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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Somali pirates send Barack Obama a wake-up call, and a challenge

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin connects the Somali pirates to Barack Obama's defense budget.

"Obama's in the fight of his life," says Martin. "I just not sure with whom. The American people or our enemies"

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Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says Somali pirates may have rendered Obama's defense budget DOA

Will Obama become the "accidental warrior." A reluctant one?

For the first time in his life, events control Obama says Martin

For it's Tommy this, an' Tommy that, an' "Chuck him out, the brute!"But it's "Savior of 'is country" when the guns begin to shoot;
Rudyard Kipling

(NEW YORK)(April 9, 2009) Rudyard Kipling, the 19th Century chronicler of the British Empire understood. When times are good, no one wants to honor our men and women in uniform. We strip them of their weapons and ignore their needs. When times are bad, we suddenly rediscover our military services. At least that's the way it was in Kipling's time.

America has been an unusual nation for a special reason: we honor our military personnel all the time. Not just when we need them. America is not a martial nation. But we are a grateful one, to the men and women who have kept us safe, and keep us safe every day.

New Year's eve Barack Obama must have thought the world was at his feet. He had managed to convince the American people he should sit in the White House. He had managed to franchise foreign policy to the Clinton organization. And he could look forward to "using the financial crisis" to morph the United States of America into the United Socialist States of America. It all must have looked so easy.

In three months, his world has been turned upside down.

Obama may yet become the accidental warrior.

Earlier this week, Obama proposed a budget that would shrink the military. Yes, the new budget would provide more money for small-scale warfare. But the United States is a global power, not a small-scale one.

Obama's scheme has been undone by a handful of Somali pirates, one of whom might even be missing from a Minneapolis suburb where several Islamic teenagers recently disappeared. Could fate be so brutal?

Obama assembled one of the least bellicose cabinets in history. Other than retired Marine General James Jones, whose role takes on new prominence and significance with each passing day, Obama's cabinet lacks noticeable military expertise.

Obama himself is no warrior. And maybe that's a good thing. The so-called "adult" warriors of the Bush administration created chaos in the Middle East with misguided polices, invaded Iraq and caused more confusion, and left behind a festering conflict in Afghanistan and Pakistan. It looks as though Dick Cheney's "adults" were actually the ones in need of "adult supervision."

So while I have never been a supporter or admirer of Obama, I understand why the American people in frustration and exasperation turned to the mild-mannered Barry Obama to save them from the false and incompetent bravado of George W. Bush and his Republican "rough riders."

And then a U.S. ship was boarded by pirates. For the first time in two centuries. A handful of thieves may have unexpectedly upended Obama's lifetime of planning for his conquest of the American government.

Conservatives were already yapping (and properly so) about Obama's misguided claim that America is "just another nation." For better or for worse, we are not.

Our Constitution and our solid institutions give us stability no other nation can match. Yes, voters make mistakes, sometimes egregious ones. But they have the power to correct them (as they will no doubt correct their error in anointing Obama).

Our freedom has produced wealth beyond the wildest dreams. Obama tells us we are in the "worse crisis since the depression" and yet restaurants are crowded and theaters are packed. As one country and western singer on Fox's "Hannity" recently said, "there are even waiting lines for Red Lobster." The economy has declined, but only from an unimaginably lofty plateau.

The Depression-era comic Will Rodgers once said that America was the only nation that drove to the poor house in a Cadillac. In our current crisis we may be driving to the poorhouse, but we are going with a car full of TV's, GPS's, computers and i-Phones, with regular stops at roadside restaurants. No, we are not poor, and we are not beaten and we are not through, not by a long shot.

But with wealth comes responsibility (as well as the inevitable envy). And with responsibility comes the need to act, and lead.

This week the Somali pirates called Obama's bluff. As long as the ships of foreign nations were being boarded and held for ransom, the pirate crisis was a back story. Once a U. S. crew and flagged vessel were seized, Obama could no longer hide.

Earlier this week, Obama made a campaign stop in Baghdad. Barely a hundred hours later, the significance and necessity of our military was staring down Obama in the Indian Ocean.

As our Campaigner-In-Chief it was proper for him to visit Iraq. I hope he was infected with the boisterousness and loyalty and love of country and Constitution that most people in the military exhibit.

And then the pirates struck.

Could Obama become an accidental warrior? A reluctant one?

History teaches that we do not command events. Events command us. All of his life, Obama has been commanding his destiny, scheming, plotting, planning, manipulating and so forth. But now that he is in the Bully Pulpit, events command him. Can he in turn command? I don't know.

"Barry O" thought he could let Hillary handle the rest of the world while he imposed his socialist dogma on the American people. It looks as though his game plan has been thrown out of

Earlier today I wrote how a Moldovan gangster, Israeli Avigdor Lieberman, had thrown down the Israeli-Palestinian gauntlet to Obama. Today it was the Somali pirates who have thrown Obama's cut-the-Navy-budget into reverse. Last week it was the North Koreans. Obama just doesn't have much time to focus on creating his domestic regime.

Not many of us spend time in harbors. But, unseen, the maritime industry keeps the continents connected, and the U.S. Navy keeps the seas free and open to all.

The men and women of our Navy serve a global purpose. I do not support cutting either the number of aircraft carriers or the fleets that they lead. No, I don't like seeing tax dollars spent maintaining global peace. But there is no reasonable alternative. Every American benefits from global trade and the free movement of goods and services around the world.

We need more ships, not fewer. We need a few more men and women willing to serve in the Navy. Each of them is an honored participant in the ongoing history of American exceptionalism. We don’t see them; we don't hear them. We don't know many or any of them by name. But our kids and their officers keep the seas safe and secure for every American. Thank you.

This week, Somali pirates interrupted over 200 years of American freedom of the seas. The U.S. Marines, of course, were and continue to be a maritime fighting force. In due course they will deal with and subdue the pirates. But in the meantime this gang of small bore Somali burglars sent the United States of America a strong wake-up call.

If Barack Obama thinks he can simply surrender the seas to piracy and criminality, there are close to 300 million Americans who are going to stand up and fight him.

Barack Obama: the accidental warrior. Maybe.

Obama can fight our enemies, or he can fight the American people. Either way, for the first time in his life he's in the fight of his life.

And, oh, Mr. President. God Bless the USA. Really.

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