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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NEW YORK NEWS CONFERENCE: Andy Martin questions whether the Nation of Islam may be tied to the disputed death of New York Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam

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Attention, New York City daybook/assignment editors

Announcement of New York news conference today, Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Andy Martin says the Nation of Islam may have played a role in the mysterious death of New York Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam

Veteran investigator Andy Martin looks at the “suspicious” death of a prominent New York Judge and starts asking questions

Andy delves into the “secret life of Sheila Abdus Salaam”

Andy says there is circumstantial evidence that Abdus Salaam retained ties to the Nation of Islam even after her divorce from her first husband

Andy questions why one of Abdus Salaam’s husbands was “lost” in news reporting after her death, and why major NYC media could not even agree on her religious affiliation

Did Governor Andrew Cuomo appoint a closeted Nation of Islam adherent to New York State’s highest court?

(New York, NY) (May 10, 2017) Andy Martin, an internationally known investigative author and columnist, will hold a New York City news conference today, May 10th, to question whether the Nation of Islam may be linked to the disputed death of New York Court of Appeals Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam.

“I knew of Judge Abdus Salaam,” Andy says, “but not a great deal. I saw the initial reports of her ‘suicide’ and accepted the NYPD view that she had killed herself. But as I followed the muddled and contradictory reporting which followed, I came to believe we might have a ‘murder mystery’ on our hands. I opened an independent investigation and today I will discuss my initial findings. I will also discuss my ‘theory’ as to why she may have been killed; and I want to clearly label my theory as a theory, not fact.”

Andy states:

“1. Initial reports of Abdus Salaam’s death did not prompt any particular questions on my part. I knew of her only on a second-hand basis from a colleague who had appeared before her and was critical of her impartiality and legal judgment. The NYPD’s ‘suicide’ theory seemed plausible.

“2. My suspicious were triggered when I read reports in different newspapers and they could not even agree on whether Abdus Salaam was a Muslim or not. (See links below). I found it strange that someone who had been appointed by Governor Cuomo to the state’s highest court appeared to lead a ‘secret life.’

“3. It was not until I read a two-page report in the Sunday New York Post that I opened my own independent investigation into what I now call a ‘disputed’ death. The Post found four marriages, not three; how could the other media ‘lose’ a husband?

“4. I found the protestations of Abdus Salaam’s latest husband, an Episcopal priest, particularly challenging since he repeatedly stated his wife had not killed herself. That was also the consensus in African-American media. Did the husband ‘know something’ the police did not? Why was he so steadfast in his belief that she had not committed suicide?

“5. Once the many mysteries in Abdus Salaam’s life started to reveal themselves, I started to question everything about her past. If the media could be so wrong in the present, how could we trust their reports of her former life? Had Abdus Salaam really left the Nation of Islam? Were claims that she had abandoned the faith merely self-serving statements to advance her judicial career? How would the headlines have looked if they had read ‘Governor Cuomo appoints former Nation of Islam member to state’s highest court?’ While she was alive no one ever mentioned Abdus Salaam knew Louis Farrakhan and that he had supposedly counseled her. Only after her death was the Islam/Farrakhan link disclosed. If the Farrakhan relationship, even an old one, had been highlighted when she was nominated to the Court of Appeals, would she have been confirmed? Would a more thorough investigation have been conducted? I am absolutely convinced there is much we do not know about Abdus Salaam and her continuing links to the Nation of Islam.

“6. I kept returning to the certitude of the husband that she had not committed suicide. Was this misplaced spousal loyalty? Or was he aware of facts hat gave him such certitude?

“7. If Abdus Salaam had actually left the Nation of Islam, why did she retain an openly Islamic name in a city and state where Islam is especially suspect? Was this a religious statement or a political statement, or something deeper?

“8. The family knew that Abdus Salaam was taking medication, but still remained resolute that she had not killed herself. (To date there have not been any reports that she overdosed at the time of her death.) Sometimes families refuse to acknowledge suicide because of insurance considerations (a suicide may negate an insurance payment). Was there insurance? How much? For her fourth marriage, Abdus Salaam had a somewhat unusual arrangement; they lived separate lives in different cities, with only occasional cohabitation. Was there some significance to the marriage that could explain a suicide?

“9. Tying all of my leads together I came up with a theory as to why she might have been killed if she was killed. My views and conclusions are only a far-fetched synthesis at this point, but I have been investigating scandals and occasionally even mysterious deaths, for over a half century. I feel comfortable labeling Abdus Salaam’s death a ‘disputed’ one at this time.

“10. I believe there is much we do not know, and much that we have to learn about the mysterious and secret life of Abdus Salaam. She was clearly a congenial person; her successful judicial career and advancement confirm that fact. But how deep and how extensive was her ‘secret life?’ I think the NYPD needs to dig deeper. My investigation is open and continuing,” Andy says. “Her death could have been a suicide, but there is an evolving and equally plausible possibility it was not.”

Another interesting footnote to Andy’s investigation:

He studied to be an Episcopal priest (Institute of Theology) at the Cathedral where Abdus Salaam’s memorial service will be held. Small world.

May 19th New York news conference details:


Investigative columnist and author Andy Martin


Andy Martin says the Nation of Islam may be linked to the disputed death of New York Judge Sheila Abdus Salaam


195 Broadway, New York City (by the commemorative plaque on the building)


Wednesday, May 10, 2017; 5:30 P.M.

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