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Friday, December 21, 2012

New Hampshire news conference today: Andy Martin says school security should be the first priority

Andy Martin, America’s leading independent conservative writer and Internet Powerhouse, will hold a New Hampshire news conference today, December 20th to announce he is asking New Hampshire state legislators to adopt a statewide code for school security. “In the wake of the shooting in Connecticut, schools need clear and consistent security standards,” Andy says. “I also believe school security should be a national priority, at the state level, because ‘passive’ security measures do not require ‘gun control’ legislation and every school district may act immediately.”


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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin

says school security should be an immediate New Hampshire and national priority

Andy says “passive” school security standards and procedures could help avoid violence, deter “copycat” killers and provide a record for any necessary investigation

Andy says school security standards do not necessarily require national or state legislation and may be adopted immediately where local law allows

(MANCHESTER, NH) (December 20, 2012) New Hampshire Republican activist and Conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Manchester, New Hampshire news conference today, December 20th to announce he is asking New Hampshire state legislators to adopt a statewide school security policy for every New Hampshire school. Andy says legislators and statewide school boards or administrators nationally should also adopt school security standards to help avoid tragedies similar to the Newtown, Connecticut shooting.

“Politicians and political interest groups have announced they want a grand battle over ‘gun control,’” Andy says. “I have no problem with that. People are entitled to their opinions, even Vice President Joe Biden. I will certainly express my views on President Obama’s potential gun-grabbing.

“But as the adults battle in Washington and in state capitols, schoolchildren remain unprotected even though there are serious concerns about potential ‘copycat’ killers.

“Today I announce that I am asking New Hampshire state legislators to adopt a statewide code of school security standards and procedures. In other states this code could be adopted by legislators or statewide school administrators.

“Unlike gun control debates, which could drag on for many months and years, school security standards are an immediate statewide and national priority. Security procedures are not controversial and can be implemented immediately.

“Passive security can involve seeing that every school has security cameras installed. I am amazed at how many crimes today, including potential terrorist incidents, are solved due to pervasive security cameras in large cities. I am not aware that any security tapes exist of the attack in Newtown. Every school needs a system of security cameras. They are not particularly expensive to install, they deter crime, and they provide a permanent record in the event of an incident.

“Likewise, schools should have a detailed system of internal notification. Every classroom and school administrator should be able to sound a loud alarm bell and provide a kill switch to alert administrators if a security breach takes place.

“If the Sandy Hook receptionist had sounded a loud alarm bell, it is likely that Adam Lanza would have either retreated or killed himself sooner.

“Loud alarms alert criminals to the fact they are being resisted and they cost almost nothing to install.

“We know what went wrong in Newtown, and we know what went right. The principal had adopted an enhanced security system this year. The school was locked. While the security door did not stop Adam Lanza the locked entry may have delayed him and alerted others (which is why we need loud alarm bells in every area of the school) that an intruder was present.

“Security alarms should be directly linked to local first responders so the police call back immediately to confirm what is happening; ‘Passive’ security can still be proactive.

“I am sure school administrators and statewide administrators and legislators can study ‘best practices’ and arrive at a code for New Hampshire as well as for every school in the nation.

“While adults battle on over how to react to Newtown, we know how to enhance security and how especially to deter ‘copycat’ killers from succeeding. Despite the fact that we could take immediate action,” Andy says, “No one is pushing immediate action on statewide school security. That is, until today.

“I will continue to be a catalyst for protecting our children at every stage of the school day. I know that in New Hampshire some schools have been taking innovative steps to ensure children are properly called for (see link below) but I also realize that some local educators have relegated school security to a lesser priority (see link below). After today, there is no excuse for delay in adopting clear, consistent statewide school security standards for every school child in the nation.”

December 20th Manchester, NH news conference details:


New Hampshire Republican Party activist Andy Martin


Andy Martin says New Hampshire and every state should adopt a statewide code of school security standards and procedures


Manchester, NH; One City Hall Plaza (entrance to City Hall), Manchester, NH 03101


Thursday, December 20, 2012; 5:30 P.M.


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