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Friday, July 18, 2014

U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin predicted Barack Obama’s foreign policy paralysis - in 2007

As Barack Obama was announcing his candidacy for president in 2007 analyst/columnist Andy Martin prepared a “Psychological Profile of Barack Obama.” Andy’s analysis predicted with uncanny accuracy how Barack Obama would “freeze up” in the White House. Andy, who was in Iran in 1979 and 1980, remembers the disintegration of the U.S. Government under President Jimmy Carter. Andy’s analysis today focuses on the Russian attack on a Malaysian airliner Thursday, and President Obama’s casual response to the murder of 300 passengers. Andy is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senator in New Hampshire. “I’m not the leading candidate,” Andy says. “But I am the only Republican who can tackle Obama and stop his defeatist agenda. Granite Staters have an unusual opportunity to send a highly qualified candidate to Washington.”
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Republican U. S. Senate candidate Andy Martin compares his experiences during the Iran hostage crisis (1979-1980) to President Barack Obama’s current paralysis in the Oval Office

Andy says America is now being “held hostage” by a president who has only a tenuous connection to American exceptionalism, a president whose lack of competence and whose emotional detachment are creating a “perfect storm” for American foreign policy and American national security

Andy says Obama is a worse president than Jimmy Carter

(Manchester, NH) (July 18, 2014) 

Dear Republican:

If you have seen the movie “Argo” you know how Hollywood portrays Iran in January, 1980. I was actually in Iran in January, 1980 and vividly remember the experience. In an extraordinary journey, I traveled across Iran encountering situations which were so dangerous I can barely understand how I took each step. My Afghan counterpart [he was later killed in Afghanistan] and I literally drove to the Afghanistan border with Iran and linked up with the mujahideen who were fighting the Russian invasion.

Thirty-five years later, we are once again fighting the Russians. Quite unexpectedly, the Cold War has returned.

I had originally planned to write to you today about Scott Brown’s failed U. S. Senate campaign in New Hampshire. But I put aside my Brown notes after learning of the senseless slaughter of 298 airline passengers and after witnessing President Barack Obama’s detached reaction to the attack on these helpless human beings. My remarks on Brown will hopefully reach you on Saturday. (Brown is not going anywhere before then.)

I not only lived through the Carter era I was in Tehran during the hostage crisis at the American Embassy. I saw the chaos created by Carter’s confused and ambiguous foreign policy. Those who missed the “Carter Years” can now relive them as the “Obama Years.” Chaos has returned. History is repeating itself. America is once again being held hostage. This time by our own president.

Unlike my opponents for the U. S. Senate I am not a politician in the conventional sense of the term. Yes, I can handle the “politics” of a campaign. And I know how to campaign (again unlike my opponents). But I have primarily been involved in public service and fostering the “exceptionalism” that all of us who love America understand.

Obama does not appreciate or accept American exceptionalism, which is why he is a colossal failure as a president.

In a couple of weeks I will “celebrate” ten (10!) years since I first exposed Barack Obama as a political fraud (see link below). I wrote my first criticism of Obama in August, 2004. What distinguishes me as a candidate is that I am probably the only Republican who has delved deeply into Obama’s psyche and analyzed the source of his ambivalence and antipathy to our great nation.

When Obama announced his candidacy in 2007 I prepared a “Psychological Profile of Barack Obama.” The Profile is part of my book “Obama: The Man Behind the Mask.” We often pass out free copies of a special edition of “Mask” for New Hampshire Republicans. Others have to pay for a copy.

In 2007 I gathered up all of the information we knew about Obama and added my own independent research. I sifted through the evidence with friends and colleagues. And here is what I predicted if Obama reached the Oval Office (pp. 9-10 of “Mask”):

Can his personality stand the stress? Probably not…And, ultimately, he will get tired of himself…Obama’s personality matrix left Obama weak inside, weak under the surface, “all sail and no anchor.” He learned to avoid conflict, not fight…He will strive to be a strong leader on the surface, using powerful language and images; but inside he will still be the pied piper of powerlessness. And know it...War is war, but war is also psychology. Obama’s psychology is weak. His presentation today [in February 2007] was weak, and his approach to dealing with his adversaries will ultimately come to be seen as weak.

Sound familiar? Sound like the Obama we know and do not love? I analyzed him and predicted his weakness in office - in 2007. Even liberals have finally realized Obama is not a fighter. He won’t fight for their causes. If he won’t fight for his “base,” why would he battle on behalf of a country he doesn’t love and could care less about?

Against a cold-blooded KGB agent like Vladimir Putin, Obama doesn’t stand a chance. And we are the victims.

That is why Obama was so unemotional and detached on Thursday when he learned about the Russian attack on the Malaysian airliner. That is also why we still don’t know what he did on the evening of September 11, 2012 when our mission in Benghazi, Libya was attacked.

Obama can’t deal with the real world and embrace his obligation to defend our Constitution and our national security. Obama prefers to live in the fantasy world of campaign fundraisers and celebrity hobnobbing.

Obama is still “The Man Behind the Mask.” I got him right in 2007.



P.S. I may be an underdog in the primary but I am the only Republican candidate who has the experience and who is prepared to stand up to Obama and stop his defeatist/surrenderist agenda. It is not often a “political candidate” has the worldwide experience I do. Please consider giving me your vote. Who is more qualified to fight for your values? Who is more qualified to take on Obama?


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