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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin supports Phoenix and Arizona

Andy Martin is organizing a “solidarity” visit to Phoenix, Arizona by Americans who support Arizonans, and who are disgusted by the obscene “boycotts” from places such as California and Illinois. “We are all family,” Martin says. “Arizona is one of the last bastions of governmental sanity in America. All of us who support Arizona should try to visibly manifest our support. I am organizing a visit there to show up in person to express my support for Arizonans.”

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Anthony R. Martin, J. D.
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May 14, 2010

Mr. Todd Sanders
President & CEO
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
201 N. Central Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85004
via fax (602) 495-8913

Dear Mr. Sanders:

I am a conservative columnist with a national following arising out of my support for traditional American values. I have never been to Arizona, but I just got back from ten days of investigation and research in Hawai’i. They are turning out the lights in Honolulu. High taxes and wasteful government spending have bankrupted the state. On “Furlough Fridays” they literally close down state and local government.

I consider Arizona one of the last bastions of governmental sanity in America, along with Texas and Florida. As someone with close ties to Illinois I am utterly embarrassed by the so-called “Illinois boycott” by schoolchildren who are being manipulated through their adults in the liberal “North Shore” suburbs.

To be clear, while I have an extensive audience, my views are often conservative, controversial and provocative. You can see my blogs at, and sites such as I have an extensive history of strong support for civil rights measures (see; I view the recent border statute as a civil rights measure protecting Arizonans and their right to security and safety in their homes and communities.

I would like to make solidarity trip to Phoenix sometime this month to show my solidarity with the people of Phoenix and Arizona.

I would be appreciative for any guidance, suggestions or other assistance any of your members could provide. I don’t know anyone in Arizona. But then I didn’t know anyone in Hawai’i when I went there to launch the first investigative campaign in 2008, and today I consider Hawai’i and all of my many friends there to be “family,” or as they say in Hawaiian, “ohana.”

I want you to know there are hundreds of millions of Americans who consider Arizona and Arizonans “family,” and I’d love to stage the first “family get-together” in the wake of the obscene attacks on your state by individuals who lack sufficient love or respect for our great nation and your great state.

Thank you for any guidance or suggestions you or any of your members can provide.

With all best wishes,




cc: Hon. Jan Brewer

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Blogger Chicago Bob said...

Andy, actually we prefer they get rid of you first. You know, get rid of the idiots first then the illegals.

4:54 AM  

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