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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

HONOLULU NEWS CONFERENCE Conservative blogger Andy Martin says Barack Obama blocks access to Obama’s original Hawai’i birth certificate

Independent Republican Presidential Candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin, the man who single-handedly created the anti-Obama “Birther” movement, will hold a Honolulu news conference Tuesday, May 8th to charge that President Barack Obama is blocking access to Obama’s original Hawai’i birth certificate. “Obama wants us to rely on his ‘copy’ of the original,” Andy charges. “But he does not want us to see the actual original piece of paper. Scholarly research is based on access to original texts, not Internet facsimiles. Obama is ‘de-legitimizing’ himself. He tries to manipulate his ‘image’ by providing access to sympathetic liberal journalists such as David Maraniss of the Washington Post; anyone who might be skeptical is ignored. Obama is stonewalling. Is it any wonder the American people don’t trust either Obama or his web-based birth certificate?”



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Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin says President Obama is blocking access to Obama’s original Hawai’i birth certificate

Andy says Obama tries to manipulate the truth by granting access to sympathetic liberal writers such as David Maraniss, and censoring conservatives and independents

Andy says Obama’s tactics are backfiring and explain the new anti-Obama firestorm (see North Carolina article below) which results from Obama’s continuing claims of secrecy for Obama’s original, official document

Andy says Obama’s “shucking and jiving” over access to the original is fueling national suspicion as to the authenticity of the White House facsimile birth certificate posted on the Internet

(HONOLULU) (May 8, 2012) Independent Republican Presidential candidate and conservative blogger Andy Martin, the man who single-handedly created the anti-Obama “Birther” movement and then distanced himself from his creation, will hold a Honolulu news conference today, Tuesday, May 8, 2012 to charge that President Barack Obama is denying scholarly and research access to the original copy of his Hawai’i birth certificate.

Andy wrote to Obama seeking permission for access, and Obama has failed to respond.

“Once again we see Barack Obama shooting himself in the foot,” Andy says. “Obama gives favored access to sympathetic liberals such as David Maraniss, and ‘stonewalls’ everyone else. Why, if Obama has released a ‘copy’ of the original copy of his Hawai’i birth certificate, would Obama refuse to allow public access to the typewritten original document? Whether you dislike Obama or love him, he is a fact of American history. His ‘birth certificate’ is a historical document.

“Most states would proudly display the original document in the state archives. Only the smugglers in Hawai’i seek to keep Obama’s original document under lock-and-key.

“Having issued what he said was a copy of the original, why is Obama refusing to allow scholar access to the actual original? Obama is de-legitimizing himself.

My letter to Obama—which has gone unanswered—is self-explanatory:


Republican candidate for

President of the United States

Andy Martin, J.D.

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March 30, 2012

President Barack Obama

The White House

Washington, DC 20500

via fax (202) 456-2461

Request for authorization to view and copy

original 1961 Hawai’i birth certificate

Dear President Obama:

I am writing to request written authorization from you directed to the State of Hawai’i authorizing me to view and copy your original 1961 birth certificate.

In 2011 you released a copy of your 1961 birth document. Some people, not including me, questioned the authenticity of that document. (I expressed no opinion.) Sheriff Joe Arpaio recently suggested your document may be a forgery. I don’t know.

I am an independent researcher and scholar who is only interested in finding the facts and searching for the truth.

I am leaving for Hawai’i in May to continue my research into your family history and I would like to view and copy the original document at that time. I would like to hold the original and give it a close look.

Scholarly research is always based on access to and examination of original texts, not copies. I was taught how to conduct scholarly research in the Bodleian Library at Oxford over fifty years ago.

In 2008 I filed the original lawsuit seeking access to your birth records.

There are two aspects to my request today.

First, your release of what you said in 2011 was a copy of the original may have waived any privacy or secrecy concerns on the part of state officials. If necessary, I could therefore file a “waiver” lawsuit under state law seeking access to the original. I would prefer not to sue if I can avoid it.

Second, if you authorize me to view the original document, and I attest to its authenticity, my review of the document may provide greater credibility for the document than your own release of a copy. The public record is clear that I have never subscribed to the “Kenyan birth” theory, and I have always maintained you were born in Hawai’i, which is why I sued in Hawaii in 2008 to see the original document.

If you send me a simple written authorization/direction to Hawai’i officials to review and copy the original 1961 document that will eliminate any need for a lawsuit and will expedite my access once I arrive in Honolulu.

On the issue of policy and political differences, I am very clearly one of your strongest and best informed opponents. Nevertheless, during my presidential campaign I have supported your policies in Libya and Iran.

On the other hand, when I conduct scholarly research I only dig for the truth and the facts. You may or may not be aware of my own theory (not fact) in which I claim your biological father may be Frank Marshall Davis.

Despite Frank’s left-leanings I find Frank an infinitely more interesting character (and potential father) that Barack Obama senior. You share a lot of Frank’s qualities and characteristics. Still, my thoughts are only a theory at this time.

I hope you will provide written authorization for me to view the original Hawai’i document.

I think a letter directed at the Hawai’i Department of Health authorizing me to view and copy your original birth certificate would be sufficient under Hawai’i law.

If, on the other hand, you still claim any privacy or secrecy rights under Hawai’i law I would appreciate being advised of that fact as well. I will bring your response to the attention of the court.

Respectfully submitted,






Republican Party Presidential Candidate Andy Martin


Conservative blogger Andy Martin says President Obama is denying scholarly access to the original copy of Obama’s Hawai’i birth certificate


Hawai’i Convention Center, main entrance, intersection of Atkinson and Kapi’olani Streets (by the large outdoor sculpture), Honolulu


Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 2:00 P.M.


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