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Sunday, June 03, 2012

On Wisconsin! Andy Martin heads for Wisconsin to help block Scott Walker recall

Internet Powerhouse and Conservative Blogger Andy Martin is heading for Wisconsin to help respond to former President Bill Clinton’s misrepresentations last week. Andy has been a Clinton nemesis since 1993 when he opposed Janet Reno for Attorney General. Andy says Clinton tried to bamboozle Wisconsin independent voters into supporting public employee unions that are demanding unsustainable pay and employment benefits.

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Internet Powerhouse and conservative blogger Andy Martin heads for Wisconsin

(CHICAGO)(June 4, 2012) Internet Powerhouse and Conservative Blogger Andy Martin is heading for Wisconsin to help defeat efforts to recall Governor Scott Walker.

“I’ve been acting as a ‘truth squad’ for Bill Clinton since 1993 when I opposed the nomination of Janet Reno for attorney general” Andy says. “Bubba talks a sweet line, but it’s all cotton candy.

“The reality is that most of our state governments are broke when you evaluate their unfunded and contingent liabilities. Dead broke. The Clinton Democrats want to fool the American people—and Wisconsin voters—into believing there is an easy, painless way out of out debt dilemma. There is no easy exit.

“Bill Clinton was saved by the Republican congressional victories in 1994. With a Republican congress Clinton could stave off the left-wing ‘crazies’ that wanted to bankrupt America then, and are still trying to bankrupt America today.

“I am a strong supporter of union rights for private employees. As long as a union is honestly run and the leadership is not milking union dues for personal enrichment, unions fill a vital role.

“But public employee unions are pernicious. Public ‘employers’ bargain with the very ‘employees’ that control votes to elect them. How’s that for a conflict of interest? How’s a bankrupt America, a bankruptcy Illinois, a bankrupt California, a bankrupt New York, all because of excessive public employee demands?

“Scott Walker took on the unions and ‘balanced the books’ in Wisconsin. Walker’s job was not a popular one. And so, yes, he took ‘hell’ from the unions for cutting off their spigot of public cash.

“As a Republican and as a conservative, whose presidential campaign is still alive though not active, I stand with Scott Walker. If Walker wins, America wins. If Walker loses, America loses. Wisconsin, it’s as simple and straightforward as that.

“On Wisconsin!”

[Andy’s presence in Wisconsin will be released once he crosses the border from Illinois into Wisconsin. Andy will be counteracting Clinton’s misrepresentations as well as offering to do scut work on election day.]


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