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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Conservative scholar and author Andy Martin says President Barack Obama is “serving up ‘Kenyan catnip’ to a gullible American public;” Andy also challenges Donald Trump to “put up or shut up”

Conservative New Hampshire Republican Party leader and corruption fighter Andy Martin has been investigating and exposing President Barack Obama for ten (10) years, long before the national media paid any attention to the actual facts about Obama’s life, instead of Obama’s self-serving “nativity story” about his links to Kenya. Obama is now in Kenya once again peddling his “African” roots although there is at least a reasonable basis to doubt the accuracy and authenticity of that narrative. Andy was the first independent investigator to go to Hawai’i, in 2008; he looked into alternative theories that might explain Obama’s family origins. Andy returns to Honolulu in September, 2015 to continue his research into Obama’s background. In August, 2015 he will conduct a combined Obama/political conference in Washington, DC. In the following column Andy also challengers Donald Trump to “put up or shut up.”

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Obama continues to claim that his family origins are in Kenya, when there is a reasonable basis to doubt that claim

National media, in response to relentless prodding from Andy Martin, are at least starting to present a better picture of Obama’s “relatives”

Andy says, “Obama can’t pick and choose what he wants to acknowledge about his family history. If he wants to claim he is Kenyan, then he has to also admit that virtually all of his Kenyan relatives, including his late father, are Muslims”

In September, Andy returns to Hawai’i to continue his scholarly research on Obama

Please join us for an Obama political festival in Washington, DC August 14-16, 2015

Andy also drops a “stinker” on Donald Trump: “Donald should put up or shut up about his “investigators” and what they “found” in 2012; I question whether he sent anyone and whether he discovered anything. Mr. Trump, please show us the evidence

(Manchester, NH) (July 25, 2015) 

The media are full of glowing reports concerning President Barack Obama’s latest trip to Kenya (see links below). Nevertheless, there is a reasonable basis to question whether Obama in fact has Kenyan roots. And, if Obama is indeed Kenyan, why is there no mention of the fact that almost all of his Kenyan relatives are Muslims and adhere to the Islamic faith? Obama can’t cherry-pick which aspects of his “nativity story” he wants to present to the gullible American public. So right now a little truth serum might go a long way in reviewing the history of Obama’s origins.

First, let me point out one inescapable fact, a fact which explains why Obama’s supporters intensely dislike me: I have always maintained, and maintain today, that Obama was born in Hawai’i. The claims of some who have misused my earlier scholarly research and stated that Obama was born in Kenya are wrong. Period.

There is neither a rational nor a factual basis to believe Obama himself was born in Kenya. Where did the “Obama was born in Kenya” meme really originate? It was instigated by Obama himself. Barack and Michele have played mind games with his more credulous adversaries. Obama loves to drop hints about his Kenya origins so Obama-haters can lap up these misleading suggestions.

Obama dislikes me because I stick to the facts and search for the truth, wherever that leads me.

Deal with it: Obama was born in Hawai’i.

Is it possible that Obama is really the son of Barack Obama from Kenya? Very possible but, on balance, not very probable. Let me explain why.

First, a little history. Over the past decade, Obama and his cronies have harassed, abused and smeared me not because I lied about him, but because I told the truth. Next month we are going to hold a three-day event in Washington, DC, August 14-16; you are invited and welcome to attend. Two days of the conference will be devoted to examining my scholarly research on Obama. One day will focus on the tenth (10th) anniversary on what I claim is the most significant blog post in Internet history: my August 10, 2005 posting and news conference exposing that Obama’s narrative “Dreams From My Father” was fictionalized and that Obama was not in reality who he claimed to be. In 2015, he still isn't.

Fact #1: I exposed that Obama’s “father” (as I believed him to be in 2005) had fled to the United States because of his family’s involvement with the Mau Mau rebellion. Obama attacked me for exposing that fact and disclosing his Mau Mau ties. Later, when Obama went to London as president he admitted his grandfather had been imprisoned as a Mau Mau. This weekend Obama is meeting with the son of the original leader of the Mau Mau, “Burning Spear” Kenyatta. So my August 10, 2005 accusation that Obama had concealed his family history was later confirmed by Obama himself - after he was elected and safely ensconced in the White House.

Fact #2: Barack Obama’s putative father was a married man in Kenya when he left to study in the United States. He had a wife and children back home. In those days there was no Internet and no Google and no search engines to fact check around the world. Two sub facts follow from the basic fact of his marriage: (A) To assume the Kenyan Obama married president Obama’s mother, you have to believe he came to this country and deliberately committed a criminal act, bigamy. (B) No state in the United states recognizes a bigamous marriage. Thus, Obama’s parents were never legally married in Hawai’i. Perhaps that is why I could never find marriage license. (There is, however, evidence of a putative “divorce” from Obama’s actual mother and his “father;” one lie led to another.)

The “relatives” (half-relatives) Obama is visiting now in Kenya are products of his father’s “first” Kenyan marriage. (Obama pére also married a second time in the United States and there is a second set of half-siblings).

