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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Andy Martin issues an open letter to BP executives and directors

Andy Martin’s “Open letter to BP executives and directors” asks the company to “stand up to Barack Obama.” Martin says Obama’s demand for billions in “crony cash" for Democratic Party interest groups to distribute is nothing more than a step towards dictatorial government and the end of private enterprise. Martin says Obama’s demand for billions in cash is merely an appeasement to trial lawyers and other special interests. Obama wants to destroy BP. BP executives must stand firm and reject BHO’s demands.

Martin says Obama is anti-American and anti-British. Martin compares Obama to African leaders who govern as “big men,” not constitutional executives.

Finally, Martin says BP has to rebuild and restore public confidence, but it should do so without resort to Obama’s extrajudicial demands.

Andy Martin tells BP executives they face a historic moment in government/corporate relations

Martin says BP executives must reject Barack Obama’s demand for a multi-billion dollar slush fund
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Andy Martin
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Andy Martin issues an “Open Letter to BP executives and directors”

Martin says BP must reject Obama’s demands for “crony cash” to pass out to Democratic Party special interest groups such as trial lawyers

Martin says Obama is an African-style leader, not an Anglo-American constitutional chief executive

(CHICAGO)(June 16, 2010) Dear Executives and Directors of BP:

I implore you to reject Barack Obama’s dictatorial demand for billions of dollars in cash that Obama in turn would distribute to his political cronies and Democratic Party interest groups. There is no precedent for a private company to turn over billions in cash to a non-government entity when the government issuing that demand is acting without statutory authority and totally outside the judicial process.

If you surrender to Obama’s demands you will soon find yourself besieged by similar demands around and across the globe.

Normally, large companies and their executives operate “out of sight.” Officers and directors are not thrown to the lions in public spectacles orchestrated by presidents or prime ministers. But the terrible disaster in the Gulf now calls on you to defend our common law judicial and governmental institutions.

Junior executives at BP appear to have acted wrongly in supervising BP’s drilling program in the Gulf. I believe that you should pay full compensation for any damages, as well as a reasonable penalty if one is imposed through due process of law. And I urge you to set up your own expedited reimbursement processes.

I would urge you to proactively create a compensation plan after rejecting Obama’s obscene demands.

But in the White House Wednesday you must stand up for the hundreds of years of Anglo-American history governing the relationship between government and private enterprise/free markets. Our Anglo-American economic system is not perfect. Far from it. But it has evolved through the centuries with rules, and due process of law to adjudicate liability. From Blackstone’s Commentaries to the U. S. Supreme Court, legal precedents and institutions govern issues of liability and proximate cause.

There is no precedent in the common law for a government demand to private enterprise to turn over a mountain of cash which will then be distributed at the whim and caprice of an unidentified individual without any statutory or judicial constraints. Obama is trying to politicize your liability instead of seeking to lawfully adjudicate your financial responsibility.

Obama clearly does not believe in American law. His veneer as a “law professor” is merely a veneer. Obama lionizes the tribal justice of his late Luo father. But America is not Kenya. President Obama’s father was anti-British and anti-American. It increasingly appears that Obama is basing his own administration on tribal, not democratic institutions. The accusation that Obama is a “socialist” statist appears to be informing his unprecedented demand that you turn over billions in cash without accountability or judicial supervision. Where else but in Africa or another Third World nation would you find such an extraordinary demand?

Africa has weak to nonexistent government entities. Africa relies on the “big man” theory of leadership. Obama sees himself as a “big man,” not as a democratic leader constrained by a Constitution and Due Process of Law. Obama’s political culture is an antithesis to Anglo-American society. Laminated to Obama’s “African” attitudes is the legendary culture of corruption in Chicago where Obama rose to political prominence.

Obama’s outrageous demand to BP is the reason why history calls upon you to strike a blow for democracy and private enterprise. You must stand up to Obama and reject his obscene demands. You have fiduciary duties to your own employees, shareholders and even the people of the Gulf to do so.

You must do justice, promptly, to the people of the Gulf. But you cannot do justice to President Barack Obama.


Andy Martin is the legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of broadcasting background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He is currently promoting his best-selling book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” and his Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of Martin comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of investigative experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).

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