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Friday, October 11, 2013

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s presidency has been “exploded” by Obama’s IED (Improvised Electoral Device) editor and New Hampshire U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says that this week Barack Obama’s presidential legacy was defined and destroyed by an IED (“Improvised Electoral Device). A month ago Obama sat atop the political world, a paper maché warrior confident that his plan to lure Republicans into a “box canyon” would “terminate the Republican Party with extreme prejudice.” But while a “shutdown solution” remains to be finalized, Andy predicts history will confirm that instead of killing off the Republican Party, Obama destroyed the Democrats and sealed his own fate. Andy equates the term “improvised explosive device,” a random form of unconventional explosive, with Obama’s “improvised electoral device” which Obama planned to use to win the 2014 election. This week Obama destroyed himself by a self-inflicted IED, an “Improvised Electoral Device.” Obama’s attempt to profit politically from the conservative-inspired government shutdown ended up costing Obama his presidency and his legacy.

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New Hampshire Republican leader and U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin says Barack Obama’s government shutdown has boomeranged on the president

Andy says that Barack Obama’s actions and Jay Carney’s words will live in infamy. “When Americans heroes needed to be honored, Jay Carney says Barack Obama called his lawyers”

Andy says Barack Obama had exploded an “Improvised Electoral Device” on himself

(Manchester, NH) (October 12, 2013) On April 19th I wrote that the Obama Administration was R.I.P. I called the timing of the “hinge of fate” for president Obama almost precisely down to the day. Obama has been on a steady downward trend since then.

This week Barack Obama’s presidential legacy also died. You wouldn’t know that from the nightly bloviation of the cable TV bobbleheads. Conservative bobbleheads are savaging Senator Ted Cruz and Tea Party Republicans for “losing the shutdown,” when in fact the Tea Party and Republican conservatives have achieved one of the greatest victories since the Boston Tea Party.

Liberal bobbleheads claim Obama has won a great victory, that the Republicans have been vanquished by their own conservative base and that Republicans will be wiped out in 2014. It ain’t so.

When I began writing about Barack Obama eight (8) years ago, and exposing his incompetence and perfidiousness, I pointed out Obama wasn’t a “real” lawyer. Apart from a couple of perfunctory appearances in court, Obama had never represented a client, never written a complaint (a formal legal claim) and had never signed any documents in the Circuit Court of Cook County. Real lawyers deal with real choices, they deal with client needs, and they often confront corrupt judges and an imperfect judicial system. Real lawyers learn to negotiate and settle cases. “Trials” are usually a last resort.

Obama was purely an academic devotee of the law. Obama has studied the law as an academic exercise and he knows just enough of it to be dangerous to himself. In particular, he doesn’t know why or how or when to “negotiate.” Obama has no business in politics, and no business occupying space in the Oval Office.

I worked in the 89th Congress. I witnessed close up one of the great presidential negotiators use his negotiating skills to change the face of America, for better and for worse. I saw one of the Republican Party’s greatest negotiators run a rearguard strategy and slow down a liberal tide that was all but unstoppable. I have spent my life “reading” opponents, negotiating solutions, trying to obtain the best deal, not always the greatest deal, possible.

This week Obama exploded an IED (an “Improvised Electoral Device”) in the Oval Office. Obama will forever be remembered as the president who dishonored our war dead and our valiant veterans. By the end of this week, Friday, today, Obama’s legacy was shattered. All that remain of our presidential Ozymandias are the smile and the ears.

Liberal commentators have been counting the votes they will reap in 2014 from the current shutdown. They are wrong. They are living in a liberal media bubble. In reality they will reap a legacy of tears, they will harvest a lifeless crop from the poisoned seeds planted by a “president that never was” and for a dream that could never be. Obama’s opponents have skewered him throughout his presidency, and even while he was still a candidate, for not being “one of us” and for belonging to the “other.” This week Obama proved he belongs to the “other,” that he is not “one of us.” Barack Obama is anti-American. Period.

Last month Congress made clear that it wanted to pay the military when the inevitable government shutdown and showdown began. As with any hastily drafted law, the statute provided in general language for "pay and allowances" to the troops. No reasonable, no rational person could claim that paying a death benefit to a fallen trooper is outside the scope of “pay and allowances.” The Pay Our Military Act was deemed so straightforward and noncontroversial that it takes up barely a full page (see link below).

But Obama managed to find “lawyers” within the Department of Justice and Department of Defense to play word games with the language so as to disable payment of benefits due to our fallen heroes. Who these lawyers are is unknown. But their identities will  eventually become known. And their legal careers will remain mired in infamy and disgrace to the end of their days.

I have never been privileged to wear our uniform on active duty. But I come from a long line of military officers and paramilitary agents. My father and grandfather were warriors. My Uncle Bill Vasiliou, a UNH graduate, was a combat engineer in the Pacific. My mom, a 1940 UNH graduate, went to war in 1941 and eventually served in OSS. Honor was an important part of my upbringing. I have seen the face of war, and I have seen the face of death.

