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Friday, September 19, 2014

Chicago news conference Tuesday: Andy Martin condemns Obama for sending 3000 American military personnel to fight Ebola

Contrarian Commentary editor Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference Tuesday evening to condemn President Barack Obama for sending thousands of U. S. military and civilian personnel to Africa to be exposed to the Ebola virus. “We can’t even contain a children’s’ viral outbreak in the Midwest,” Andy says, “and we are going to rescue Africa from Ebola? I hate to sound a dissenting note but Obama’s plan to use the American military as guinea pigs in the battle against Ebola is absolute insanity. The US can and should offer measured help. But exposing thousands of Americans to Ebola is not a rational response to Africa's failure to take care of its own people.”
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Announcement of Chicago news conference Tuesday

Attention national and Chicago daybook/assignment editors

Andy Martin slams President Barack Obama for sending thousands of U.S. military and civilian personnel to Africa to fight Ebola

Andy says it is inevitable that Americans will be exposed to Ebola on a massive scale, and that a domestic Ebola crisis could be triggered by Obama’s illogical scheme here at home

Andy says Obama is using US troops as guinea pigs by unnecessarily exposing them to the lethal Ebola virus

(CHICAGO) (September 16, 2014) Contrarian Commentary editor Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Tuesday evening, September 16th, to condemn President Barack Obama’s plan to send 3,000 U.S. military personnel to Africa to fight the Ebola virus. “Obama is using our solders and civilian personnel as guinea pigs,” Andy charges. “No western nation has ever willingly placed thousands of its citizens in harm’s way of a killer virus. In the Midwest, authorities currently have been unable to contain a children’s’ virus and the contagion is spreading to other states.

“How are we going to save several African countries from their own mismanagement of public health resources? When does Africa assume responsibility for itself? Obama’s plan is utter insanity.

“To date the US has avoided infection with Ebola at home because of the small number of volunteer Americans who are fighting the disease overseas. But even with just three or four cases, a massive mobilization was necessary to evacuate Americans who became infected. If Obama exposes thousands (and then more thousands through rotation) of our military and civilian employees to this killer virus how can we avoid massive exposure to Ebola? What if something goes wrong and we suddenly have 100 Ebola patients, or more?

“Some people have criticized China for being silent. China, of course, is notorious for abysmal public health management. But China is seeking to exploit Africa’s mineral resources and also seeking to take a leading role in managing African economic development. Why isn’t China sending thousands of its own citizens to be exposed to Ebola?

“Obama has been widely praised by public health activists for his plan to expose the American military to Ebola infection. But we elected a president to protect the national security of the United States, not to be a do-gooder and expose our nation to a potential Ebola epidemic here at home. Obama should be erring on the side of caution but instead he is throwing caution to the winds.

“Is Obama deliberately trying to spread the Ebola epidemic to the United states? Obama’s behavior is dangerous, high risk, unnecessary and potentially devastating to our troops and ordinary American citizens.

“By all means let’s send medical aid and supplies to Africa. I support that effort. But let us use volunteer agencies to distribute and manage the aid, not soldiers. When did our volunteer Army volunteer to be exposed to a lethal viral epidemic? Obama’s action could jeopardize military enlistments.

“Thirty years ago during the early stages of the AIDS epidemic I was friendly with someone who became an AIDS patient. Later I visited my friend in the hospital. No one really knew how the virus was transmitted. But when I saw the red quarantine sign on the door I knew I was voluntarily exposing myself to something partially unknown. My friend and I knew each other through Episcopal Church theology school. I said a prayer and took the chance. I made a choice to take the risk.

“But no one is asking our military to volunteer for the Ebola expedition. They are being ordered into harm’s way. Obama is misusing the military. Obama is dispatching troops to Africa at a time when he is firing tens of thousands of experienced officers and enlisted men and shrinking the Army to pre-World War II size. Is this another phase of his scheme to disarm America? How can we say we don’t have enough military for military missions but we have enough military for Ebola missions?

“Will no one stop Obama from endangering America?” Andy demands.


September 16, 2014 Chicago news conference details:


Contrarian Commentary editor Andy Martin


Andy Martin condemns President Obama’s proposal to use thousands of U. S. military troops in Africa to fight Ebola


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets,
Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 7:00 P.M.


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