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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Andy Martin calls Senator Mark Kirk “the John Edwards of the Republican Party”

Internet Powerhouse and Illinois conservative leader Andy Martin says the Federal Election Commission Complaint filed against Senator Mark Kirk by his former wife Kimberly Vertoli is only part of Mark Kirk’s “career of criminality in Congress.” Andy will be devoting the week of June 4th to “Kirk Week,” with new attacks on Kirk and requests for criminal investigations. “Kirk victimized his own wife,” Andy says. “What more of a lowlife can you be? I salute Kimberly Vertoli for having the guts to step forward and tell the truth about the Kirkster. Former Senator John Edwards is on trial in criminal court for the same thing Mark Kirk did.” Andy has been a Kirk adversary for years, see

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Internet Powerhouse and Illinois conservative leader Andy Martin reacts to election charges filed against Senator Mark Kirk by Kirk’s ex-wife

Andy says Kirk engaged in “conduit” campaign activity, which Andy says is illegal under federal law

Andy salutes Kimberly Vertoli for having the “courage and character” to stand up and tell the truth about Mark Kirk and his illegal schemes

Andy is already working on a similar criminal investigation involving “conduit” payments

Andy is bringing “Kirk Week” – a series of complaints and investigations against Kirk—to Chicago the week of June 4th

(NEW YORK)(May 29, 2012) Internet Powerhouse and Illinois Conservative leader Andy Martin said Monday morning that “Senator Mark Kirk is the John Edwards of the Republican Party, someone who tried to conceal the expenditure of campaign cash to cover up he had a friend on the payroll. The Federal Election Complaint filed against Kirk by his former wife, Kimberly Vertoli, is conclusive evidence Kirk has been a ‘congressional career criminal’ with endless deals and dodges.” The incident involves Dodie McCracken (“Andy calls her “McCrackers” for hanging around Kirk as a “beard”).

“Using a conduit to pay someone whose direct receipt might embarrass the senator is a criminal act,” Andy says. “I have an Ohio Republican crook against whom I filed a similar accusation, and he is being investigated by the FBI.

“Kirk has been receiving sympathy because of his tragic illness. But Kirk has lately been using his illness as a smokescreen to cause commotion in congress. The time to sympathize with Kirk is over.

“Next week, the week of June 4th, I am designating as ‘Kirk Week.’ I will be making major new announcements against Kirk during Kirk Week.

“I salute Kimberly Vertoli for stepping forward. She is an exceptionally brave and public-spirited American, precisely the type of person Kirk is not,” Andy says. “The law is on Vertoli’s side, see e.g. U.S. v. Boender, 649 F.3rd 650 (7th Cir. 2011)(and district court opinions); U.S. v. Mariani, 212 F.Supp.2d 361 (M.D. pa. 2002).


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