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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN: Andy Martin explains what Barack Obama is hiding in Obama’s college/law school records

Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin continues to lead the anti-Obama “underground.” Andy was the first researcher/columnist to apply independent scholarly principles to investigating Barack Obama’s opaque personal history. In this column Andy explains what Obama is hiding in his college and law school records. Future installments will address hidden Hawai’ian records as well as an analysis of the impact of Harry Reid’s attacks on Mitt Romney on the presidential campaign.


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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin says “Barack Obama has a lot to hide” in his college and law school records

Andy says that if you apply Senator Harry Reid’s “rules” and tactics to Obama’s missing records, you get a startling result from the available evidence.

What was/is Obama’s relationship to Khalid Al-Mansour and Al-Mansour’s Saudi Arabia cash pipeline?

Did Frank Marshall Davis finance part of Barack Obama’s college education?

(MANCHESTER, NH) (August 8, 2012) Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin was the first independent analyst and investigator to apply scholarly research principles to investigating and analyzing Barack Obama’s “hidden” personal history. Andy suggests Washington Post editor David Maraniss’ recent book on Obama’s early life missed the true significance of Obama’s “college” and “law school” years. Here is Andy’s take on the “why” and “what” Obama is hiding from the American people:

Eight years ago I began researching the life of Barack Obama. While I was not writing a formal biography I knew Obama from Illinois politics. I also knew the “Obama” being presented to the nation was not the same “Obama” I knew in the Illinois senate.

By 2007 I had explored Obama’s birth citizenship (as a result of my research Obama admitted he was born a dual national with American and United Kingdom citizenship) and his educational background.

Monitoring cable programs and national news on August 7th I thought I was back in 2008. The “Birther” controversy is back with full force, this time focused on Obama’s college and law school records. I am not surprised at this renewed interest in Obama’s personal history. In 2008 the liberal media simply refused to vet Obama the way they vet every other candidate for national office. 2012 is a throwback to the job not done in 2008.

After I introduced a small sliver of Obama’s personal history to a national audience on October 5, 2008 on Fox News (link below) Obama’s henchmen targeted me for extermination by the liberal media. What had I exposed that was so damaging, and so incendiary in the eyes of Obama’s thugs? I stated that Obama had been admitted to Harvard Law School through the intervention of a vicious anti-Semite, anti-White front man for the Saudi monarchy (link below). Percy Sutton had inadvertently blown Obama’s cover and I drew attention to Sutton’s video (link below).

Does Obama have reason to hide his educational history? I believe he does. But I also want to provide some impartial and unemotional analysis of the “Obama files.” Obama does not fear extremists who exaggerate about his family and education. Rather, Obama is afraid of people who search for the truth about his personal history. That’s why I have been targeted.

On Tuesday night (August 7th) there were all kinds of wild stories circulating (more on the impact of this outburst in a later column) by a man who claimed to be “classmate” of Obama and others. Surprisingly, both MSNBC and Fox News jumped on the “education” story, from conflicting points of view. So what’s the story?

I believe we should look at each of the educational institutions Obama attended for clues to what he wants to conceal.

OCCIDENTAL COLLEGE: When Barack Obama (“Barry Obama” – see link below) left Hawai’i to become an Occidental College freshman he went to an elite and expensive private college. The obvious question: who paid for Obama’s two years attending Occidental? We do not know. Because Obama claims to have been an average student at Punahou School in Honolulu (another explosive forthcoming column) Obama’s claim that he received “scholarships” to Occidental sounds suspicious and has never been documented.

Obama’s family was not wealthy. His grandmother worked at a bank, but banks traditionally pay low salaries. It is doubtful his grandparents had the resources to pay for a private college and the travel expenses associated with going to school on the mainland. (Interestingly, Obama avoided attending the University of Hawai’i where his mother had begun her college education.)

Who paid? How was he accepted? What is he hiding?

I think the circumstantial evidence is overwhelming that Obama was admitted to Occidental College as some sort of foreign student, based on his claims about his Kenyan father, and that he was accepted despite his mediocre grades. One of the most enduring bogus emails on the Internet has been one announcing that Obama’s Occidental College records have been released. That is simply not true.

You can actually turn one of Obama’s supporters’ arguments around to understand how Obama acted. In defending his Hawai’ian birth (which I accept) supporters say: his family didn’t have a plan “x” number of years ago when he was born for him to become a public figure and run for president. True enough. But it is equally likely that when he applied to college he was looking for a hook into the mainland, and that he was willing to stretch the truth to get accepted at an expensive private college. He had no plan-to-be-president when he filled out his college applications. That’s why he lied to gain admission.

So who paid for Occidental? In my opinion, Frank Marshall Davis paid if anyone did. Whether Davis is Obama’s biological father (as I believe) or merely an ageing old racist who had money as a result of an advantageous marriage in Chicago, only Davis had the resources and the motivation to promote Obama to the mainland. To use Harry Reid’s trope, until and unless Obama proves otherwise I believe Obama’s educational expenses were paid for by Davis, and that Obama held himself out as some sort of foreign or “international” student to gain acceptance. He might have also received a small scholarship or stipend as a result of his “international” status, the same way his Kenyan “father” had years before at the University of Hawai’i. The disclosure of these Reid-inspired “facts” would be highly embarrassing to Obama.