I can still visualize the face of U. S. Marine Lt. Hale, a ruddy-faced kid who wore glasses. One day south of Da Nang he triggered a booby trap and was no more. The next day I accompanied Capt. Charles Robb to Graves Registration to identify Hale’s remains. There was no body. In Viet-Nam I saw dead bodies lying in the sun, being eaten by flies and vermin. In Cambodia I saw dead bodies carved up like pork chops, and dumped on a truck. The face of war is ugly.

The loss of a loved one is unspeakable. The loss never dies. When we use the term “hero” I know what that term involves. Sacrifice even to the point of death. That is why America has always shown the utmost honor and greatest respect to our fallen. Medals of Honor are awarded to those who refused to abandon the dead. It is national policy that we carefully and lovingly prepare them for final resting. Those who breach these covenants have been excoriated. There is no “politics” where our fallen heroes repose for eternity. Only silence, and eternal honor.

Today, almost 70 years after D-Day and Iwo Jima, we are still learning about the horrors U.S. troops encountered there (I have a column in preparation about Democrat Bill de Blasio and his reaction to the sacrifices of his father). Ronald Reagan was no warrior, but he understood that the sacrifices of the “Boys of Pointe du Hoc” would live in honor and glory forever (please see link below).

This week there were tears in my eyes as I witnessed Barack Obama and his “lawyers” dishonoring our war dead.

Throughout history, from the earliest times, the dead of war have been accorded a special place of honor. They died in defense of the state, of the people, of the nation, of life itself. Our war dead represent the best in all of us, their willingness to sacrifice humbling our ordinary lives, their willingness to obey the laws as written by the Congress and as “faithfully executed” by the president ensuring our peace and prosperity at home.

But when it came to “faithfully executing” the “Pay Our Military Act,” (see link blow) Obama stooped to play politics with the lifeless bodies of our fallen heroes. Can you please forgive the tears in my eyes? I wept for the flag, and I feel only compassion for the decent Americans who have been bamboozled into voting for the ultimate anti-American, Barack Obama, twice.

Here is what the Pay Our Military Act language actually says:

(1) such sums as are necessary to provide pay and allowances to members of the Armed Forces (as defined in section 101(a)(4) of title 10, United States Code), including reserve components thereof, who perform active service during such period;

Is there any way anyone, legal expert or high school graduate, could rationally or reasonable argue that a death benefit is not part of the “pay and allowances” of military personnel? How could any lawyer ignore and pervert the clear intent of Congress?

This was not a case of a poorly drafted law. The language is succinct and explicit, intentionally so. This was the case of a law where Congressional intent was so clear and so non-controversial and so universally accepted that it only took one page to adopt the Pay Our Military Act. This was no discombobulated 2,000+ page Obamacare. One page said it all. Pay our men and women in uniform their “pay and allowances.” (You are probably seeing the actual text, and the actual brevity of the statute for the first time in this column.)

Only evil and evil people could distort “pay and allowances” by interpreting the words to exclude death benefits for military service.

And so, after eight years of writing about Obama, and years of saying I dislike him politically but bear him no personal grudge, I am forced to state, unequivocally, Barack Obama and his anti-American posse in the White House are pure, unmitigated evil.

The government shutdown didn’t put the Republicans in a “box canyon” as Harry Reid expected. It is Barack Obama, his administration and his legacy that blundered into a box canyon when they locked up our outdoors military memorials, locked out every American and especially honored veterans, and when they then locked down the national mall, only to reopen it for illegal aliens to hold a rally.

Obama sought to use the bereaved families of our fallen heroes as fodder for his evil political machinations. For shame.

No, Obama will not benefit from this shutdown. Obama is being destroyed. His legacy has turned to dust. He has disgraced not only himself, he has disgraced the Democrats who parrot his obscenities on cable TV, and who march blindly with Obama into the garbage pail of history.

Barack Obama has not just energized the Republican “base” for 2014, the dreaded “base” that strikes fear in the hearts of beltway bs’ers. Obama has energized the American people to rise up and stand against his infamous administration and, yes, rise up against Obama’s “lawyers” as well.

Obama thought he could use the government shutdown as an Improvised Electoral Device to destroy the Republicans. The tactic has boomeranged. He has destroyed himself. Obama has inflicted a fatal wound on his own legacy with his own Improvised Electoral Device.

I have been “right” about Barack Obama since I began writing about the man in 2004. I am right again today. The government shutdown will be seen by historians as a classic self-inflicted wound, as the point at which Barack Obama’s ego and evil empire and his evil agenda for America finally destroyed themselves.

May God Bless America. And may God forgive Barack Obama and those who march in his footsteps, for the evil they have done to our fallen heroes and for the evil they are doing to our Constitution.


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