Fact: Going into 2007, the Chicago Sun-Times and many other media were accepting Obama’s claim that he had a “granny” in Kenya. Media finally, in 2015, are identifying her as a step-grandmother. The claim that “Grandma Sarah” was present at his father’s birth was always nonsense. The elderly lady was in all probability senile. First, she was exploited by Obama himself, who fed the false “granny” narrative to the media. Then Sarah was exploited by Obama’s opponents in 2008, when they used her to sustain their claim that Obama was born in Kenya. Obama provoked the lies in the first instance, and then he tried to profit a second time by seeking to attack those lies when they were parroted back by his opponents (which did not include me).
I was never fooled by Obama’s “Granny Sarah” nonsense. But the way in which Obama used Sarah shows how he uses false narratives to mislead his adversaries, and then attacks his opponents for accepting his own lies.

I have a theory about who is President Obama’s real father, both his biological father and his spiritual father, and that man is not Barack Obama of Kenya. When I became the first independent investigator to land in Hawai’i in 2008 I focused on Frank Marshall Davis. I was making overtures to Obama’s genuine maternal grandmother, Madelyn Dunham, who was still alive when Obama suddenly diverted his campaign airplane to Honolulu.

This is my theory. I do not present my theory as a fact, because the facts are still missing. But what I presented as a theory in 2008 has come to be accepted by many Americans in the years following my initial presentation. You can also view the film I made on Obama in Hawai’i (the first one to do so) by going to

My theory is that Frank Marshall Davis, another married man, was Obama’s biological father. Due to his marital circumstances, Davis could not acknowledge his nonmarital child. So he paid off the Kenyan Barack Obama to pose as the “father.” Obama/father and his “wife” never even moved in together. What kind of a “marriage” was it when Obama’s “parents” did not even move in together despite the fact Obama/father had an apartment in Honolulu? Obama-the-father never “abandoned” his son because the president was not biologically his son.

Five people knew the truth. Obama’s maternal grandparents, Obama-the-father and Obama’s mother, and Davis. They are all dead. Until we can get a DNA test, my theory will remain just that, a theory. Davis has children in Hawai’i and elsewhere and we will in due course learn the truth, namely whether my theory is correct or incorrect. Obama may even pull a Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner style switcheroo and “discover” that Davis is his father - but only after Obama leaves the White House. You heard it here first.

Obama did not learn the truth about his parentage until after Frank Marshall Davis was dead, which explains his passive-aggressive hostility to his mother and grandparents. That was why “Frank” is the only person mentioned by name as a male figure in Hawai’i in his “autobiography” “Dreams.” “Pops” (Obama’s grandfather) took him to visit Davis on a regular basis. Why? Because “Pops” knew the truth. Obama largely ignored his grandmother in Hawai’i until he learned I was snooping around in Honolulu. Then he decided to make a surprise trip to visit her in the middle of his presidential campaign (October, 2008). She died soon after.

There are two aspects to my writing about Obama:

Politically, I do not like the man and oppose his policies. I express political opinions that are highly critical of him. But my “politics” has nothing to do with my scholarly research.

When I dig into Obama’s family origins, and other aspects of his early years in Hawai’i, California and New York, I am simply looking for the facts and searching for the truth. When looking into biographical information about Obama I maintain the highest standards of independent scholarly research.

Despite the fact he has been in the White House for over six years we still know very little about Barack Obama’s origins. He peddles his nativity story to gullible supporters and liberal suckers in the mainstream media. But if you scratch below the surface, the many questions about Obama’s family history are not difficult to find.

On August 10 2005 I published the first objective, verifiable truth about Obama. History has confirmed I was 100% correct in my analysis and presentation.

Please wait for details about our conference August 14-16, and join us on that momentous weekend in Washington, August, 2015 when we revisit and celebrate my historic blog posting exposing Obama as a fraud. In the meantime, take everything Obama says about his origins (did he remind you during his current visit to Kenya that his father was buried in a Muslim funeral in Kenya? Surprise.) with a big dose of skepticism.

In September, I return to Honolulu. My scholarly research continues.

STAY TUNED FOR announcements concerning a momentous weekend in American history, Washington, DC August 14-16. Details will follow.

P.S. In 2012, Donald Trump claimed he had sent “investigators” to Hawai’i and “you won’t believe what they are finding.” I don’t believe Trump sent anyone and I don’t believe he or they “found” anything. Now that Trump is an actual, legal candidate, he should be asked to document and disclose the details of his “investigation,” and tell us what we “shouldn’t believe.” He should be called on to put up or shut up. An actual candidate must be held to a much higher standard of truth than a mere business blatherer.

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One author has called Andy Martin the “big kahuna” of the anti-[Barack] Obama movement. Another said “Andy Martin is revolutionizing journalism… [Andy] brings to online journalism what Rush Limbaugh [brings] to radio or Michael Moore to film: sleek little stories that fit into larger political narratives…” Another says, “The only American journalists that are ‘standing UP’ [to Obama] are, Andy Martin…”


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Andy’s family immigrated to Manchester, New Hampshire 100 years ago; today his home overlooks the Merrimack River and he lives around the corner from where he played as a small boy. He is New Hampshire’s leading corruption fighter and Republican Party reformer.


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