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Friday, October 24, 2014

CHICAGO NEWS CONFERENCE: Obama should start screening Americans, close O'Hare office

Contrarian Commentary editor and Obama researcher Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today, Friday October 24th, to ask President Barack Obama to start screening Americans who return from Ebola-ravaged areas of Africa and to close the O’Hare Airport Ebola screening station. All Ebola review activity should be consolidated at one or no more than two airports. Andy says the new Ebola case in New York, and the possibility that the thousands of U.S. troops Obama is sending to Ebola-ravaged Africa could be exposed to Ebola, create the risk of an ongoing Ebola infection crisis.

Andy says that by having Ebola screening stations at multiple airports today the CDC is only increasing the potential for a public health crisis. “We must stop Ebola from spreading,” Andy charges. “Having multiple ports of entry for screening expands the potential for spread of the disease. We must also start screening Americans who are returning from African nations where Ebola is prevalent. The majority of our U.S. cases have come from Americans who were in Africa."

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Attention Chicago, National daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of Chicago news conference Friday afternoon

Andy Martin asks President Barack Obama to consolidate all Ebola screening at one American airport and to close down the Ebola screening station at Chicago's O'Hare Airport

Andy says the continuing spread of Ebola calls for a single point of entry where everyone is screened, not five (5) screening stations as at present

Andy says it is time to start screening American citizens who are returning from Ebola-affected nations
(CHICAGO, IL) (October 24, 2014)  Obama expert Andy Martin will hold a Chicago news conference today to ask President Obama to take three immediate steps: [1] to start screening U. S. Citizens who are returning from Ebola-ravaged areas of Africa; [2] to close the O'Hare Airport Ebola screening station; and [3] to consolidate all Ebola screening at one or no more than two locations.

"Left-wing Democrats have tried to suggest that Ebola screening is some sort of racially motivated plot by conservatives," Andy says. "Ebola screening is a public health necessity, not a political issue. By seeking to politicize Ebola control efforts, liberal Democrats are endangering every American.

"The time has come to state the obvious and to take the inevitable action: we must recognize that Americans returning from Ebola areas of Africa have become a significant public health threat in this country.

"U. S. Citizenship does not confer immunity from infection and it should not confer immunity from being screened. The new New York case yesterday underscores that unpleasant reality. EVERYONE returning from Africa who has been in areas where the virus is present should be screened and monitored, both African and American alike.

"I am sure that almost all of us appreciate the great risks being taken by Americans who are fighting Ebola at the source. These brave people should be in our prayers. While we appreciate the risks they are taking for humanity, we cannot ignore the public health risk created here at home when they return. It is absolutely unfair to screen Africans who might have been exposed and to ignore the Americans who are in the midst of the crisis and may have also been exposed.

"Plain talk: the time has come to start screening both Americans and Africans who are entering the U.S.

"The current protocol of having multiple ports of entry for Ebola screening also contributes to the public health crisis. When you want to screen for an emergency, you consolidate all screening at one location. That is why Ellis Island was used a century ago. People were screened for disease at Ellis Island before they entered the U.S., not after they had landed at the [today's] airport.

"For foreigners, entering the U. S. is a privilege, not a 'right' as President Obama's actions suggest. We are allowed to take protective public health measures. Given the dangers posed by Ebola, the screening process must now be extended even to Americans. One more case of Ebola is one too many.

"The Obama Administration should therefore immediately close the O'Hare Ebola screening operation. The Obama administration should consolidate all screening at preferably one location but no more than two.

"Ebola is not going away. We have been warned that the risk is growing, not receding. The time has come to think clearly about how to contain Ebola, and to reject the 'political correctness' approach of President Obama which is posing an increasing threat to the safety of every American."

Andy returns to New York on Saturday after attending homecoming at the University of Illinois. He will continue to study how to fight the Ebola War.

October 24 Chicago News Conference Details:


Contrarian Commentary editor Andy Martin


Andy Martin asks President Obama to close O’Hare Airport Ebola screening station and to start screening returning Americans for the disease


Sidewalk news conference, SE corner of Huron and Wabash Streets, Chicago (weather permitting; otherwise indoors)


Friday, October 24, 1:00 P.M.

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