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Monday, March 03, 2008

Andy Martin: The Man Who Brought Down Barack Obama, Part Two, 2008

The vindication of Andy Martin: Editor/columnist Andy Martin began investigating Barack Obama’s evasions and evasiveness in 2004. Martin’s research was the first to link Obama to his Muslim heritage. Liberals and Obamacrats have relentlessly attacked Martin because of his columns, but his factual evidence has never been challenged. Martin is the man responsible for igniting the firestorm over Obama’s religious roots. When Obama is ultimately defeated, Martin’s research will be responsible for bringing down the glib senator.

Executive Editor

“Factually Correct, Not
Politically Correct”




(CHICAGO)(March 3, 2008) They never laid a glove on him. Hillary Clinton has been punching Senator Obama, with not a lot of visible success. The Democrats who also-ran for president are also history, and could not land a glove. They were not in his league, either. Only my research and columns about Obama’s religious heritage have stuck to the Teflon pretender for president.

The Democratic Party’s left has pilloried me ruthlessly and relentlessly. I’m the bad guy. The Nation Magazine? I am the evil architect of a “right-wing smear machine.” On and on it goes. But through all of this abuse, no one has ever questioned my underlying factual research about Barack Obama’s religious history. Indeed, the media continue to get the facts wrong, so convoluted and confused have been Obama’s evasions and explanations.

I began a worldwide search for information on Obama in 2004. The honyock Chicago media were asleep. While Chicago bills itself as a world class city, the city’s media range from yokels to sycophants. Half the media were too lazy or incompetent to investigate Obama; they are the yokels. The other half were so starved for attention to Chicago that they kept concealing the truth in order to promote Obama’s children’s crusade.

Does the truth about Obama matter? It did. And it does.

First, let’s set aside the left-wing’s attacks on me: One, I accept that Barack Obama is a Christian today. I have written extensively on why that is the case, and why Christian theology accepts him. Two, I have no intrinsic problem with Obama’s church; Christians come in many varieties and versions of theology. Three, I have never stooped to the “Barack Hussein Obama” gambit; it is so childish and so talk-radioish. Finally, I am not “anti-Muslim.” Indeed, my columns on Obama have confused many conservatives, who see me as pro-Muslim, not anti. In fact, I am not pro or anti-Obama or pro or anti-Muslim. I just state the facts as I find them. My opinions are based on my facts.

Ironically, it was the facts I presented about Obama that started the wildfire. Over a year ago the mainstream media (MSM) claimed they had buried those facts. But the smoldering continued. Today’s front page of the New York Post concerns Obama’s religion, There is an extensively-reported story on Obama’s denial of his Muslim roots in the Post, with factual errors,

And my prediction in 2004 that Jewish voters would become suspicious of Obama have also proven correct. The Post’s Albany columnist Fred Dicker has a column on Jewish hostility to Obama (not yet posted online, maybe Tuesday).

So there you have it. Four years of accuracy.

Ironically, almost every column about Obama presents new factual errors. Today’s Post story says Barack’s father “was a Christian who converted to Islam.” Not true. It was Obama’s grandfather who converted, initially to Christianity and later to Islam. Barack’s father and stepfather were always Muslims.

Obama’s problem stems from a defect in his personality: he loves to please, he loves to dissemble, he loves to parry and avoid unpleasant truths. And these qualities have served him well in life. Bill Clinton caught heat for comparing Obama to Jesse Jackson. The real comparison should be to Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali. Obama is a master of the rope-a-dope. He bounces off the unpleasant truths about his life, and his opponents have a hard time pinning him down. They keep chasing, but they can’t catch up with his evasions and prevarications. And Obama always presents a sliver of the truth to confuse matters further and delay his day of reckoning.

In exposing Obama’s lies I have also come to like the man. He seems very pleasant and he would probably make a good neighbor if I moved in next door to his mansion. I just don’t want him in the Oval Office. Obama would be a disaster for America and a disaster for the world.

Although I am a columnist and editor, I was trained as a lawyer. My specialty was cross-examination. Evasion on the witness stand is fatal. Obama has never been examined by a competent cross-examiner. Tim Russert pretends to be tough but he is a powder puff questioner.

And Obama is shrewd. He avoids the Chicago media, who today are more familiar with his relationship to and machinations with the Chicago Democratic Machine. Obama prefers no media contact when he can get away with it, and national or regional reporters as a refuge from tough questions that might today come from some Chicago reporters.

On November 16, 2006 I exposed Obama’s links to indicted Chicago influence peddler Tony Rezko. Again, no one was listening. In Chicago, where anything negative about Obama is verboten, they pretended not to hear. But once again I made a public record of the extensive links between the two men. I also disclosed letters to the Grand Jury, Public Integrity Section and FBI. It took almost two (2) years for the truth about very close relationship between Obama and Rezko to be disclosed by the MSM. Obama and Rezko had gone house hunting together.

Once again, Obama had lied about the relationship for almost two years, and only confessed when federal prosecutors began to close in. Obama was doing business with Rezko even after Obama was elected to the U. S. Senate. His defense: I was stupid.

Obama could have put the Rezko story to bed in 2006 if he had been loyal to Rezko and admitted they were close friends; and that he was “pained” by the accusations. The truth would have immunized him. Rope-a-doping away from Rezko made Rezko stick to Obama’s ongoing campaign.

Ironically, today I am the one, not Obama, defending Rezko against abusive treatment from the Department of Justice. I have no problem with Rezko being punished if he is guilty; I just object to violating Rezko’s constitutional rights to obtain a conviction. If Obama had been fair to Rezko, he might have escaped future questions. By being evasive and deceptive he has laminated his future to Rezko’s trial.

Is there more to come on Obama’s Muslim roots? I don’t think so. He comes from a devout Muslim family. His pseudo-“Granny” is an avid Muslim, and he worshipped at mosque when he lived in Indonesia. He did not become a Christian until his mid-20’s. Those are the unavoidable facts which the media try so hard to avoid.

As for the Obama-Rezko relationship, will have more exclusives in the days ahead.

Obama has never faced the “vetting” that Hillary Clinton said was essential. She was right. It is going to be a very painful experience for the Democratic Party if Obama wins the nomination.

And so, at the end of the day, it was that ultimately lit the fuse that started the fire that will bring down Barack Obama. While we may appear to be only a Lilliputian force compared to the mighty Chicago Tribune and its new Emperor Zell, the TV networks and cable babblers, we got the Obama story right when they did not. By default, we became the engine that has driven the truth to the fore, and will eventually deflect Barack Obama away from the White House.

We eventually brought down Barack Obama. God Bless the Internet. And God Bless the USA.

[A small apology: we are backlogged on our announced Obama columns. They are coming. remains the only fair, impartial and accurate source of information about the Great Pretender for President.]

Chicago-based Internet journalist, broadcaster and media critic Andy Martin is the Executive Editor and publisher of © Copyright by Andy Martin 2008. Martin covers regional, national and world events with over forty years of experience. He has been a candidate for U. S. Senator from Illinois. He holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Illinois College of Law. Columns also posted at; Comments? E-mail: Media contact: (866) 706-2639.


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