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Friday, February 06, 2015

NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE: Brian Williams, NBC News, NBC and Comcast face call for FCC investigation

Media expert and conservative New Hampshire Republican Party leader Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Saturday, February 7th to announce he is asking the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) to open an investigation of Brian Williams, NBC News, NBC and Comcast. “NBC has announced it will investigate itself,” Andy charges. “What a joke. This is the same broadcast organization that has allowed Williams to repeatedly lie over nearly a decade. Suddenly they have become ‘investigators?’ The FCC has a duty to investigate when a licensee has willfully and repeatedly abdicated its duty to the public interest by repeatedly allowing an employee to broadcast what is now admitted to be false news. NBC News’ claim that it is ‘gathering the facts’ is a joke. NBC News cannot be allowed to investigate itself.” Andy is an FCC expert, having litigated cases there since 1969. He has also had his own problems with false reporting by NBC News.

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Attention New York, National, Media and Daybook/Assignment editors

Announcement of New York news conference Saturday, February 7th

FCC expert Andy Martin will formally ask the Federal Communications Commission to investigate Brian Williams, NBC News, NBC and Comcast

(New York, NY) (February 6, 2015) Media expert and independent Republican leader Andy Martin will hold a New York news conference Saturday, February 7th to announce he is asking the Federal Communications Commission (“FCC”) to open an investigation of Brian Williams, NBC News, NBC and Comcast. Andy is the youngest person ever authorized by the FCC to own and operate a TV station license and, along with 47 years of broadcasting experience, he also has an extensive history of FCC activism and conflicts with NBC News.

“NBC News has announced it is now investigating itself,” Andy charges. “What took them so long? The fact that Brian Williams was exaggerating his experiences in Iraq, and probably New Orleans, has been known for years. I have civilian (not military) combat experience in Viet-Nam, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. The idea that you can ‘conflate’ being hit by an RPG and making an emergency landing is an insult to the intelligence. I can vividly recount some of my own worst emergency situations. You never forget.

“Does Brian Williams have cognitive problems? There seems to be an evolving series of delusions and deceptions, suggesting perhaps Mr. Williams is suffering from a touch of dementia. A medical investigation may also be called for.

“Belatedly, after Williams has been lying for years, and after NBC management allowed him to broadcast a bogus ‘apology’ earlier this week, NBC has decided to ‘investigate’ itself. NBC News’ ‘investigation’ has all of the credibility of ‘Round up the usual suspects’ in the movie ‘Casablanca.’

“Bottom line: NBC cannot be allowed investigate itself. The Brian Williams scandal is a failure of licensee management all the way from the newsroom to the executive floor at Comcast. For the FCC to allow this travesty to proceed, particularly at a time when Comcast is asking the FCC for permission to take on more management complexity with the Time Warner Cable merger, would be an abdication of regulatory responsibility.

“My own squabbles with NBC News and Comcast are totally peripheral to Williams’ scandal, but I mention them so they don’t pop up in am NBC retort. I was already gearing up to challenge the Comcast/TW merger. My own experience with Comcast management has been abysmal and they unlawfully damaged my credit report,” Martin says. In 1979 Andy rescued an NBC News employee (Hillary Brown) from almost certain death or serious injury in Iran. (No this is not a “Brian Williams-style” exaggeration.) “In fact, I hold NBC News in high regard since one of their bureau chiefs once hired me to go to work for them. I am no ‘enemy’ of NBC News. I bear the NBC News organization no animus but the idea that NBC can investigate itself is an insult to the professionalism of broadcasting and journalism.”

February 7 New York news conference details:


Media expert and New Hampshire conservative Republican Party leader Andy Martin


Andy Martin will ask FCC to investigate Brian Williams, NBC, NBC News and Comcast


909 Third Avenue, public sidewalk in front of FDR Station post office entrance, New York (under the “909” canopy in case of rain)


Saturday, February 7, 2015 - 2:00 P.M.

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