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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ANDY MARTIN on Barack Obama’s “Mosque Madness”

Andy Martin was the first writer/investigator to question Barack Obama’s “Christian” narrative and focus attention on Obama’s Muslim family history. Martin’s first column on Obama appeared six years ago in August 2004. Martin now explains why Obama’s “mosque madness” over a proposed mosque near Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan has become Obama’s “fatal attraction.” Martin says Senator Harry Reid’s divorce from Obama’s mosque statements is the best evidence Obama will destroy the Democratic Party before he is forced to leave the White House.

Internet powerhouse Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s “mosque madness” is a “fatal attraction”

“Five days that dismembered Barack Obama”
“The Internet Powerhouse”

Andy Martin
Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not Politically Correct”


Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s stumble on the Manhattan mosque issue has transformed the 2010 election from a mid-term contest into a referendum on the president

Andy Martin says that in 45 years of political involvement he has never seen anything similar to Barack Obama’s self-inflicted wound over the New York City mosque

Andy asks “Who Pays and Who Prays?” at the proposed Lower Manhattan mosque; we still don’t know

(CHICAGO)(August 17, 2010) By nature I’m not someone who hides his views; I don’t like keeping my feelings a secret. When you put on a false face and lie to people it eventually catches up with you. I sleep well at night. I'm not perfect but I try to be honest. I would rather be liked or disliked for what I really believe that have people attracted to me because of my “pretend” opinions. That’s why I’m not such a good political candidate but a much better analyst and columnist.

I was the first name on Barack Obama’ enemies list because I was the first writer to start asking the hard questions about Obama’s mysterious family tree. This month we “celebrate” exactly six years since I wrote my first column on Obama and exposed that he was a Muslim. That column is one of the seminal pieces of recent American politics:

Nevertheless, in 45 years of political experience I have never seen anything quite like the past five days. I’m out of breath. I saw the stories on Barack Obama’s “endorsement” of the controversial Manhattan mosque Friday evening August 13th. I said to myself, “This is explosive.” Because I had a court hearing to prepare for on August 16th I could not sit down and write. Saturday the 14th, another explosion. Obama “reversed” his endorsement and said his Friday night support was “inoperative.” Monday the 16th while I was in Springfield, U. S. Senator Harry Reid sneak-attacked. Reid gave no warning that he was about to drop a bomb on Mr. Obama.

Where do I begin? Let me start at the beginning. Rush Limbaugh calls his occasional retrospectives “caller clinics.” Because I am a writer we’ll call phase one of this column “Reader Rehab.”

When I wrote the first critical story on Barack Obama in August 2004, my research and analysis was initially ignored by the liberal media elites. We did a lot of investigative work on the story, checking African tribal lore, Islamic traditions, the Arabic language and the practices and history of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in London. Out of that effort came the view that Obama was a closeted Muslim, and that he was hiding his religion in plain sight.

As Obama became the subject of increasing scrutiny my original column became his opponents’ Rosetta Stone. My analysis was the prism through which Obama’s opposition sought to unlock his hidden past. In retaliation, Obama’s campaign team launched relentless attacks on me. By 2008 Obama had a full-fledged dirty tricks operation focused on discrediting my work.

Then Obama moved into the White House. I kept searching for Obama’s “roots;” his supporters kept up their war to discredit my writing. Obamabots are still attacking me, still posting lies, still trying to deceive the media and the public. Why is Obama obsessed with me? It's obvious. I’m still trying to find the facts and search for the truth about who he really is.

Somewhere along the way my early columns on Barack Hussein Obama became a book (see below) and the book in turn became the first “Bible” of the “Birther” movement.

Although the liberal media invented the term "Birther” to ridicule Obama’s opponents, I turned the tables on the media elite and accepted the derogatory description. When they called me the “King of the Birthers” I said “Call me ‘Your majesty.’” So what if they call us “Birthers?” I still keep trying to find the facts and search for the truth about the mysterious Mr. Obama. Where is his original, typewritten birth certificate? Still hidden in Hawai’i. Why is he hiding it?

I should point out that “Birthers” are a coat of many colors. At one end of the spectrum is my work. I scrupulously stick to the facts. Just the facts. At the other end of the spectrum are people who peddle unprincipled lies about Obama. Yet, as bad as Barry Obama is, I still do not condone lying about him. Why lie about Obama when the truth is more than bad enough?

And so we arrive at August 17, 2010. The great Ozymandias “Barack Obama” lies in ruins. All for nothing. Or, rather, all for a mosque near ground zero? Unbelievable.

First, my overall opinion. (This not the “full truth” because we have a real treat for the Birthers coming in a few days.) Obama is not going to recover from this wound. His self-inflicted wound. There have been a lot of people still sitting on the fence so to speak. They had doubts about Obama’s religion, and they were prepared to believe he was a Muslim, but they still held back looking for the missing nail in Obama’s coffin.

Amazingly, Obama put the final nail in his own coffin in the past five days.

Since Friday, Obama has tried to confuse and defuse the mosque issue. But seasoned politicians like Senator Harry Reid know a dead duck when they see one. Obama is a dead duck.

