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Friday, April 10, 2009

Somali pirates may sink the good ship Obama

It's time to send in the U.S. Marines, says Andy Martin. "If Obama's pirate sitcom ends badly, or in a 'whimper,' Barack Obama will be publicly castrated," says Andy Martin. "His administration will be emasculated. He will have accomplished in less than three months what it took three years for Jimmy Carter to achieve: humiliation of the American people. If BHO bungles this one, he will be a candidate not for reelection but rather to play 'Barney' on public television."

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says the Somali confrontation is turning into Barack Obama's worst nightmare

If the Somali pirates get away with taking on the USA, Obama's through, says Martin

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Andy Martin says it is time for Obama to stop dithering and come clean with the American people: is he going to take on the pirates, or surrender?

Is Obama becoming a real life version of public television's "Barney?"

If the pirates win, what gangster or dictator will be next to take on Uncle Sam?

(NEW YORK)(April 10, 2009) Although the United States has drones over the pirate hostage lifeboat, no one seems to have live video of what is happening. Is Obama covering his tracks to cover up a capitulation to the pirates? Could be.

The pirate hostage crisis is turning into Barack Obama's worst nightmare, a miniature version of the takeover of the United States Embassy in Tehran in 1979.

Coming in the wake of Obama's bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia, an ongoing hostage imbroglio would confirm that Obama has suffered his worst week, the first of many bad weeks to come. As long as an American seaman remains a hostage, media attention will be focused on his plight.

If the Somalis are actually allowed to escape, after being surrounded by a U. S. Navy ship, or if other pirate vessels are allowed to approach with a pirate flotilla, Barack Obama's presidency is dead. He will have lost all credibility with the rest of the world.

Its time to take on the pirate strongholds "in the air, on land and sea", and tell the pirates what we told the thugs a hundred years ago: "Pericardis alive or Raisuli dead."

If reports in the Washington Post are pointing in the right direction, Obama is stepping back to allow the shipping line to pay ransom as a "cost of business." That would have a disastrous impact on American prestige, and set off a worldwide piracy epidemic.

The Navy would be humiliated. General Petraeus would be embarrassed. Loyal Americans would be outraged.

It is time for Barry O to face the inevitable: he is going to have to attack and take out the pirate strongholds, all of them, "…on land, and sea."

Bleeding heart Democrats are already crying that the pirates are just misunderstood fisherman (see comments at:

Disgraceful. Piracy is not a sea borne version of "West Side Story," with misunderstood punks seizing hostages out of ennui and with Obama as a later-day Officer Krupke.

It took Jimmy Carter three years to reach worldwide humiliation in Tehran; Obama has managed the trick in less than three months. Obama cannot allow himself to be castrated as a leader.

Obama started as "Sweet Barry," the "anti-Bush." In just a few hours or days, if the pirate circus drags on and if Obama continues to defer to a woman as the leader of his response to piracy--Hillary Clinton as the only man in his administration—Obama's world standing and prestige will be DOA. RIP Barry O.

If Barack Obama continues to act as a "girly man" and hide in the White House, he will sink the U. S. Navy, humiliate the American people ands trigger endless confrontations during the remaining three years of his mortally wounded presidency.

He will have to go back to Chicago and sulk in his Rezko-financed manse.

We have gone from an incompetent administration run by Dick Cheney's malignant "adults," to Barack Obama's version of "Barney & Friends."

Come to think of it, Barney might do a better job than Barry.

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