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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Andy Martin: President Barack Hussein Obama is guilty of treason and should be impeached

Internet Powerhouse and Conservative Blogger Andy Martin, who usually treats President Barack Obama with some deference, says Obama is guilty of treason and should be impeached. Andy says Obama is endangering the national security of the United States by grounding the U. S. space program at a time when China is launching manned space flights and planning to establish a base on the moon. “This is not Newt Gingrich stuff,” Andy says. “China’s manned space program poses a real threat to our national security.”
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Internet Powerhouse and conservative blogger Andy Martin says Barack Obama is guilty of treason and should be impeached

Andy condemns Obama’s dismantling our space program and Obama’s exhibitionism about destroying our national space power

Andy says the U.S. House of Representatives should impeach President Obama and send his case to the Senate for trial

Andy says Obama “mocked the American people” when he allowed the decommissioned space shuttles to be flown past the Statute of Liberty and other American landmarks

(CHICAGO)(June 10, 2012) My regular readers know that since I began writing about then-Senator Barack Obama in 2004, when I exposed him as a political fraud, I have tried to afford Obama the deference due his office. I do not, for example, refer to Obama as a “usurper,” as some anti-Obamaites do. Obama did not usurp anything; we were dumb enough as a nation to hand Obama the White House on a silver platter, and he took it. Millions cheered. (I did not.) So he is an opportunist for sure, but he is no usurper.

Most people think Obama will be remembered primarily for being the “first black president.” I think he could be remembered in ignominy for being the first president to deliberately endanger U. S. national security by committing treasonous acts against America’s national security.

I usually try to refer to Obama as “President Barack Obama” at least once in a column, so no one thinks I am being unnecessarily insulting. By accusing Obama of treason I do not mean to be insulting; I genuinely believe Obama is guilty of treason.

Given my measured use of language, my accusation today that
Obama is guilty of treason is a serious accusation. “Attention must be paid.”

I also believe defeat at the ballot box in November
is not a serious enough punishment for Obama: he should be impeached, tried and removed from office.

Let’s start with the basics: we, the American people, are the Constitution. Without our muscle and blood to defend the nation and to protect world stability, our Constitution would be little more than an honorable-sounding but hollow piece of paper. It is the willingness of the American people to put their lives where their Constitution is that makes the Constitution a living document and a powerful one.

Likewise, our national security is something we may delegate to Congress and the executive branch. But it is our willingness to put our lives on the line, as Americans do every day in faraway places, that actually backs up that security.

So why should Obama be tried for treason? How is he endangering our national security? Obama has undermined our national security and world stability by allowing China to develop a manned space program while at the same time grounding U. S. astronauts. China’s manned space program is a far greater long-term threat to world peace than the Iranian nuclear program. China can, and will, eventually use its space program to engage in space-based blackmail.

I vividly remember the day Russians launched sputnik. I was a newspaper delivery boy and each morning at 5:30 A.M. was busy throwing The Hartford Courant on peoples’ porches. That day I saw the sputnik story. Americans were shocked. Washington had fumbled away our lead in space. We were frantic for a recovery. We wanted to restore American leadership. And we did. President John F. Kennedy pledged to go to the moon; as a nation we committed ourselves to that goal. We succeeded.

Earlier this year Obama grounded our space program and decommissioned the remaining space shuttles. Then, in an act that can only be seen as a contemptuous mocking of the American people, Obama ordered our helpless and disabled space shuttles to be flown around U. S. landmarks, as a way of silently saying “I have taken away another symbol of American national power. Statute of Liberty, pay heed.” Today Chinese astronauts are preparing to fly into space; our fleet of space shuttles has been mothballed and is being displayed in museums.

[Fair is fair department: President George W. Bush was also a jerk when it came to continuing our manned space flight program. Bush preferred to wage senseless wars instead of protecting our national economic security and continuing our lead in space exploration. Bush endangered and undermined our space program by failing to plan for and develop a future space vehicle; Obama senselessly killed off the entire program. Obama could have been a hero if he kept America flying in space. Instead he chose to pay obeisance to his foreign masters and finish of the disaster Bush had begun.]

Most of my adult life has been devoted to a study of military and intelligence policy. The military potential for China to endanger America if China has a manned space program and we do not is astronomical. Space is potentially just another battlefield, another dimension where conflict could be launched and maintained. Obama admits that potential attacks in cyberspace pose risks to our safety; why not attacks from space itself? We acknowledge the oceans require an American presence, although Obama is trying to shrink that presence as well. Why has Obama decided to remove any American manned presence in space?

When the United States is weak, world peace is endangered. It’s as simple and straightforward as that. President Kennedy wrote a Harvard student thesis on “Why England Slept” while Hitler and Nazi Germany rearmed. British and American weakness begat World War II.

I hope presidential candidate Governor Mitt Romany promises in his acceptance speech to create a crash program renewing the United States commitment to manned space and space exploration.

I am not suggesting we weaponize space, although we need to keep a close eye on what China is planning. Rather, we need to be the best and strongest nation when it comes to projecting a presence in space if we expect the potential of space not to be used against the U. S.

Space blackmail could be only a few years away. China is placing people in space; we have no comparable means of doing so. Some day they will call our bluff and initially embarrass us with their power. Then they will demand tribute. We will be exposed as nothing more than a superpower blowhard. We will be doing the kow’tow to our Chinese emperors just as vassal states bowed down hundreds of years ago.

During the Watergate years there were extensive debates on what constituted an impeachable offense. In my opinion, failing to respond in kind to a national challenge in space is an impeachable offense because the consequences of failure could be catastrophic. If China has astronauts in space while we do not, and we have no means of responding to challenges or threats from space, the United States is finished as a world power.

China knows what the long-term consequences of their qualitative and quantitative manned space program superiority are. America gradually becomes a second-rate power that is subject to bullying and intimidation. Obama makes a lot of noise about a local issue, bullying in classrooms; but Obama has nothing to say about potential bullying by China once China has a functional manned space program and we have no way of responding to the challenge.

Russia rose to world parity with the United States in large part because of the successes of Russian cosmonauts. Will China be any different? Why? P.S. Russia still has a manned space program. We buy tickets on Russian rockets. Aspirin, anyone?

Obama knows the risks he is creating; he doesn’t care.  That’s treasonous.

And now you know why Obama should be impeached for treason: he is endangering the national security of the United States by grounding our manned space program.

President Romney, we need you. President Romney, please promise to create and restore a crash program to place a man in space. That commitment was originally launched by President Kennedy. America was endangered in 1961. America is endangered today.

It’s time to rally round the flag, and rally round the Constitution, and rally round our rebuilt and rebuilding space program. It’s time to charge Barack Hussein Obama with treason. President Obama is an enemy of the United States of America. Remember this column later this month when China sends astronauts into space and we have no comparable capability. We will be looking on helplessly and stupidly on the sidelines, as China conquers space while Obama dismantles our ability to project similar capabilities. Be afraid.


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