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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mark Sanford: Andy Martin has kind words for South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford

Andy Martin, one of America’s leading conservative authors/investigators, says he may be the only one who feels sympathy for South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford. Andy says Jenny Sanford’s passive-aggressive behavior is no basis to reject Mark, the conservative candidate for congress. Andy also has some surprising advice for Jenny Sanford and South Carolina media.


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Conservative columnist and corruption-fighter Andy Martin writes about South Carolina congressional candidate Mark Sanford

Andy Martin has some strong advice for Jenny Sanford and South Carolina media

(CHICAGO) (April 14, 2013)

[Disclaimer: Andy has never met Mark or Jenny Sanford and has no personal knowledge of the Sanford marriage breakdown or subsequent events. Andy is responding to the latest media brouhaha over Mark Sanford having viewed the Super Bowl with his son, an act that prompted a criminal charge from Jenny Sanford.]

I went to the Illinois General Assemble in 1965. So I have spent almost a half century in the political process, in state capitols, in Washington, and just about everywhere else where information is traded and deals are made.

Politics is an insidious process that invests ordinary men and women with extraordinary powers. Some people can ignore the pressures, others are consumed by them. Not everyone can resist the temptations of public office. Some people have genuine marriages; others project a cameo for public consumption. We do not live in a perfect world.

When the Mark Sanford/Jenny Sanford marriage collapsed I took slightly more interest because Jenny is from Illinois and as everyone knows I have spent a lot of years in Illinois.

But I never truly understood what a witch Jenny Sanford could be until the “trespassing scandal” erupted this week.

Mrs. Sanford is an intelligent, accomplished woman who helped propel her husband close to the mountaintop of political success. Mark and Jenny most likely married in good faith. (I have never been married so I am no expert on marriage.)

But “modern” marriage is a strange institution. Conservatives say “marriage” is under attack by gays. (Where are the gay generals and where are the homosexual armies?) Traditional marriage, where two people of similar backgrounds married and lived their lives together in a homogenous environment is indeed an endangered species. Today people are mobile. “Love” is as close as a mouse click. People move. Attitudes change.

My parents divorced in prehistoric times when I was five. At the time it was a shattering experience. Yet in the decades since divorce has become more common, more understood and more accepted. Not every marriage can or will last unto eternity and for those who end up in unhappy marriages that is a good thing.

Which takes me back to the Sanfords.

Obviously, something went astray in their marriage. The pressures and fissures exploded four years ago when Mr. Sanford “disappeared.” Sanford acted like a confused, middle-aged love puppy. Men and women sometimes act that way.

Jenny Sanford got a divorce and took with her from the governor’s mansion the whole armor of aggrievement to which a wronged spouse may be entitled.

But the Sanford marriage legally ended three years ago; (it obviously “ended” some time before that). The parties have a right to go their separate ways and to live out their lives. Sensible parents are also the best resource for the children of divorce.

And, here, in April 2013, we find a “trespassing scandal” triggered by Jenny Sanford last January. The “trespassing” affair has engendered hand-winging, vitriol and the usual two-faced type of chicanery we have come to expect from the political class (see links below).

Please forgive me if I have no sympathy for Jenny and something of a sympathetic attitude towards Mark. In fact I find Jenny so irritating and her behavior so juvenile and seventh-gradeish, that if I lived in South Carolina I would vote for Mark to spite Jenny.

What is Mark’s “crime?” He watched the Super Bowl with his son? South Carolina taxpayers have to pay the judicial process to investigate this imaginary crime? Jenny Sanford should be ashamed of herself.

No divorce decree, however well argued and however artfully drawn by expert lawyers, can anticipate every little situation in a dissolved marriage. Little doo-hickeys come up all the time. Did Mark have to “lawyer-up” to watch a TV show with his son, when Jenny was away and the son was alone? Sometimes parties to a divorce use these doo-hickeys to abuse their former spouses. That appears to be the case with Jenny. Mrs. Sanford is an abusive former spouse.

There is no way the Sanford divorce papers could have anticipated days when Jenny would be away from home (with a boy friend?), and a son would be “home alone” and dad would come calling with some chips and dip (no salsa, please).

But what the “trespassing” scandal inadvertently does is open a window into Jenny Sanford’s passive-aggressive view of divorce.

The marriage imploded four years ago. But Jenny Sanford is still imploding, exploding and whatever. The divorce was final three years ago. I don’t remember when Governor Sanford announced he was now “engaged” and I am not going to waste the time to research the precise date. Divorced people remarry all the time. Governor Sanford’s “status” is no secret to me, South Carolinians and presumably Jenny Sanford.

Then why is it that the Sanford boys have been hermetically sealed off from their father’s new life? Bolton Sanford did not see his father’s fiancée until April 2nd, three years after the divorce? Bolton is a young man, not a small child. (Presumably he has some sort of “partner” of his own (how do we say “straight” or “gay” any more?) So Bolton faces the same challenges as any senior high schooler.

And yet “Mama Sanford” did not want her son, or sons, to be soiled with the reality of their father’s after-marriage life? Was Mark expected to remain celibate? Wear sackcloth and ashes? Why the attempts to “divorce” the sons from their father? If Jenny Sanford were my mom, I would cringe at her “trespassing” accusations against my father. Are the sons going to be asked to testify during the “investigation?” Jenny is making herself look bad and needlessly abusing her sons.

Because public life/private lives are inherently conflicting and confusing I am not sure Mark even knows what went wrong in his marriage. Falling “out” of love is just as mysterious as falling in love. But Mark wanted to be a “dad" on Super Bowl Sunday, and he ran into an ex spouse that decided to punish him for being a dad. Now that’s sad.

Jenny Sanford needs to lighten up, or her second marriage and/or current relationship will also sour.

And so herewith is my free “legal” advise for Jenny, Republicans, South Carolina media and Mark:

To Jenny:

[1] Immediately drop your idiotic trespassing complaint because the matter can only embarrass you and injure your children. Your passive-aggressive efforts to harass your former husband will backfire in the long term. [2] Stop trying to play the victim if you want to have a new life of your own; real men don’t like women like you. Mark has moved on; so should you. [3] Please issue a brief statement and apologize for the “trespassing” brouhaha and state that Mark should be judged on his merits, not on the basis of any disagreements the two of you may have.

To South Carolina Republicans:

If you like Mark Sanford, vote for him. Don’t let political and media hypocrites in Washington control your vote.

To South Carolina media, a short editorial:

“There’s no ‘there’ there” to the latest Sanford “scandal.” Your vote for or against Mark Sanford should be based on his own merits and not on the basis of ongoing conflicts with his ex-wife.

Finally, to Mark:

Buddy, before you do anything further which can be mischaracterized and cooked up into a scandal, please call me.

Love to all.


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