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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

San Francisco News Conference - Anti-Obama author Andy Martin launches national drive to “delegitimize” Obama

The author and instigator who launched the anti-Obama movement in 2004 will hold a San Francisco news conference today, November 26th, to announce a new nationwide drive to “delegitimize” President Obama’s remaining time in office. Andy Martin’s original disclosure in 2004 that Obama’s “autobiography” was largely fictionalized and that Obama had been born a Muslim triggered an Internet-based tidal wave of doubts about Obama’s fitness for the presidency. Andy is a maverick GOP activist based in New Hampshire. His new campaign will work to undermine Obama’s legitimacy as the president continues to impose his anti-American agenda on the American people.
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Attention San Francisco, National daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of San Francisco news conference Wednesday afternoon

Anti-Obama instigator and author Andy Martin announces he is launching a new national campaign to “delegitimize” President Barack Obama’s remaining time in office

Andy says Obama’s inner circle is circling the wagons as a presidential “administration” becomes a White House “cabal”

Andy accuses Obama of creating a de facto “license to burn” for African-Americans who disagree with the functioning of American democracy

(San Francisco, CA (November 26, 2014) Anti-Obama activist and author Andy Martin will hold a San Francisco news conference today, November 26th, to launch a new, nationwide effort to “delegitimize” the remaining time of the Obama Administration. Andy will organize and orchestrate the same type of Internet-based campaign that he developed in 2004 and that eventually led tens of millions of Americans to harbor doubts about Barack Obama’s origins and agenda.

“I can’t give Republicans in Washington the heart to fight,” Andy says, “but I can help ordinary Americans, conservatives and, yes, Republicans band together to challenge the increasingly unlawful and anti-American orientation of the Obama regime. Obama’s treatment of Secretary Chuck Hagel, who was ‘[un]ceremoniously’ kicked to the curb, reflects that Obama’s ‘circle’ is circling the wagons and his closest associates have adopted a de facto Anti-American orientation for the remainder of Obama’s presidency.”

Andy’s deep knowledge of Obama began when Obama was serving as an obscure state senator in the Illinois legislature. Andy’s knowledge of the inner workings of Chicago and Illinois politics allowed Andy to be ahead of the curve as Obama rose to national prominence. Andy’s 2004 news reporting on the fact that Barack Obama’s “autobiography” was largely fictionalized and that Obama had been born a Muslim is generally acknowledged as the origins of the anti-Obama movement in American politics and media (see link #1 below).

“I respect the office that Barack Obama holds,” Andy says, “and I respect Mr. Obama as the holder of that office. But I do not respect what he is doing to that office and to the American system of government.

“The confluence of (i) Obama’s lawless assault on our borders and immigration laws; (ii) the despicable way Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel was dumped; (iii) the latest disclosures about the tainted origins of Obamacare; (iv) the proto-socialist cascade of regulatory constriction of our economy and (v) the violent manner in which African-Americans have reacted to the unfortunate death of a teenager in Missouri with Obama fostering what has metastasized into a ‘license to burn’ in the African-American community, collectively reflect that Obama is actively working to destabilize and undermine American democracy. Obama and his associates have aggravated racial tensions in this nation in a way many thought was impossible. He has a malignant, anti-American agenda. The fact that Obama promotes NBC News racial huckster Al Sharpton as a ‘leader’ is a disgrace to the office of president.

“In a broader sense I have some sympathy for Barry (Barack). The man is lost. He enjoys the trappings of the White House, the ‘toys’ so to speak, but he is unable to lead the American people in a coherent and lawful manner.

“Obama was catapulted into the Oval Office by the Democratic Party and the liberal media despite the fact that he clearly lacked the credentials and experience to serve as president. Other, more-qualified African-American leaders were shunted aside to clear a path for Obama. Twice the American people were bamboozled into voting for Obama by the incompetence of the Republican Party’s presidential campaign leadership and the power of the media elite. We placed a man in the Oval Office who simply could not manage the duties and challenges of the position.

“Because I work primarily on the Internet my operations are not always visible. But the results of my efforts are very visible. Starting in 2004 I ultimately energized doubts about Obama among tens of millions of Americans. Others, such as Donald Trump, later misappropriated my efforts for their own self-promotion and political agenda. But what I began in 2004 eventually morphed into a massive movement, some of which I eventually came to disclaim.

“The time has come to refresh and renew my original tactics and efforts. There is still a great deal about Obama’s personal history that has been concealed from the American people; I continue my scholarly research. And I continue the same way that I have always proceeded, with scrupulous regard for the facts and with a single-minded search for the truth.”

When Obama announced his candidacy for president in 2007 Andy released a “Psychological Profile” based on traditional law enforcement standards. The Profile predicted that Obama would not be able to serve effectively as president. The accuracy of Andy’s 2007 prediction has obviously been confirmed in subsequent years. The Psychological Profile is available both online and in Andy’s bestselling book “Obama: The Man Behind the Mask.” Andy was the first to popularize the “mask” meme for Obama’s conflicted personality.

Andy recently returned from a new Obama investigation in Hawai’i. He will be releasing his latest research and writing about Obama in December.

While in San Francisco Andy can be reached on his cell phone (917) 664-9329.

November 26 San Francisco News Conference Details:


Anti-Obama activist and Contrarian Commentary editor Andy Martin


Andy Martin announces a new effort to “delegitimize” Barack Obama’s remaining time in the White House


Sidewalk news conference, corner of California and Powell Streets, San Francisco


Wednesday, November 26, 5:00 P.M.

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Andy is a legendary New Hampshire, New York and Chicago-based muckraker, author, Internet columnist, talk television pioneer, radio talk show host, broadcaster and media critic. Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He has forty-five years of background in radio and television. He is the author of “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask” [] and he produced the Internet film “Obama: The Hawaii’ Years” []. Andy is the Executive Editor and publisher of the “Internet Powerhouse,” He comments on New Hampshire, national and international events with more than four decades of investigative and analytical experience both in the USA and around the world. For more, go to:

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