It was at Occidental that Obama morphed from the Hawai’ian kid into the sophisticated leftist agitator he is today. What happened? Obama changed his name from “Barry” to “Barack” to promote his “Africanness.” Frank Marshall Davis knew a large number of influential people in the civil rights and Black community in Chicago. I believe it was while Obama was at Occidental that he became connected to Khalid Al-Mansour and began to tap Al-Mansour’s Saudi Arabian moneybags.

What I don't know is whether the Al-Mansour connection developed as a result of contacts originated by Davis, or whether Obama independently found his way to Al-Mansour’s doorstep in the vicinity of Occidental College.

Al-Mansour did not surface while Obama was at Occidental, as far as we know. But we continue to know very little about the financial aspects of Obama’s college years. I’m still searching.

COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY: After two years at Occidental, Obama transferred to Columbia University in New York. Although Wayne Allyn Root has now surfaced as a “classmate” of Obama’s, Root has not previously disclosed any of his “new” information about Obama-at-Columbia. (I would apply a screen of skepticism to Root’s claims.)

Root’s argument that Obama may have been admitted to Columbia as a “foreign” student, however, is plausible and is also consistent with my theory as to how Obama was admitted to Occidental. Root does not discuss Obama’s finances (Root claims not to have been aware of Obama’s presence at Columbia). But, once again, the question is raised: who paid for Columbia?

And once again I believe the explanation for Obama’s source of Columbia University financing is Frank Marshall Davis and Khalid Al-Mansour. I also invoke Harry Reid: until Obama produces credible evidence of how he paid for his Columbia education, I am entitled to believe Davis and Al-Mansour were the paymasters.

HARVARD LAW SCHOOL: Obama worked in Chicago under the tutelage of Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dohrn before he resumed his education at Harvard Law School. And once again we have the same questions: how did he get in, and who paid?

Luckily this time we have Percy Sutton's inadvertent admission that Obama was being funded and supported by Khalid Al-Mansour (see links below). Sutton had no reason to lie. His voice is as crisp as his statements are clear.

Al-Mansour was promoting Obama for Harvard Law School. Al-Mansour was providing cash as well as soliciting letters of recommendation for admission. Sutton’s remarks finally lift the veil of secrecy over who was financing Obama, and why.

Obama probably could not get away with claiming to be a “foreign student” at Harvard, which is why Percy Sutton’s recommendation and the cash provided by Al-Mansour made up for Obama’s earlier mediocre academic record at Columbia.

CONCLUSIONS: Obama has good reason to hide his college records. During his college years he changed his name (from Barry to Barack) and at some point he was financed by either Frank Marshall Davis (an anti-white racist) or Khalid Al-Mansour (an anti-Semitic, anti-white racist as well as a front for Saudi oil money). When you apply Obama’s now famous trope that “you didn’t build it yourself,” (a business) or “didn’t do it yourself," Obama is 100% correct in his case. He didn’t do any of the hard work himself. He had financial assistance from racists and anti-Semites and possibly even—indirectly—Saudi oil cash.

Harry Reid is an attorney and he knew when he made his accusations against Mitt Romney that circumstantial evidence and the “adverse inference rule” are tactics used by experienced trial lawyers. Likewise, I feel it is entirely fair to use “Harry's Rules” to interpret and analyze the limited circumstantial evidence, and to draw an adverse inference from Obama’s secrecy concerning his college records. To paraphrase Reid’s words, “If there is nothing to hide, why won’t you disclose? The burden is on you (Obama) to prove the available evidence is wrong and to ‘open your books.’”

WHY DAVID MARANISS MISSED THE FOREST FOR THE TREES: Washington Post editor David Maraniss wrote an honest book about Obama, but an incomplete one. Maraniss did not ask the hard questions, and he was preoccupied with interesting but ultimately irrelevant details (the girlfriend, the “choom gang”). I don’t think Maraniss is an evil man, but he was totally unprepared to dig into the hidden past of a character as complex and secretive as Obama.

THE FOOTNOTE THAT SHOULD SEND SHIVERS DOWN YOUR SPINE: Percy Sutton is dead (old age). Frank Davis is dead (also old age). But Khalid Al-Mansour is still alive. Only Al-Mansour knows the truth about his relationship to Obama’s progression from Hawai’ian high schooler to Harvard Law School graduate. And Al-Mansour has refused to speak. Interestingly, you don’t see mainstream media beating a path to Al-Mansour's door seeking his comments or evidence. Media scrupulously avoid seeking to investigate and interrogate Al-Mansour. There is an obvious media fear of digging too deep or trying too hard to unravel the mysteries of Barack Hussein Obama. I have not been afraid.


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