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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Andy Martin on the Fall of the House of Obama: Part Two

Barack Obama suffers a Caesarean blow as N. Y. Timesman Bob Herbert sticks the fork in Obamacare

Barack Obama suffers a Shakespearean blow as his African-American admirer Bob Herbert sticks the fork in Obamacare

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(CHICAGO)(September 20, 2009) Bob Herbert is one of the most accomplished African-Americans in journalism. He writes an Op-Ed column for the New York Times and appears regularly on MSNBC and other media outlets. Of course he is a liberal. And of course he is a “friend” and admirer of Barack Obama.

One of the most dramatic moments in Shakespeare comes when Julius Caesar is stabbed by members of the conspiracy to remove him. Caesar turns and sees his loyal friend Brutus with a knife in hand. Caesar laments “Et tu, Brute,” which is more lyrically translated from the Latin as “Even thou, Brutus?” My closest friend has abandoned me? Caesar knows all is lost.

On September 12th Herbert wrote a column in which he demolished Obamacare:

Republicans, of course, have been critical of Obama’s “health” plans from the gitgo.

To protect his backside, Herbert begins his column by calling conservative opponents “crazies.” But then he goes on to undermine his own use of the pejorative term by showing that almost everyone has legitimate doubts about Obamascare. In reality, the “crazies” do not exist, unless, of course, the real crazies are in the Obama administration.

It is one thing to be seared by your political opponents. Public officials expect to be challenged by the opposition.

But it is quite another thing to have Obamacare (scare?) eviscerated by one of your closest associates in the media.

No Republican has been as vicious and brutal as Obama's Brutus, Bob Herbert, in demolishing the house of cards Obama created to sell his bogus health reform schemes.

Herbert calls “ordinary citizens” the “wild card” leading the opposition to Obama’s proposal:
But there’s a wild card out there undermining the chances for real reform, and it’s not the crazies who have been disrupting health care forums or the disrespectful space cadet legislators like the South Carolina Congressman Joe (“You lie!”) Wilson. It’s the ordinary working men and women of America who are struggling with the worst economic downturn they have ever seen and who are worried that the big new plans that the Democrats have in store may not be in their best interests — and may not be affordable.
Many of those folks already have health insurance, and many voted for Barack Obama. But they’re scared to death now as the economy continues to hemorrhage jobs and the budget deficits unfolding before their eyes are being counted in the trillions.
To get meaningful health care reform this time around, the Democrats will have to get that constituency on board. They haven’t yet.
Herbert says ordinary people, “ordinary working men and women of America,” are the real “doubters” challenging Obamacare. They don’t understand the Obama proposal: “For one thing, the various proposals are not at all clear to the general public and the average citizen is clueless as to how any of them would be paid for. To say that people are skeptical is the grossest understatement.”

Herbert then sticks the fork in Obama when he concludes:
The president also said, as he estimated the cost of his proposal at $900 billion over 10 years, that he “will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits — either now or in the future.”
I’m sure he means it. But I have not spoken to anyone, either on Capitol Hill or elsewhere, who believes that is doable. Now it may be that the public should not be so worried about the deficits. They had to be jacked up to get the country through this terrible economic crisis. And health care reform — real reform — is essential if long-term deficits are to be brought under control.
But people are worried about it. And just saying that health care reform will not add to the deficits is not enough to allay those fears.
If Obama can’t convince his friends and admirers he is on the right track, how can Republicans be expected to follow the Pied Piper of Chicago into the financial and medical abyss he is creating?

Herbert is not a conservative; quite the contrary. He wants a “strong public insurance option.” He sees Obama abandoning the left-wing base to salvage “something.” Frustrated by Obama’s de facto surrender to Republicans, Herbert in effect cries out, “You haven’t convinced us your plan can work!” Because it can’t.

Obama lies.

If Obama’s friends feel frustrated and abandoned, can the gradual decline and eventual fall of the House of Obama be far behind?

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