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Monday, April 13, 2009

Thank you President George W. Bush for rescuing Captain Richard Phillips

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says former President George W. Bush is the real hero of yesterday's hostage rescue. Martin says Obama's response to the Somali pirates endangers every American.

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin: Thank you President George W. Bush for rescuing Captain Richard Phillips

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Andy Martin thanks President George W. Bush for rescuing the U.S. ship captain held hostage by Somali pirates

Obama's "Somali" response sent a message of weakness to our enemies, says Martin

BHO's post-rescue "spin" is just typical Obama

Liberal media again distort the true significance of the rescue

(NEW YORK)(April 13, 2009) I don't often have good things to say about former President George W. Bush. But today I want to thank him for the rescue of Captain Richard Phillips, held hostage by Somali criminals and rescued by the U. S. Navy.

The captain was rescued by George W. Bush's Navy, not Barack Obama's Navy.

I have never been much of a success as a politician because I insist on telling audiences the truth, even when it goes against popular opinion. The Bush Brothers and I are not friends. And political groups don’t want informed and independent opinion; they want red meat. Life is much more complex. My ultimate loyalty is to the truth, and not to any individual or party. I am a Republican by inclination, but not a Republican "right or wrong."

That is why today I am alone in all of America's media in singing the praises of President George W. Bush. He rescued Captain Phillips.

The "Navy" that was able to respond in the Indian Ocean was a navy created by the Bush administration. While Bush may not have maintained as large a navy as I would prefer, he kept our seafaring capabilities at a high level.

Barack Obama wants to devastate the navy, and reduce our fleet to a handful of tugboats and dinghies.

The "navy" that Barack Obama is trying to create with his proposed defense programs would not have been able to rescue Captain Phillips. Think about that for a minute. If Obama had been in office long enough to succeed with his plans for the navy, there would not have been a successful rescue of our hostage captain.

The liberal media, of course, are desperately trying to "spin" the captain's rescue as a "victory" for the "young commander in chief who had yet to prove himself to his generals or his public."

Praise is pouring in for "Commander" Obama:

Well, Obama "proved" himself all right. He proved he is an uncertain and unsteady hand on the tiller. Obama wants to gut our defense capability so he can "invest" in welfare checks for illegal immigrants. The navy that he wants to create would lack a global reaction capability.

Obama has said nothing about cleaning out the land-based Somali pirate nests, and he won't. They are Muslims. He will not become the scourge of the Somali terrorists. Under an "Obamas Navy," Captain Phillips would have been sitting in captivity for months.

Barack Obama proved he is the new Jimmy Carter.

Obama sent a strong message to both our friends and enemies: when there is a crisis or conflict, he will hide in the White House basement until it is safe to emerge and claim victory. His feckless behavior did not deter future attacks on Americans. He has encouraged them. With each passing day that Obama is in the White House our worldwide military capability is being degraded and decreased.

Congress, are you listening?

And so, today I praise the real hero of yesterday's victory: President George W. Bush, who kept America militarily strong and left behind a Navy with the capability to rescue Captain Phillips.

Thank you President Bush. Thanks George. During your term in office you took credit for a lot of things that you did not deserve credit for. But today, quietly, you can take credit for leaving behind a U. S. Navy that can respond around the world.

I salute you. And every man and woman in uniform should salute you.

Thank you President Bush for rescuing Captain Richard Phillips.

This is really your day, not Barack Obama's.

[And now you know what this column is called "Contrarian Commentary."]

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Blogger DJ Allyn said...

"Internet powerhouse? Rather full with the self-importance, aren't you? This coming from a person who doesn't have to spend a dime on his many one-man "committees" consisting of a free blogspot website.

It is funny that you praise GW Bush for doing exactly what he did with the issue of piracy throughout his entire term: nothing. Not one damn finger lifted, no effort made. If the Maersk Alabama had been hijacked under Bush's watch, he would have been all over television talking "dead or alive", "smoke 'em out", and that would be the extent of his actions. He would let the "free market" negotiate a settlement.

Obama, on the other hand, was informed of the problem, and told the military leaders to basically handle it and keep him informed. As the new "decider-in-chief", his decision was to turn it over to the experts.

As far as your claim that Obama wants to "devastate" the Navy -- how do you explain his call for raising the level of spending for not only the Navy, but the rest of our Armed Forces? Obama's military budget doesn't give the lion share of spending to KBR-Haliburton, it actually goes to the military.


7:05 AM  
Blogger -er said...

WTF? I gotta agree with DJ here, are you putting us on? Pretty funny stuff actually, are you related to Phil Hendrie?

11:19 AM  
Blogger Unknown said...

You are kidding right? Using that same flawed logic one then can deduce that:
9/11 was Clinton's fault but the economic mess that we have today is totally Obama's doing. While you are at it, let's blame Iran-Contra on Jimmy Carter and the Cuban Missle Crisis on Herbert Hoover. If it weren't for the fact that there are many out there who actually believe this farcical thinking, your conclusions would be just laughable!
In my world, 2+2 will always equal 4. The facts are the facts.
You can do better!

4:16 PM  

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