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Friday, July 13, 2012

NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will stage a Ralph Lauren store protest over “Made in China” Olympic duds

Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will stage a protest Friday and hold a news conference to demand that the Ralph Lauren company assume the financial responsibility for  producing a new set of “Made in USA” clothing for the US Olympic Team. “Ralph Lauren has managed to do something no other candidate in either party has accomplished,” Andy says. “He has united Americans, liberals and conservatives, Republicans and Democrats, in opposition to Lauren’s ‘Made in China’ Olympic duds for our athletes. What was Mr. Lauren’s company thinking? The duds are a dud. I call on Lauren & Co. to replace all of the bad clothing on an expedited basis with new ‘Made in USA’ uniforms. And as for the hats/caps, can we have something else, please?” Andy says. Andy will not be wearing Ralph Lauren clothing at his news conference. Andy salutes ABC News for leading the way with “Made in USA”-focused reporting.


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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says the Ralph Lauren company should replace, at its own cost, all of the clothing for the US Olympic Team with “Made in USA” garments

Andy says the “Made in China” Olympic uniforms for American athletes are a disastrous business strategy for Lauren; the incident may prompt a boycott of the firm’s entire product line

Andy says Ralph Lauren has managed to unite Americans, liberals, conservatives, Democrats, and Republicans in opposition to Lauren’s insensitive and insulting product sourcing

Andy says Lauren should also redesign the Olympic caps/hats.

Andy says ABC News is doing “great work” is covering “Made in America” issues

Andy says the US Olympic Committee is also manifesting a “tin ear” for the “mood” of the American people by ignoring the “Made in USA” controversy

(NEW YORK) (July 13, 2012) Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference today, Friday the 13th, outside the Ralph Lauren store at 867 Madison Avenue, to announce he is asking the Ralph Lauren company to replace the “Made in China” uniforms that Lauren produced for the US Olympic team.

“Congratulations to Ralph Lauren,” Andy says. “He has managed to accomplish something no one else has. Not Obama, not Romney, not no one. Liberals, conservatives, Democrats and Republicans are all up in arms over Lauren’s product sourcing. Finally we can agree on an issue: Senator Harry Reid’s ‘bonfire of the uniforms.’

“This incident is being treated lightly by some media, but the Olympic clothing controversy is a ‘sign of the times.’ The mood of the American people has shifted. In earlier years we might have ignored the China-made garments. But economic patriotism is back in style. Americans are fed up with exporting jobs and exporting our economy to China. There is no reason why we can’t make our own clothing.

“Both political parties have been guilty of profiting from and allowing outsourcing. But Americans are increasingly united in condemning the callous outsourcing that led to ‘Made in China’ uniforms for our Olympic athletes and has devastated our economic recovery.

“Ralph Lauren has united all of us in opposition to his product sourcing. Belatedly, as a nation, Americans have realized that importing everything and producing nothing is a prescription for national economic suicide. Lauren’s Olympic gaffe was the last straw, the frosting on the cake. The US Olympic Committee is also insensitive; the committee is trying to blow off the clothing controversy. Wrong.

“The Ralph Lauren company might feel the future sting of a boycott affecting its entire product line if buyers refuse to patronize a firm that poked a finger in the eyes of our Olympians. What was Lauren’s product sourcing department thinking?

“I think ABC news should also be congratulated for its reporting. David Muir began the ‘Made in America’ reporting last year for ABC World News. Outstanding. ABC News carried the Made in America meme into the last Christmas season.

“Bottom line: we are in a self-created, America-created, politician-created recession. Neither Romney (my candidate) nor Obama have adopted a ‘Made in USA’ policy as a first priority and started working with American firms to retool for domestic consumption. ABC News should be congratulated for its ‘Made in America’ series, of which the Olympic uniform kerfuffle is just the latest installment. Great work ABC.

“Now when will our politicians catch up with the American people?” Andy asks. “If Americans would start ‘Buying American,’ the recession would be over tomorrow. Let’s get started by condemning Ralph Lauren and encouraging other sectors to adopt a made in America policy.” [Note: there will be no Reid-style “bonfire” at Andy’s news conference.]



Internet Powerhouse and Conservative blogger Andy Martin


Andy Martin says Ralph Lauren should junk his “made in China” US Olympic team uniforms and replace the wardrobe with Made in America garments


Ralph Lauren store, 867 Madison Avenue (corner of Madison and 72nd St.), New York


Friday, July 13th, 3:00 P.M.


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