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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Is Obama the "Defender of the Faith" for Islam?

Has Barack Obama finally revealed his obsession with the Muslim religion? Read Andy Martin's incisive analysis, based on Obama's own words, and decide for yourself. Andy is the author of "Obama: The Man Behind The Mask."

Andy Martin on "Obama the Defender"
Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”


Who elected Barack Obama to defend Islam?

(NEW YORK)(June 8, 2009) In a few days we're going to do a comprehensive analysis of Barack Obama's Cairo speech. This column is a brief commentary on one specific part of "the speech."

Parenthetically, whether you agreed or disagreed with Obama's speech, if you read's analysis before the speech was released to the media you saw that on the issue of Middle East policy President Obama marched in lock-step with the Andy Martin Peace Plan. Like it or not, we are strange bedfellows or an odd couple on the Middle East.

Since 1521, British monarchs have been known as "Defenders of the Faith." The title has descended to the present date from an award to King Henry VIII by Pope Leo X. When I studied religion in England, the term "defender of the faith" was part of our instruction. Over the decades I have occasionally dredged up the phrase to describe a left wing, or even a right wing, zealot.

Until last Thursday.

First, a little background. I wrote the first exegesis of Barack Obama's Muslim family history in 2004. Left-wing media branded me a "rumormonger", a liar and orchestrator of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," merely because I published in 2004 what Obama is now admitting in 2009. He was born a Muslim. (Read my book; it's all there.)

During the 2008 campaign, Obama operatives relentlessly tried to slime me as someone who was lying about Obama's past. He even produced a web site "Fight the Smears" to deny the "smear" he had been a Muslim. The New York Times put my "rumors" on page one as part of a personal attack on my integrity. Obamacrats were terrified of the truth. The great "conservative" Rupert Murdoch also chimed in and smeared me. Today Obama admits my "lies." (No one has apologized to me since then, however.)

When the question of Obama's religious heritage moved from the Internet to the mainstream media, conservatives were a little suspicious of my role in this transference, because they viewed me as "pro-Muslim." They said, "If Andy is 'pro-Islam,' why is he 'outing' Obama?"

Indeed, on Middle East foreign policy issues, it can be said that my views have aligned more often than not with a "Muslim" point of view. But I have done so out of political belief, not religious catechism. I am not pro-Muslim, and I am not anti-Muslim. My only allegiance is to the U. S. Constitution and the United States of America. And to paraphrase the late comedian Will Rogers, I do not belong to an organized religion; I am an Episcopalian.

Which brings us to Obama's extraordinary statement in Cairo, once again little-remarked on by the mainstream media: "And I consider it part of my responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."


Obama has declared that the President of the United States is a worldwide "Defender of the Faith" for Islam? Where does my dearly beloved Barry O find this monarchical duty anywhere in the Constitution or statutes of the United States of America?

The grandiosity of his claim is so outrageous as to bring into question Obama's mental balance. Who appointed him to "fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear?" (After this column circulates, the 'Obama-as-narcissist' critics are going to have a field day.)

There is controversy over the role of Islam in Holland; is Obama going to rocket into that controversy? There are "negative stereotypes of Islam" in Great Britain. Is it Obama to the rescue again? India? The Uighars in China are being persecuted; is Super Obama going to defend them? (He won't even release our captured Uighars into the United States, some "Defender of Islam" Obama is.)

What possessed Obama when he made that ridiculous claim and arrogation of responsibility to defend Islam "anywhere?" Why does Obama see the job of president as encompassing a defense of Islam "wherever they appear?"

Obama may claim he is a Christian, but he has not announced any defense of Christianity "wherever" anti-Christian stereotypes appear. Like the Muslim world.

He has said he is sensitive to Judaism, but he is not going to fight anti-Semitism all over the world.

But, Islam? Islam is different. He has staked out a bold worldwide role as "Defender of the Faith" for the President of the United States. "Barry O" is a "Bizarre O."

Since he is enamored of biblical analogies, I would draw Mr. Obama's attention to the expression, "The voice is Jacob's voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau." Obama may claim he is a Christian, but he acts like the Muslim "extremists" he condemns. Under our Constitution, "negative stereotypes" that do not violate federal criminal laws are none of the government's business. We are free to have our own personal prejudices, stereotypes and even "stereotypical" religious beliefs.

Luckily for Americans, English monarchs have not done much in recent centuries to implement their titular role as "Defenders of the Faith." There has been nary a religious war, and it has been a long time since anyone was burned at the stake.

British monarchs also used to be known as "Ind Imperator," or "Emperor of India." Is that the next title Obama wants to appropriate for himself? You can defend your faith on it.

[Footnote: in March 2008, I announced that Obama had worked closely with the Nation of Islam in Chicago, and had flirted with the thought of becoming a member of that sect. Obamabots scoffed. On June 4th in Cairo, Obama finally admitted, again, I was right, when he stated "I worked in Chicago communities where many found dignity and peace in their Muslim faith." Now where would those "Muslim communities" have been? Over the past five years, who has been the "liar" and who has been telling the truth about Barack Obama? Kindly defend my "faith."]
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