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Friday, December 21, 2012

New Hampshire news conference today: Andy Martin says Senator Jeanne Shaheen’s Benghazi whitewash is a disgrace

Andy Martin, America’s leading independent conservative writer and Internet Powerhouse, will hold a New Hampshire news conference today, December 21st to criticize U. S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen for seeking to cover-up the Benghazi terror attacks in order to protect Shaheen’s political crony Secretary Hillary Clinton. “Clinton lied and Americans died,” Andy says. “And Jeanne Shaheen acts as a rubber-stamp for Clinton’s gross incompetence and mismanagement. What is wrong with this picture New Hampshire?” Andy says Shaheen should have demanded a genuinely independent investigation of the Benghazi fiasco. Instead Shaheen tried to protect Clinton and President Obama.


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Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin

Criticizes Senator Jeanne Shaheen for Shaheen’s “Benghazi Report” remarks

Andy says Hillary Clinton’s “new vogue,” of “accepting responsibility” for her own incompetence, in reality is a contempt of the American people

Andy demands an independent investigation of Hillary Clinton’s gross mismanagement and total abdication of responsibility on Libya and Benghazi

Andy says Jeanne Shaheen is now and would be in the future a “rubber stamp” for Hillary Clinton

(MANCHESTER, NH) (December 21, 2012) New Hampshire Republican activist and Conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Manchester, New Hampshire news conference today, December 21st to criticize U. S. Senator Jeanne Shaheen for trying to cover-up Secretary Hillary Clinton’s mismanagement of the Benghazi murders.

“Senator Shaheen’s attempt to play politics with the Benghazi terrorism victims is an embarrassment to New Hampshire,” says Andy. “Instead of criticizing Secretary Hillary Clinton for gross incompetence and mismanagement, and standing up for the victims, Shaheen sought to whitewash the report by ignoring the unanswered questions and the suspicious procedures used in Clinton’s ‘home cooked’ Benghazi ‘investigation.’

“How could you conduct a real investigation and not ask the Secretary of State what she knew and when she knew it? The State Department internal investigation, while critical of the Department, ultimately was total hogwash as a genuine investigative and truth-seeking effort.

“I would like Senator Shaheen to sit down with the victims’ families and tell them Shaheen does want to ‘relitigate’ the unnecessary and horrific deaths of their loved ones (see Union Leader link below).

“Senator Shaheen has developed a bad case of ‘Potomac Fever,’ to go with Hillary Clinton’s recent attack of imaginary brain damage and questionable ‘concussion.’ Instead of putting ‘country first,’ Shaheen has put friendship first and politics first in seeking to defend Clinton’s gross mismanagement of the Department of State.

“Claiming she was ‘ill,’ Clinton went into hiding just as her testimony was required and as a critical report on her stewardship of the State Department was scheduled to be released. How’s that for convenient timing?

“The ‘new vogue’ is for public officials to ‘accept responsibility’ for their own incompetence and mismanagement and hope that ‘accepting responsibility’ is an excuse and a substitute for the mess they create. Even her own flacks - the internal review board appointed by Clinton – essentially found she was incompetent. Why didn’t the ‘investigators’ question Clinton? Did they question Susan Rice? Did they question Obama? Apparently not.

“What kind of an ‘investigation’ did they conduct? A cover-up and whitewash.

“We need an independent investigation of the Benghazi terror attacks, or a joint congressional committee investigation, not a whitewash.

“Shaheen and Clinton dishonor the dead when they treat their lives as politically expendable.

“If Clinton had stayed at her desk and managed the State Department, instead of joyriding around the world to provide photo-ops for her future presidential campaign, four Americans would be alive and the Benghazi terror attack never would have happened.

“In 2008 Clinton ran a campaign ad questioning who could/would answer the ‘3:00 A.M. phone call.’ When that call came from Libya in 2012, Clinton was AWOL (absent without official leave). Maybe Clinton had another ‘concussion’ on September 11th, or a concussion all year when it came to protecting our diplomats in Libya.

“If President Obama had ever managed anything as sophisticated as a lemonade stand, he would have known that a ‘manger’ such as Clinton that has the jitters and won’t stay at her desk, should be let go. Thankfully, Clinton is retiring. Clinton is leaving office in disgrace, with the ‘Blood of Benghazi’ on her hands.

“But we are still stuck with Shaheen.

“New Hampshire is a patriotic state. We go to the defense of our citizens. We do not leave them to die alone, hours after an alarm bell has sounded that they are under attack. Instead of honoring the dead and calling for full disclosure, Jeanne Shaheen has tried to put a lid on the Benghazi fiasco.

“Shaheen’s response to Benghazi represented politics at its worst, not senators at their best. The People of New Hampshire have an ‘entitlement’ to adequate and proper national security. Clinton and Shaheen have dishonored any reasoned concept of national security. Shaheen says we should ‘forget the past, just look ahead.’ Well, we had security procedures in effect all during 2012. And those procedures failed. The procedures were manipulated for political effect.

“‘Looking forward’ is just an excuse for not looking at the failures of the Obama-Clinton-Shaheen foreign policy.

“Shaheen’s capitulation on Benghazi, and her failure to call for more investigation and more disclosure by independent investigators and not State Department shills, is a dishonor to the dead and an embarrassment to New Hampshire.

“Real Americans want the truth. Real Americans do not abandon other Americans when they are under attack,” Andy charges.

Andy will hold his news conference on the sidewalk in front of Shaheen’s Manchester office.

December 21st Manchester, NH news conference details:


New Hampshire Republican Party activist Andy Martin


Andy Martin accuses Senator Jeanne Shaheen of dishonoring the victims of the Benghazi terrorism attacks


Sidewalk news conference, outside Senator Shaheen’s Manchester office; 1589 Elm Street, Manchester, NH 03101


Thursday, December 20, 2012; 4:00 P.M.


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