlin.

One of the oldest aspects of intelligence and counter-intelligence is scrutinizing published or public information for slips. The United Kingdom has just lost a counter-terror chief because he sloppily carried an operational plan out in the open where it could be photocopied.

Was President Barack Obama's speech in Ankara a tip on where his ME policy is headed? Maybe. We'll be watching.

First, a warning or limitation: this column is not an attack on Israel. Despite Obama's misguided efforts to smear me as an "anti-Semite," I am not remotely so. I just call'em as I see'em. I am not pro or anti-Israel. I am only pro-American. Period. Ironically, many people who agree with my criticisms of Obama vehemently disagree with my views on the Middle East.

Second, I am not suggesting below that Israelis were to blame for 9/11. I am only stating the obvious: Israelis knew more about preparations for the attacks on 9/11 than George Bush was willing to admit to the American people. Those hidden truths about 9/11 are now under the absolute control of Barry O.

Finally, during the 2008 campaign Israeli intelligence was behind some of the most absurd and exaggerated attacks on BHO's personal life and family history. Obama has a quiet motive for pay back.

Now consider several basic facts: (1) Obama does not like the daily grind of governing. He sees himself as an emperor, a Sun God, not as an administrator. He has never administered anything. (2) Turning around US economy is slow and laborious; that kind of drawn out process is not Barry O's thing. Finally, (3) a president can still crack the whip in foreign policy. And nowhere is that more true than in the Middle East.

Obama may be about to crack the whip.

As an added incentive to crush the new Israeli regime, Obama has been widely criticized and characterized as "caving in" to the demands of European leaders on his recent visit there. What better way to flaunt his authority than to do a "Rick Wagoner" on foreign policy and squash the Israeli termites that want to undermine his foreign policy?

Avigdor Lieberman is the Moldovan thug and racist who is widely regarded in Israel as an oppressor of the Palestinian people and lives on the occupied West Bank. Could there be a more glaring symbol of Israeli arrogance than elevating a gangster like Lieberman to high government office while he lives on land stolen from the Palestinians?

Israel was not responsible for the 9/11 attacks on the USA. Be clear about that. But Israel was complicit in concealing information about the preparations. Israeli intelligence was breaking US laws by spying in the United States on the Islamic terrorists who were planning the World Trade Center attacks. Israeli intelligence allowed the attacks to go forward because Israelis could not warn the CIA and FBI without blowing their cover. (Parenthetically, that is why American-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard will never be paroled; Israelis continue to break the rules; US intelligence experts know that.)

Who in 2001 would have thought that extreme anti-war elements would gain control of the US government and, through the Obama White House, control of US intelligence history about what Israelis knew and when they knew it concerning 9/11? The election of an Obamaesque president in 2001 seemed very remote indeed.

If I were in the Mossad or Shin Bet today, I would have a real reason to fear BHO's control of historical information about Israel's anti-American intelligence operations on US soil.

With his control of the still-secret information concerning Israel's role in concealing plans for 9/11, Obama has the hip-pocket potential to whip up a virulent anti-Israel firestorm virtually at the snap of a finger.

With these underlying conditions, we examine Obama's remarks in Turkey that he is committed to the "Annapolis" process for Middle East Peace. Just a few days earlier Lieberman had categorically erased Annapolis. Who Da Boss? Avigdor Lieberman or Barry O? Take your pick. Lieberman has made himself prime real estate to be flattened by Obama's bulldozer. Avigdor Lieberman, call Rick Wagoner.

Israelis have always been fearful they could not trust Obama, which is why they acted clandestinely to undermine him during the 2008 campaign. Obama knows that unless he crushes the Israelis he will never be the master of US foreign policy. I have been a skeptic on Mr. Obama's bona fides for Middle East peace. I may have to revise that view.

Israel lobby: the signs are out there to be seen. Your days could be numbered. With Obama, you're never sure. Could be. Not will be.

Today's "observations" in the New York Times could be the "telegraphed punch" that warns Israel what is coming if Lieberman is permitted to keep disrespecting the USA:

It is obvious that the United States cannot allow a crooked pipsqueak like Avigdor Lieberman to thumb his nose at US foreign policy. Benjamin Netanyahu, who prides himself on knowing America from his years living here, should know better. Netanyahu may have created a "government" that is programmed to self-destruct. Zipi Livni is waiting in the wings.

As I said, the "Kremlin Watching" and "China watching" style of American intelligence and counter-intelligence is back in style. Only this time we are watching the White House for signs of policy change. It's enough to make you feel young again. Barry O, we hardly know ye.

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