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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

CHICAGO NEWS CONFERENCE: Andy Martin - Is President Obama deliberately infecting the United States?

Contrarian Commentary editor and Obama researcher Andy Martin reviews the evidence of how two (2) current public health crises in America have their origins in deliberate policies supported by President Barack Obama. Is Obama's "third World" orientation endangering the American people by fostering the importation of infectious diseases into the United States? Andy made a very accurate prediction of the Ebola crisis -- on September 16th.

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Attention Chicago, National daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of Chicago news conference Wednesday afternoon

Andy Martin asks: Is Barack Obama deliberately or negligently infecting the American people with deadly diseases?

Andy says the evidence is overwhelming that Obama administration policies are creating an ongoing series of public health emergencies in the United States

Andy charges that "President Obama is 'outsourcing' our national security to African government employees"

(CHICAGO, IL) (October 22, 2014)  I am often asked if we exaggerate in calling the "Internet Powerhouse," a term that was applied to my investigative analysis during the 2008 president election. Beginning in 2004 I started exposing the truth about Barack Obama. My 2007 Psychological Profile of the future president predicted he would be unable to function in the Oval Office. Obamabots have paid me the ultimate compliment of relentless personal attacks and bogus "biographies" in Wikipedia. But still I keep publishing the truth.

After losing a primary election on September 9th I have been on a national tour promoting conservative causes and supporting Republican candidates.

And, on September 16th I held a news conference in Chicago with this subject: Chicago news conference - "Is Barack Obama trying to infect the US with Ebola?" You can read the full story at link [1] below.

Here is part of what I had to say on September 16th:

No western nation has ever willingly placed thousands of its citizens in harm’s way of a killer virus. In the Midwest, authorities currently have been unable to contain a children’s’ virus and the contagion is spreading to other states.

To date the US has avoided infection with Ebola at home because of the small number of volunteer Americans who are fighting the disease overseas. But even with just three or four cases, a massive mobilization was necessary to evacuate Americans who became infected. If Obama exposes thousands (and then more thousands through rotation) of our military and civilian employees to this killer virus how can we avoid massive exposure to Ebola? What if something goes wrong and we suddenly have 100 Ebola patients, or more?

I think you will agree my analysis was accurate and very predictive. Because I am trained as a lawyer and analyst I use descriptive analytics instead of quantitative analysis to "see over the horizon." It is a "contrarian" approach and he results speak for themselves.

But now we have to address the broader picture. Are Obama's policies deliberately or negligently infecting and endangering the American people? In my opinion the answer is yes.

Point One. The enterovirus D68 which attacks children has to date killed more children than Ebola, and D68 continues to kill children (see link [2] below for more information). It is highly likely that the surprise outbreak of this deadly substance (D68) was imported as a result of the "children's invasion" of the USA by Central American activists last summer. Obama's deliberate effort to flood the United States with illegal immigrants is now literally killing our own children.

Point Two. Obama's "experts," and the president himself, promised us the Ebola contagion was under control and would not reach the United States. He was wrong. Obama's approach? To keep lying abut the Ebola epidemic in Africa and its potential danger to Americans. (I will have more to say about that on Thursday.)

Some of Obama's enemies accuse him of having a "Third World" orientation. Obama's supporters on the other hand accuse his opponents of unfairly attacking the president as "the Other." Obama's opponents obviously have the better of the argument.

It is inescapable that Obama's policies are leading to mass infection and unnecessary deaths in the United States. The recent epidemic of D68 didn't just appear out of nowhere. Like many pathogens it is "out there." There is no medical dispute that "children" from Central America illegally entering the USA last summer brought D68 with them. D68 is a child killer. How would you feel if your youngster had died as a result of an infection brought into this country at Obama's direction and under his supervision by illegal aliens?

Likewise Obama has doggedly refused to quarantine or control citizens from Ebola-infected nations. He insists our "doors stay open," to aid those nations, not ours. Clearly, Obama is putting African nations before his responsibilities to the American people.

President Obama decries "outsourcing" of American jobs. But he has become the ultimate "outsourcer" by delegating the initial step in screening African passengers to African governments (see link [3] below). No one should begin a trip in Africa that will lead them to the United States without U.S. Government control at every stage of the journey. "Trusting" African government employees to screen for a public health emergency when their governments have failed to contain the contagion is irresponsible behavior by Obama and his public health cronies.

Obama has promised to take more illegal actions after the November election. Is it any wonder that Americans in all probability face a constitutional crisis and political confrontation in the New Year?

Barack Obama may fancy himself the first "President of the Third World." But he is clearly not acting in the best interests of the American people. His immigration "policies" ultimately are killing American children and endangering American adults. Be concerned.


October 22 Chicago News Conference Details:

Contrarian Commentary editor Andy Martin

Andy Martin asks whether President Obama personally poses a public health danger to the American people


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets,
Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Wednesday, October 22, 12:00 P.M.


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