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Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Hampshire news conference today: Andy Martin may lead New Hampshire GOP

Andy Martin, America’s leading independent conservative writer and Internet Powerhouse, will hold a New Hampshire news conference today, December 22nd to announce he is considering becoming a candidate to lead the New Hampshire Republican Party at the party’s statewide meeting on January 26th. “The Republican Party in New Hampshire is broken,” Andy says. “The legitimate question is who can put the pieces together and start the rebuilding process. Even before January 26th the party has divided into two ‘camps’ or factions. I don’t see how the ‘establishment’ has any claim to leadership when it has lost 8 of 9 gubernatorial elections. The establishment candidate, Jennifer Horn, is totally unqualified and a complete flake. Horn is the Democrats’ dream. Likewise, I am a conservative, but I recognize extremists have become a chain around the Republican Party locally and nationally. The GOP has to serve the people, instead of expecting the people to serve us. We are servants, not masters. I begin my period of discernment with that perspective.”


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Maverick Republican Andy Martin may run for Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party

Conservative blogger and Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin

says the GOP is broken locally in New Hampshire as well as nationally, and needs to “reboot” with leaders who are committed to pubic service, not political infighting

Andy is beginning a period of “discernment” and asking New Hampshire Republicans to consider and evaluate his proposals for party reform

Andy says the state GOP has already “divided” before the January 26th statewide meeting; Andy believes his experience and skills as a mediator can bring the warring camps together

Andy says Jennifer Horn is the Democratic party’s “dream candidate” for GOP leader

(MANCHESTER, NH) (December 22, 2012) New Hampshire Republican activist and Conservative blogger Andy Martin will hold a Manchester, New Hampshire news conference today, December 22nd to announce he has advised party staffers he may run to become the Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party.

“Superficially I maybe an improbable candidate,” Andy says. “But I am a lot more ‘probable’ than Jennifer Horn, who is the Democratic Party’s dream for Republican Party chairman. Horn is shrill, divisive and extreme on the issues. I don’t know Andrew Hemingway and I hope to learn more about him during the process. But Hemingway’s supporters have already moved to their ‘own side of the room,’ and are preparing to fight Horn. So the party is totally divided already.

“In the past, I have done well mediating disputes where opposing parties/factions would not speak to each other. I can certainly be oppositional but that is not the role I would play as state chairman.

“We need a healer and a uniter. We need someone committed to reforming the Republican Party.

“I have some ideas, and in the next few days I am going to put pen to paper and publish my ideas for Republicans across the state to consider. They can like or dislike what I have to say. But no one can challenge my experience. I went to work on Capitol Hill 47 years ago. Over the decades I have seen the ebb and flow of both parties.

“During 2011 I was Jack Kimball’s first opponent after Jack became chairman; eventually Kimball was dumped. Horn was Kimball’s acolyte. Then she turned around and stabbed Jack in the back. If Jack wants to bury the hatchet with me, I’m all ears and I will sit down just as soon as Jack is ready to break bread. I believe we can incorporate Tea Party views and values in the GOP. Jack’s supporters can play an important role in rebuilding the party.

“But I am unalterably opposed to Jennifer Horn. Horn represents the ‘death wish’ of the New Hampshire Republican leadership. This New Hampshire GOP ‘leadership’ has given the keys to the Governor’s office to the Democrats in 8 of the last 9 elections. These people are not ‘leaders;’ they are losers. Given their track record they have no right to look down on me or question my own qualifications.

“So, in a nutshell, what’s wrong with the New Hampshire GOP? Republicans have come to expect the people to follow our diktats, instead of us leading and building public opinion. The national platform has become increasingly extreme due to the work of Jennifer Horn and other extremists. While Horn’s handiwork has become more extreme, the State of New Hampshire has become more moderate. There is no way Jennifer Horn can lead Republicans to victory when she is out of step with current New Hampshire views and values.

“I know the right is always bellyaching ‘if only we had a more conservative candidate’ but in 2012 even Republican primary voters knew becoming more extreme was a suicide strategy.

“What we need is a unity strategy. Horn’s candidacy has polarized part of the party, and her sudden makeover as an ‘establishment’ candidate is doomed to failure.

“State Democratic Chairman Ray Buckley was being very generous to tell the Union Leader’s John DiStaso that New Hampshire is a purple’ state (link below). New Hampshire is blue, blue, blue. In 2012 the Democrats outspent the Republicans by almost 10-1. How can Republicans be serious contenders in New Hampshire when they are outspent 10-1?

“Ironically, in seeking to emulate George W. Bush’s guru Karl Rove, Democrats in New Hampshire and in the Obama campaign have ‘exceeded the master.’ Democratic Party technology today is far more powerful than that of the Republicans, which is why Mitt Romney lost.

“Mike Biundo recently had an excellent column in the Union Leader in which he compared the Republicans’ ‘ground game’ with the Democrats’ ‘ground game.’ There is no ‘comparison.’ Basically, the Republicans don’t have any game.

“Obama’s lasting legacy may be that he has left behind a technology platform and technology outreach that gives New Hampshire Democrats a massive head start for 2014.

“Obama has transformed state and national politics by imposing the Chicago style of perpetual campaigning on the national stage. Obama never stopped campaigning after 2008, and he is not going to stop campaigning until he is dragged out of the oval office in 2017. Republicans are deluding themselves if they think they have seen the last of the Obama campaign.

“Obama’s operatives had a lesbian rabbi in Concord try to smear me last year because Obama’s people were afraid I would gain traction in helping Republicans learn how to confront and campaign against Obama’s Chicago-style ‘machine.’ Kimball fell for the ruse, but I long ago forgave Jack. But unless New Hampshire Republicans learn to understand Chicago-style politics we can’t fight what the Democratic Party has become in New Hampshire and nationally: an all-encompassing, European socialist perpetual motion machine.

“My Greek-American ancestors came to Manchester 100 years ago. They realized the America Dream. The American Dream can still work and will work for those who are prepared to work and work hard. I grew up playing on Elm Street, around the corner from where I now live. Should I be selected as Chairman I will constantly endeavor to do honor to my ancestors’ legacy of love for this great nation and this great state.

“I am going to give the question of seeking the Chairmanship serious thought and discernment. My decision will come next week.

“In the meantime, people are welcome to write or call me. I try to personally answer the phone during the day. I would be accessible as chairman.

“If I do decide to become a candidate for party chairman I will be a candidate with new ideas. I will challenge Horn and Hemingway to a series of statewide debates before January 26th so we can see if they have new ideas, or whether they are peddling the same old strategies that have made the New Hampshire GOP a laughingstock in New Hampshire.”

December 22nd Manchester, NH news conference details:


New Hampshire Republican Party activist Andy Martin


Andy Martin says he may run for Chairman of the New Hampshire Republican Party


Manchester, NH; One City Hall Plaza (entrance to City Hall), Manchester, NH 03101


Saturday, December 22nd, 2012; 12:00 noon


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