Obama has converted the 2010 election from a “mid-term election” into a referendum on him. He. The One. He has lost control of his message.

What do you say when your own senate majority leader sticks the fork in you? You say nothing. You’re toast.

The only chain of events remotely comparable is President Lyndon Johnson’s realization early in 1968 that he was politically dead. He had lost the Democratic Party. Johnson quit a few days later.

On Friday Obama defended the so-called “Mosque at Ground Zero.” He unequivocally stated “That includes the right to Lower Manhattan.” The Washington Post said that Obama had “forcefully joined the national debate.” The Post’s headline was “Obama defends plan for Ground Zero mosque.”

The New York Times headlined that “Obama strongly endorses Islam Center Near 9/11 Site,” and stated that “Obama delivered a strong defense Friday night of a proposed…mosque near ground zero in Manhattan…” Were all these people wrong? Don’t they speak English? Don’t they understand???

By Saturday Obama had retracted his statements (in Watergate-speak Obama’s Friday night remarks became “inoperative”) and claimed that his Friday night remarks were not an endorsement on the “wisdom” of building at ground zero. In 18 hours the “endorsement” had shifted into a non-endorsement. Obama had routed himself.

Muslims could not have been happy at the way they were quickly thrown under the bus. If Obama hoped to curry favor with Islamists, he shot himself in the foot with his overnight flip-flop.

By Monday, yesterday, we had a full-fledged supernova exploding across the political world. A senate candidate in Florida started running an anti-Obama ad criticizing BHO’s endorsement of the mosque:

The liberal news media are in greater disarray than Napoleon’s army retreating from Moscow. What can they do? Harry Reid shanked his maximum leader. The New York Times and Washington Post are trying to dilute the impact of Reid’s reversal by shifting the blame to “Republicans” and amorphous “Democrats." Reid’s anti-mosque statement was immediately watered down by liberal journalists:

But was Reid’s act of self-preservation really a “betrayal?” I don’t think so. Reid simply wants to save his seat. He saw where voter sentiment was going. Reid’s stab in the back anticipated public opinion in September and October.

Liberal media will not be writing about Obama and the mosque in September and October. Obama can silence the liberal media, and he does. But the “word of mouth” in the aftermath of Obama's remarks is going to be fatal. “Word of mouth” can make a movie, or break a president. “Obama is a Muslim; pass it on.”

What possessed the man? Integrity? Honesty? He hasn’t had any of these for 49 years. Why suddenly did Obama become a man of honor on this obscure local issue? One writer suggested it was because “Obama is now president.” But being president hasn’t activated Obama’s integrity gene before. He’s been lying from the day he moved in to the White House and started gorging himself on Waygu (Kobe) beef at the taxpayers’ expense ($75 a pound!).

I think Obama simply slipped. Without realizing it, he let his guard down. He’s tired. He has begun to realize he’s going to be a one-term president and he has started factoring that awareness into his mental state and political discourse. King Andy Martin is preparing to lead his “Birther Brigades” against the evil occupant of the White House in 2012. The outcome is not in doubt.

Let me illustrate the media’s Big Lie in the mosque controversy with a small truth. My mom (yes, she loves me) lived for many years in Alexandria, Virginia. Her home was a block away from a church. The neighbors raised “holy hell” when the church wanted to expand (I tied to find the church on the Internet, but couldn’t; it was just past Vernon View Drive on the George Washington Memorial Parkway heading towards Mount Vernon).

With all due respect to my Muslim brothers, and my Episcopal friends who support the mosque, opposition to church building and church expansion is nothing new. But not until the Manhattan Mosque did we find opposition to a religious facility transformed into a holy war by the liberal media. Most of us have probably heard at some time of a controversy involving expansion of a church. You would think that no one had ever objected to construction of a church the way opponents of the Manhattan Mosque are being portrayed as racist morons.

One of the great moments in Shakespeare is Caesar’s dying declaration “Et tu, Brute,” “even thou, Brutus.” I’m sure that if Shakespeare were around today he would write “Et tu, Harry.” Without realizing it, Harry Reid may have doomed Barry Obama. Reid’s dagger is the one that Obama will not be able to remove. Unconsciously, perhaps, Harry Reid’s decoupling from Obama on the mosque issue was the moment when Obama’s downfall crystalized. The political fallout from Obama’s obsession with Islam has become his fatal attraction.

Anyone seen Obama near a Christian church recently? Doubtful. I am sure you will in the days ahead. But it will be too late.

It’s been an unbelievable five days. And the deconstruction of Mullah Obama because of his “mosque madness” is just beginning.


ABOUT ANDY: Andy Martin is the legendary New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. He has over forty years of background in radio and television and is the dean of Illinois media and communications. He promotes his best-selling book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” and his Internet movie "Obama: The Hawai'i years." Martin has been a leading corruption fighter in Illinois for over forty years. He is currently sponsoring
Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” He comments on regional, national and world events with more than four decades of investigative and overseas experience. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law and is a former adjunct professor of law at the City University of New York (LaGuardia CC, Bronx CC).

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